Friday, 18 May 2007

Synchronous Passing


A article from today 18.05.07. Sydney Daily Telegraph telling of the synchronous passing of two inseparable lovers caught my attention and also triggered to consciousness elements of amazing interconnection during my dis -identification relationship training with Halko Weiss, posted elsewhere on this blog.

Further reference about the intensity of such relational connection maybe read in the book "A General Theory of Love". As Hakomi therapists we understand the imperative reality of limbic connections of client and therapist. An emotional sensitive connection.

By inviting, waiting for, giving opportunity to, creating and allowing mindfulness to full trust, feelings of genuine inner warmth and relational safety makes the way we need to connect limbically and work at this magnificent place of therapeutic intimacy. Here is where formerly denied suffering, shame and hurt are allowed to pass and receive personal contrition.

We respectfully offer or commiserations to the family and also acknowledge the devotion and loving connection of the late couple and we would like to share the story from a man and his wife who were inseparable throughout 55 years of marriage and are reported to have died within minutes of each other in different locations across Melbourne.

When police arrived at Arthur Fisher's home in the Melbourne suburb of Ivanhoe this week with the news that his wife, Pat, had died unexpectedly in hospital, they found he too had slipped away peacefully in his sleep.

The devoted couple's children are devastated to have lost both parents on the same night.

But they believe the pair, who couldn't live without each other, somehow found a way to be together forever.

"Some things in life are impossible to understand," daughter Lynette Court said.

"It's uncanny, and it gave me goosebumps when I found out what had happened.

"But we have spoken about it and we really believe that they literally couldn't live without each other."

Art, 78, had been struggling with a kidney complaint, but it wasn't considered life-threatening.

Pat, 77, had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was in the Austin Hospital preparing to start her treatment.

"Dad cried when he was told about mum's cancer, because for the past few years she has been his constant carer," Lynette said.

"This was after he had spent his whole adult life loving, looking after and protecting her.

"They did everything together and were always there for each other, from making bread together and gardening and camping under the stars."

Married in 1951 after meeting on a bus, the couple raised children John, Lynette and Dianne.

They were blessed with eight grandchildren and more recently their first great-grandchild.

Art was a hard-working boiler-maker until retirement at 65 allowed him to be his wife's constant companion at their Heidelberg Heights home.

"They both loved that: pottering around together, doing everything together," Lynette said.

While Pat's cancer diagnosis was a shock, her children did not expect to lose their mother so soon.

"But the hospital rang dad at 3.30am on Monday and left a message for him to contact them.

"When he failed to return their call, they got the local police to go and knock on his door, and when they climbed through a window, they discovered that he had also died," Lynette said.

"We were just shocked the next morning when we got to his house and heard the answering machine message from the hospital, because we realised he would have slipped away at about the same time as mum."

A joint funeral for the loving couple will be held in Ivanhoe this morning.

In yesterdays Daily Telegraph there was another story from London about a son finding his 87 year old English parents deceased. The husband apparently had cut the cord on his electric mower and electrocuted himself, his wife appears to have gone to her husbands aid and she too was electrocuted.

Of course the rational pragmatist would immediately dismiss both of these stories as mere coincidences, we would expect them to maintain their right to that view be they dead or alive. They have the same attitude to old growth forest, global warming and acid rain.

That's All Folks

Back to my pondering Love and Blessings as always phDuck.

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