Friday, 31 August 2007


Earlier this year and at the time another 1st grade footballer was in strife for erratic behaviour I wrote to David Gallop at the NRL and I also wrote to Paul Vautin and Footy show asking them to recognise that they were promoting drugs especially alcohol to the rugby world.
Needless to say there was no comment or acknowledgement of my mail from either party.
It is an unfortunate reality that these "super performers" who become stars are not supported by the industry and society to be able to be accepted, loved and understood. Eventually nothing is enough to stimulate them until they fall to ruin with wicked witches and heroin.
In many ways we are just observing the same dysfunctional behaviour as that which has seen the Prime Minister send in the Army to the aboriginal communities of Central Australia where society has neglected an enormous socila problem for 200 years.

Here now is the very disturbing news of the ">greatest Rugby footballer the world has known admitting he has been struggling with massive mood swings and depression for over 10 years and whilst we have admired his mesmerising and brilliant talents we are also guilty as a selfish society for neglecting the pressure we have placed on him to maintain and serve our entertainment and self enriching needs.
In addition to contacting the NRL and the footy show I have also written to several clubs offering professional support to these "super performers" before they fell from being star.
Systemic risk taking for self gratifying physiological nourishment by any form of gambling, 'running the gauntlet' with 'dummy passes’, wit, cheek, speed, dare devil acts, alcohol, and drugs follows a natural progression and is what makes these people the outstanding performers they eventually become. Unfortunately we set these men and women up to become addicted to these adrenaline stimulating rushes when they are little children and once that behaviour pattern is scored into the child’s mind the adult is left seeking to achieve the "rush".

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Sustainability and economic cooperation for the family of all kind men and women seems to be a little distorted in these days of APEC summits and Equine flu. Why just last night a very good looking lady (she's happens to be a optometrist) suggested that the Equine flu may well have been an Arabian terrorist plot to ensure the Police horses were not available to stampede the Heads of those protesting their right to protest in what once was a democratic country, democratic that is, before our publicly elected parliamentary Heads sold Australia to the New World Order and the US Cavalry of corruption under the guise of Vice President Dick Cheney and his Halliburton KBR companies. Much has been already written and spoken about this man's corporate heists and dictatorial antics from his White House offices.

"Big Gun" Dick Cheney
"Second Gun" George Dubbya Bush When Australia's former Prime Minister Paul Keating decided to create the Collective of Asian Pacific countries and launch APEC some years ago the idea we were told was to accept that this Anglo establish nation of Australia was set in Asia and we needed to understand, support, assimilate and unite with our immediate trading partners and accept our geographic location in the world as well as move from the psychological confines of "The Old Dart". So a customary host country dress theme was invented so that everyone would feel equal and ridiculously naked in as in:

"Pop Gun" John W Howard in hisTricky knee jerk jacket.

For our Australian event it is just a real shame that the Equine flu has left all the horses in their stable, (about the only stable thing left when we seek justice and fair handed political sanity) because now the Cavalcade will have to use more fuel, energy, time, and petrol than the Salvation Army uses in 10 years just to go for a picnic at Bondi. And what's more the fuel consumption will be further extended due to the national out fit these disguised bandits from America and the Pacific rim have been fitted.

Whilst eemingly appropriate attire for such a collective of crooks it would be a real shame if Ned Kelly Armour plated jackets have been prepared for their safety during the IceBergs bonding 'knees up' down at good old Bondi Beach.

Its a real shame in as much as Ned Kelly was good bloke, and a gentlemen with it, so we are told, especially when considered in the light of these fear mongering gangsters from the White House and their entourage of lame minded, conceited, half deaf off siders.

Bondi, Sydney is none other than the head quarters for the very popular, capable and well considered local Council Mayor and aspiring federal member George Newhouse who has set up a very interesting challenging by standing against the federal minister for the environment who is now sensing environmental and electoral eruptions personally at the hand of a fair minded businessman in Geoff Cousins in regard and response to the ministers glib and rather slimy back room stance for his banker friends support for Gunns Pulp Mill which is being promoted to surface as a real election issue and is claiming and diverting all media attention away from Dick Cheney's and the same Environmental Ministers interest in his Nuclear Sales program whilst stealthfully flying beneath ths social radar in setting up the nuclear waste dump in Central Australia.

