Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Gentle non-judgemental, body sensitive relationship, anxiety and depression skills for self improvement and stress less relaxation.
achieve these benefits through dedicated relationship and self unfolding through
5 basic principles offered and practiced
Mindfulness, Unity, Organicity,
Non Violence,
Of mind and body.
So when a Google You Tube feature popped into my blog (along side) I was amazed at the suggested violence of the content.
We trust you will not be disturbed by the frank disclosure by the producers that this entire matter needs early investigation to clear US Government officials from complicit involvement surrounding the cloaking of many reports and in appropriate findings with some rather alarming evidence and footage.
A part of me feels that if this is a prank or a 'set up' by either party OD or EVIL then the fish are certainly in big trouble.

I had asked Google for views of sustainability, water, whales and Profs. Dawkins, Diamond Suzuki, and generally Hakomi sensitive issues of sustainability non violence and organicity.

Ron Kurtz, Hakomi's founder added to Albert Einsteins comment about fish being the last to discover water saying in his book Body Centered Psychotherapy- The Hakomi Method that "the fish will very likely be in deep trouble, and a lot less water than usual, when it does''

How prophetic may that statement grow to be?

Now taking the remote possibility that the above video referred might have A TEENY LITTLE PIECE OF TRUTH IN THEM, then we dare to say that we could be in very deep trouble as a civilisation.

I am not too sure just how you think you can cope without water but for us Ducks out of water that could be a very risky landing exercise and might even be end of it for some I reckon.

Let this not be the end, surely not, maybe the beginning.

Would you like to learn to fly?

Link on here and we will do our best to change the way things have been looking.

S'pose you heard today that PM John Howard my Bush's deputy sherrif saying he didn't have any rabbits to pull out of his bag, Oh yeah since when prime minister I must ask?

Love and Blessings to all phDuck

Come dive into the gifts available at our Flotation Pond while you have this chance.

That's all Folks.

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