Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Alcohol in Sp[ort

Following is a letter sent to "Fatty" Vautin and fellow members of the Footy show, I also sent a similar letter to Rugby League Week and also to Mr David Gallop GM of the National Rugby League in the week ending 04.05.07.

Mr. Paul Vautin and fellow panel members of the footy show,
I write to you as as a professional psychotherapist and gambling Counsellor to express my concern at what could well be seen, and to my mind is a major conflict of interest in having rugby league (and union) so heavily promoted by alcohol and even to be promoted and spoken of as the "spirit of rugby league". The promotion is unquestionably professionally driven by very skilful marketers producing well researched catchy advertisements specifically targeted to the psyche of the market.
Unfortunately we seem to have overlooked the fallen soldiers, along with all the servicemen returning from war, or when the game is over for some.
I am no wowser and have mixed drinking and footy with plenty of men in my 56 years however, whilst not excusing my self from those times had in the past I do wish to high light the intensity of the present media promotion across all ages today.
Over the past 30 years society has moved its formerly individual or collective communication base into one of corporate driven electronic media which further isolates and alienates and disconnects traumatised individuals. This reality is regularly exposed by the massive and damaging exposure when the “Stars” fall from their outstanding heights, as in the case of Sailor, Walker, Gower, Williams, Mason, Warne, Johns, etc. These outstanding people give more, risk more, try harder and are extremely hard on themselves, sometime they need to rest and take in some support, nurture and encouragement to escape the fear of self defeat. They are so “tuned” in their hyper vigilance they have enormous difficulty in “switching off”, and are easy victims for compulsive obsessive activity such as gambling, drinking, sexing, drugging, spending, golfing, grouping, or gaming of any kind for entertainment, completely oblivious that they are actually keep denied emotions at bay.
Society and fortunately sport administrators did recognise the hypocrisy of promoting nicotine in the days when the league itself was systemically addicted to cigarette sponsorship, here I bring to the table the parallel with alcoholic addiction, violence, inexplicable general human abuse with endless neglect, shame and subsequent, abandonment to depression caused by excessive consumption of alcohol interfering with human behavioral communication.
I am well aware of the liquor industries “enshrined laws" in relation to responsible service of alcohol and gambling, however I am also a realist and in my profession I assure you alcohol and gambling are two of our most wicked and damaging forms of recreational diversion from personal trauma which in generally has resulted from in childhood experience.
So here we are today directly and deliberately promoting a well known enraging spirit to all the young up and coming youth, sports stars and especially footballers.
In this fast moving age of responsible social management for the planet our adults of society, community leaders, directors need to display greater responsibility and care for these young impressionable minds and sports enthusiast in a much more responsible manner and I sincerely recommend moving on from this lucrative benefactor who is deliberately hoping to and succeeding to indelibly brand their minds with in a deep psychological relationship to sport.
This cannot be doubted and does in fact occur without intention of the receiver as those words “Oh what a feeling” instantly connect with ……………. Yes a motor company.
Thank you for the opportunity to express this genuine concern. I look forward to your considered response.
Yours Sincerely
Rod McClure JP
Psychotherapist and Addiction Counsellor
Bondi Junction Counselling Service
Level 1 Royal
175-181 Oxford St Bondi Junction 1355
93877752 mob 0412 777303


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