This dear bloggers and readers is too sad to be true, this is the very same style of governance which lied about the Tampa Children supposedly being thrown overboard, and sent our soldiers and military peace keepers to war in Iraq against the peoples will, yes the same filthy style.
This article will give some indication as to the depth and depravity of the present United States administrations damning political intervention which the Australian Prime Minister has complied with and to during this his last term of office before he falls on his own sword possibly with a gentle left shouldered shove from his trusted Keeper of the Silver "Peter my fellow".

Two Happy Little Vegemites you think?

Then Maxine McKew is always a very good chance to burst this lame man's bubble.

I plead with all my heart that nuclear reactors and waste dumps do not proceed and that man kind will come to the rising sense of consciousness to surrender fear driven greed driving this insatiable consuming behaviour and return society to focus on sustenance for all the community, to a nurturing peaceful state of consciousness, inner safety, and self completion.

That's it for today folks, back to the Pond for me now, really, really serious politics is upon us, we all need to 'sit down' take our time and not make any more silly mistakes about believing we can safely store nuclear waste for 20,000+or - years.
No more Lies, No more lies, slimy spin and poppy cock.

This is about us our children and generations infinite.

We are much better to be safe by getting rid of the rot, rather than sorry for not caring.
Love and Blessings phDuck

Monday, 27 August 2007


Thanks for your letter which is always so welcome, any message, sight or touch of you connects in me immediately, yes we touch into each others hearts and it is beautiful to be able to continue to do so. Funny you should have written such a message yesterday.
Whilst I was writing my blog I was on about the very same thing of sustainable community, loving all creatures one and all in a comparable manner to the suckling child and man evils (as against man kind) intention of continuing to parasitically suck Mother Earth to her oblivion by the Power Balled’s insistence on mining, gouging, cutting, selling and generally plundering earth, to now using and returning nuclear waste to and from Mothers Earth’s naked breast.

Just as the Tasmanian and Western Australian forests are slaughtered and the local ocean polluted with concentrated outfall debris from the 'Once Only" wood chip mills the immediate environment will be permanently altered in identical manner to a breast implant, however even a breast implant is reversible with some scarring, unfortunately the sustaining eco system of the earths breast will be gone indefinitely.

This is unnecessary, dangerously irresponsible childs play and displays social and professional insanity of the highest order and must be considered ridiculous cosmetic vanity by the performing surgeon and the poor women who have been left by a deranged social perception to feel less than enough because their breasts are not flaunting baubles with some expensive artificial sexual protrusions which also fails in its vain yet possibly unfortunate intention to enhanse arosal.

Any feeding Mother will tell you how they reprimanded their “Suckling who bit the breast that fed them”. So we are being set up by these Power Balled corporate urchins for one Mother of a reprimand in the immediate years as we head into the this new millennium.

In this day and age such action is immediately and blatantly dismissed by ignorant cold hearted and disregarded as materialistic economic trite by these self anointed corporate patriarchal urchins of commerce, the other worlds Ghouls the Power Balled mobsters of war, terror and domination who live handsomely on pirating earths plunder like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Whilst we remain singularly insulated, feeling hopelessly isolated and ineffectually we look on in absolute disbelief as the Power Balled ‘glove up’ in preparation to implant our earth breast with carcinogenic toxic wastes which will remain active and highly infectious for untold generations.

Of ourselves, individually we can do nothing but love respect and mindful of and for our Mother daily. Each and every one of us remain conscious of our life sustenance so that when the time does arrive we will be sufficiently mature to digest solid food comprehend intelligent native ways to sustain our bodies away from Mothers’ breast.

Symbolically and mythological this is the Galactic age of Aquarius (water) when man is being gently moved from Mothers’ eye full hold and when the child is allowed to lie on the mat or surf the lounge in strengthening preparation for the coordination of legs and arms as he begins the journey into the spiritual waters of his body.
"The Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our making a choice of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or gradual peace and tranquility. The same theme can be found reflected in the prophecies of many other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear."Cusp Of Great Cycle" We are living today in the cusp of the Mayan end times, the end of a galactic day or time period spanning thousands of years. One galactic day of 25,625 years is divided into five cycles of 5,125 years.The Great Cycle of the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on the winter solstice of 2012 A.D. Following Mayan concepts of cyclic time and World Age transitions, this is as much about beginnings as endings. In fact, it was considered by the ancient Mayans to signify the creation of a new World Age. We are almost at the end of the fifth and final 5,125 year cycle!

