Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Alcohol in Sport

In the news when Chris Walker declared he has a problem with alcohol

Yes the football stars do get into trouble and why wouldn't they when they individually and their game are used by corporate sponsors promoting alcoholic spirits and gambling so well promoted by the former greats who host the footy shows.
Where is the moral distinction here, young boys and girls having their minds branded by bottled spirits, as they are unwittingly led into a life of nartificial glitter, twinkling lights, bells, whistles and gambler destruction whilst the industries and TV shows hypocritically amortalise the greats like Sterling, Johns, Harrigan, Vautin, and other former and present stars.
Clubs, hotels, alcohol industries, Players Unions, individual Managers and National managment all need to accept responsibility and accountable for the misadventures of those who run wild and do harm to themselves, innocent people, their team mates and their clubs loyal supporters.

These elite champions who make it to the top of their profession are men and women who have done so because they do have that extra determination and skill for their particular sport. For what ever reason they must have some extra special determination to prove something to some body.

Unfortunately that or some insatiable desire to compete at elite levels arises from some internal sense of inadequacy, never being quite good enough thet drive themselves to absolute exhaustion. Eventually Counsellor and psychotherapist are called to address these inborn issues with recovery therapy when the days of competition have finally moved closer to the 'sun down' of a career in sport.

Clubs and sponsors have lost the plot in similar manner to others who believe the economy is more important than the people so we promote sport to future generations by selling their soul to bottled alcoholic spirits while subsidizing gambling promotion.
These professionals are falling off the rails right across society, be they a Chris a Willie or a Wendell, a Shane, an Andrew, Lleyton, a Justice a Crown Prosecutor or a President who drops bombs on children in bed we need to get real and stop scape goating the weak, the abused, deranged and damaged.
Our society is not well, neither is the planet, when a prime minister believes money and its economy is more important than families, education, truth, and honesty for people to lead Australia so we assist the economy to make sure that Clubs have plenty of poker machines funds , to sponsor fine form awards to support “Pre-cidents” who drop bombs on little children.
Please lets get real and start caring a bit for the little ones who “fall through the cracks”.
Any other Chris’s or Willies or Sonny’s out there are welcome to call the Bondi Junction Counselling Service for support and emotional assistance. Our services is totally confidential.


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