So this is where I live now, for too long I argued and fought the rage of what I perceived to be insanity by the Power Balls, now I am beginning to see them as the isolated and terrified ones who must lock themselves behind 3m concrete walls and be protected by water cannons, tazer guns, and black hawk helicopters.
That’s for now back to The Pond

Love all Serve all
Love is the reason and love is the way.
To truly know is being able to say I love you.
Love an Blessings to all phDuck


Sustaining the balance of all life energies of air, fire, water and earth requires a total community commitment and tolerant compassionate mindful understanding.

Our human body is a universe in microscopic scale to earth and the greater cosmos with totally interrelated circulatory systems of ebb and flow. Sophisticated systems comparable to the sustainable coexisting glandular organic compartments, organs, cells and pre ordained DNA aligned processes intended to preserve a healthy dwelling place for the cohabitation of life within the human body.
Similarly man's cohabitation on earth has its own dynamic interrelated living systems which must also be free of obstruction in any form including narrow or short sighted materialistic economic abuse and neglect.

Arterial rivers must be let run their course to bring water to support all inland life forms for mineral and moisture transfers for photosynthetic sustenance and allow lymphatic waste to drain to sea as fish feed in a cleansing cycle.

Any deliberate obstruction to nature will be countered by incredible natural forces such as those experienced in recent calamities of tsunamis, volcanoes, mud slides, cyclones and tornadoes and Violence breeds violence. Love knows no wrath.

One knows that life requires breath to intake essential energy from oxygen and expel waste gases and toxic fumes gleaned and transferred by the gaseous filtration of the lungs. Without breath and clean oxygen rich air we suffocate.
Suffocation is readily observed by a dramatic colour change to the face and also induces a violent struggle in the attempt to break free of the obstruction. In fact any obstruction to free passage within the open systems of the human body causes an equally painful discomfort, a serious state of dis-ease and ultimately if not corrected and healed will lead to permanent disfiguration severe scarring, tissue decay and in the worst instance life leaves the physical host our body.

Heart attacks, coronary obstructions, blood clots and strokes are prevalent in the human body.
Fortunately modern science has advanced on the stethoscope and microscope with sophisticated technical equipment to photograph internal organs, cat scans, ultra sound, MRI’s, ECG's and cam-scopes for key hole exploration and surgery.

On the surface patches of eczema, psoriasis or tinea are readily observed on the skin.
Taking a broader panoramic view to observe earth from space we can now study the massive patches of de afforested land (psoriasis of the earth) where trees once grew to perform as gentle filaments assisting to drain the rising sub soil moisture of ancient salts to slowly be dissolved and released back to the atmosphere through leaf transpiration and conversion to gas, just as arm pit hair assists the skin to drain lymphatic waste often noticed as body odor when in “too close” a range. Of course the pherenomes have a much better chance of being radiated from these "trees" of the arm pits and pubic region.

In writing this way I am attempting to simply relate and equate the essential sustainability and physiology of our living earth in its full complexity to human physiology and the life component that live within the body of identical systems.
Earth itself is a living body sensitive to man, the planets and the moon which we know influences tides of all water and the waxing and waning of reproductive systems each 28/29 days for humans especially recorded by females and full moon cycles.
Do we intend to disregard the living earth principal to the degree of man kind and fellow living creatures of earths own demise, or are we prepared to surrender our insatiable, irresistible, patriarchal, sexually drawn obsession into the suckling’s unconscious memory of nourishment from his Mothers' galactic breast for our immediate sustenance in its materially converted form.

A seemingly irrestible endless persuit of fiscal depravity. Totally immoral, loveless, insensitive, corporate economy of death after death after death as they plough their way over each other to the beat of the bear and the bull in the insanity of infertile destruction to dominate alone. He just wants to keep a breast for his insatiable appertite of credit a vacuum driven expansion of make believe money in negative value. Senseless, such insanely senseless make believe.
Seems that the baby "man child" needs to be weaned and introduced to some solids.
That's all Folks Back to the Pond for me.
Love and Blessings as always phDuck.

Please feel free to leave your comments here or visit the Pond.

Thursday, 23 August 2007


Sustaining the well being of life for all creatures great small is certainly polarising the them and US in this insane stampede to feed the ravenous corporate multi national giants of modern imperialism. Spinning at increasing speed and in ever diminishing contracting corporate circles flying the path of the famous "Koo Foof la' bird this cyclonic system is most certainly heading towards its own fundamental orifice and as it does so flatulent and toxic derision is cast wide and far.

Daily we are seeing and are exposed to duplicate models in natural systems performing atmospheric correction and imbalances as seen in the devastating path of cyclone Dean, or Katrina or Tsunamis.
Once more phDuck reports observing comparable to near identical symbolic incidences in world financial markets as the vacuum generated through the over issues and subsequent and futuristic market traded volumes of CREDIT gain pace as the corporate jockeys whip the last drop of life's breath from the heart of our earth.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Our emphasis on mindfulness for a sustainable universal community model has finally come to demonstrate the perilous importance of love and balanced in community values for envoronment survival of all creatures and all integrated systems of earth, fire, water, air and the spirit of mankind.
This article by well known Australian mentor Philip Adams pretty well says it all and maybe, just maybe in some way exposes the APEC meeting as a big boppers gig, their Last Hurrah for "Georgie Porgie to kiss the girls and make them cry".
Yes it really does seem like THEM and US, Georgie Porgie, Humpty Dumpty, Little Boy Blue, Tom Thumb, Hanson and Gretel, The Three Bears, Goldie Locks, Cinderella and other Masonic Dwarfs hiding behind Fortress Sydney built to protect these fairy tale woods men from mythological Witches, Step Mothers and Old Children cooking women in their Candy house theatre of terrorists to shelter in fear due to anticipated and warranted retribution of terror and guilt from those they have idiologically forced themselves upon.
Yes, forced themselves upon to so readily abuse and who are now find themselves "black holed" right into the gurgling social conscious vortex to oblivion from whence they came.
Where oh where can that Pied Piper have the children now? Surely not in the Northern Territory in safe protection of the Federal Army waiting for the old people to pay for their freedom with their land, surely not, that could not possibly be so. Maybe they will pay with nuclear grade uranium sales from sacred burial sites, dreaming grounds, or the nuclear waste dump.
No that just seems too impossible for words.
Thats all Folks back to the Pond for a think and a biscuit, not yellow cake though. I'm right off that yellow cake. In fact my digestive system is not evolved enough to process such toxic concentration and that makes me wonder how earth will stomach such a putrid meal also.
Love and Blesssings as always phDuck

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Jury of Materialism & ECHO-nomic Domination

By gentle voice, soft feet and shy eyed manners the spirit of Australia aboriginals will in its time reveal to us all the depth of the heinous perpetration of human rights deceptively orchestrated behind the guise of protecting beautiful children.

Please see and read this urgent post and please take some time to alert yourself to the vindictiveness of this Parliament of derangement as they set you up as the world nuclear waste dump handed to the care of Haliburton KBR's 50 year lease on the Darwin to Alice Springs rail line right by Muckaty Station.
Attempting to sustaining community by preemptive mandation of rule, forced domination with threats of starvation, denial and Taser Guns is the ultimate abuse of power. Repercussions of this sinister force has galvanised Australians to call a halt to this march on democratic and personal freedom by the 'soulless corporate ghouls' the "power elite" who have previously laid claims behind a disguise of welfare masking their guns abuse and government's fiat currencies .
Here is the spin:
Right now we are hearing of massive USA and Australian stock market losses, equity market crashes, falling housing sales, collapsing prices, foreclosures at record levels and now rising interest rates, as the winds of change begin to stir the blades of the mill of reality with screeching squeals from the soulless vacuum of credit merchants who had formerly assisted to drive property prices off the charts, in many instances, by 300% over the past 10 years.
  • Whilst the government blatantly lies that inflation is under control families battle to make ends meet.
  • Interest rates may have risen recently by another 0.25% and are now the highest for 10 years.
  • But look all mortgage and property values have been inflated dramatically so the institutions balance title deeds to match extended credit and the banking system rewrites its asset base to further imprisons nations with their debt, reinforced by stand over threats and then the gun for any country who may appear to be freeing themselves from this material bondage of credit.
So we pay to build concrete walls and have a Sydney Lock Down for the APEC confernece.

What is this all about?
"The information that we have is that the use of a taser in that situation can actually infuriate a situation. More

Though out 40 years of political observation I have never witnessed such wickedness played on the community than this present coven of seemingly evil international perpetrators deliberately threatening our freedom whilst abusing the authority vested in democratic politics. Amazingly the populous in general just lets this play of corporate insanity seem to be legally tolerable.
If this organisation and all its representatives are all so wonderful and perfect and innocent why do they need to have such protection?
Protection from who. Who are the citizens and what are these people trying to say?
Could they possibly have a valid message, has any one bothered to ask what they may be saying?
If there is a good explanation then we need the matter discussed in a reasonable, intelligent, and civil manner.
Phantoms of the political opera:
We see daily displays of grand stand performances, performances of self righteous verbosity, flatulence and abuse in the parliamentary system with pathetic, insincere, manipulative twists of truth whilst deliberately conspiring with spin and jargon to dis-allude the public with blatant lies as our democratic system is converted to a US "material shunting yard" for "ECHO nomic" plunder in the hands of lame wisdom by a half deaf, one eyed, lame, single minded society who has lost its soul to the jury of materialism.

Intentional and deliberately premeditated abuse of any child or person is evil.

Never has a parent, or government by comparable token, been given permission to deliberately manipulate and abuse its children or the populous. When a child or society is deliberately starved, or knowingly left under nourished and unprotected and unloved their self esteem collapses to the point of becoming materially vulnerable, ripe then for manipulation with the collapse of emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Governments, pimps, prostitutes, slavery & hit men:

Through the sycophantic and prostituted practice the pimp uses an army of violence and bullying tactics, he intimidates his subject with deliberate intention to force dependence, then, by supposedly refunding the people/prostitute their own money as tax "Cuts" and "Hand outs". Such a depraved culture must ultimately fall into decline.
A high incidence of child mortality is the first sign of a society in decline. Ultimately the entire society will collapse taking the bully with it. Easter Islands is a classic example, or the Incas and our own Australian aboriginal communities are at immediate risk as they are treated in this bullying manner by the pimps of Canberra and their entourage of mindless helpers who have "taken the dummy" of children being protected whilst the social planners simultaneously write international uranium sale contracts and take away land titles.

We are actually experiencing this state of collapse today as Canberra plays "Humpty Dumpty". Time will bring truth and the inevitable fall will ensure this conceited mentality will not be put back together again, for many generations. Mean time the collateral damage and nuclear contracted commitments will require new strength and commitment to reverse the treachery played to avoid Australia become the corporate toxic waste dump of the world.
Let the the litigators line the courts for compensation, they are no threat but the toxic waste certainly will be for multi generations. Would you sopport a business house that abuses its children, then say good buy to our tourist dollar today.
A continuing list of dishonest political "Tampa-ing" with multiple occurrences of unethical practice, war, lies, invasion, cheating, and electoral 'baby kissing' is extensive and sure to self correct as we well know with the ultimate realisation to "Sins of the Father being carried down for many generations". Remember the myth of how Nero fiddled whilst Rome burnt such was his supposed egotistical craze with power.

I have been quiet lately but the insanity of this "Sydney lock down" for the visit of the " Tin Men" from their well of Fiat requiring concrete walls, Black Hawke helicopters, and Taser guns to keep them safe. Safe from what and why?

Do we not live in a democracy, the form of society we are supposedly providing to Iraq after we invaded a soverign country?

Are we to supply these brave APEC men and women this protection or are we intending to stop them from escaping into the freedom of our world, this is all rather bizarre, rather funny to me when we can look at the calm, serenity, and love of Mahatma_Gandhi or the Dalai Lama.

That's all folks, back to the Pond for some gentle Counsel

Love Peace and Blessings to all phDuck