Thursday, 26 July 2007


Sustaining the natural health and homeostasis of community's environment is totally dependent on basic need gratification as establish by Abraham Maslow's research with healthy people.
Basic need gratification commences with basic shelter, food, sustenance, water, air, soil, heat in its vagaries of moderation. If and when needs are not satisfied they return with increased intensity, thirst is a classic model for this.

  • Due to the normality of need gratification Polar bears are seldom seen at the Equator, whilst wales, birds, fish, and eels migrate seasonally.
  • People may migrate seasonally for their annual holiday, some people actually immigrate and settle permanently.
  • Australian Aborigines used the simply word of Walk About.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is often depicted as a pyramid consisting of five levels:

The four lower levels are grouped together as deficiency needs associated with physiological needs, while the top level is termed growth needs associated with psychological needs. While deficiency needs must be met, growth needs are the need for personal growth.

Basically the concept is that the higher needs in this hierarchy only come into focus once all the needs that are lower down in the pyramid are mainly or entirely satisfied. Once an individual has moved past a level, those needs will no longer be prioritized.
However, if a lower set of needs is continually unmet for an extended period of time, the individual will temporarily re-prioritize those needs - dropping down to that level until those lower needs are reasonably satisfied again. Innate growth forces constantly create upward movement in the hierarchy unless basic needs remain unmet indefinitely.

Deficiency needs:
The first four layers of the pyramid are what Maslow called "deficiency needs" or "D-needs:" the individual does not feel anything if they are met, but feels anxious if they are not met. The deficiency needs (also termed 'D needs' by Maslow) are:

Physiological needs:
The physiological needs of the organism, those enabling homeostasis, take first precedence. These consist mainly of:
If some needs are not fulfilled, a human's physiological needs take the highest priority. Physiological needs can control thoughts and behaviours, and can cause people to feel sickness, pain, and discomfort. More

So following on from yesterdays post where I alluded to the situation that many many people in Australia and the world have been exposed to progressively dire situations during the recent years as the corporate and financial markets have run a wild feeding frenzy gobbling up each other in an insatiable unsustainable fashion. Now we are beginning to hear of mortgage finance collapses from USA, this will have confidence ramifications to the Australian market. Once upon a time it was said that if the Americans caught a cold we contracted pneumonia, I certainly do not will that onto any readers.

Innocent citizens, workers and their associates have been severely traumatised by the "Collateral" damage of this world warring for domination and control through the financial Rag Dolls of make believe, all huff and no puff as they thrask away looking goood with empty hats.

Such domination empowers resistance in the human body. When any infection takes hold we have white blood cells to fight that infection of any foreign body therefore it should come as no surprise that the military resistance in Iraq is increasing its power. This is a natural consequence of invasion, of course then we are subject to further virial outbreaks across the body of mankind as we experience with the recent Glasgow and London bombings, deaths and recent kidnapping.

For the greater body of man the answers are all within our own mindful indelibly written within our own individual loving consciousness.

That's all for now folks, off to my Pond

Love Peace and Blessings phDuck

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

DISPOSABLE TO SUSTAINABLE Sacrificial Calves and Our Carbon Foot Print

Maintaining our mindful awareness, which is essential, to the overall sustainability of our community and associated creatures by this gentle reminders of our own daily consumption and relating this consumption back to our own carbon foot print from such simple inconsidered pleasures as a coffee, an ice cream or milk shake. Sure we may not need or intend to do away with our daily coffee but never the less the following story twigged some sense of responsibility in me as I read about the Sacrificial calves - the real cost of eating dairy food and then that led into the whole story about cruelty to man and life generally.

The Picean Age gave rise to a spiritual world of the Dove, the Fish and Vesica Piscis, lying as seemingly idle fissures within the waters of life, then consciousness was given the drought and Global warming to let the the symbolic fish discover itself in the drying contracting pool of man kinds existence.

Remembering here Einstein's words "the last thing the fish discovers is water."

We can no longer deny this genuine violence at any level of society, in this moment, our inner waters of consciousness are awakening in this age of Aquarius with the many "Blow Dolls" wailing wales and neglected living creatures rising to a new consciousness new tides of self awareness, flooding tides measured and rising for contemplation on our internal thermal processing our thoughts and our fluid emotions and our tears.

Thoughts therapeutically opened now, brought forward from former suppression, occasionally intense, unwelcome, stress inducing self deceiving lies of denial and personal neglect.

Now these thoughts have been granted permission, they are acceptable thoughts, acceptable along with Global warmings' political adherence, former denial has flipped to now foster concentrated awareness for change and international action. All after generations of Blow Doll waving facts flying high and loose in the winds of change to turn the political tide with the waters of Aquarius. Global markets are moving from disposable to sustainable

"By changing the way we look at things the things we look at change."

ELLE MacPherson Internationally recognised model of joyful unrestricted living, confident and passionate, dedication to her career and her fully womanhood sustaining life with her family, as her life and all life should be free from domination, and manipulation of weary minds and fear driven religiously encrusted patriarchal rule.

Now lets look within our waters of consciousness.
With its image of wholesome goodness, you'd think milk was something you could drink with a clear conscience. But maybe not. When it comes to measuring the size of your carbon footprint, I bet you'd never thought of the impact of drinking a few lattes each week - yet reducing your weekly milk intake by two cups saves around 250kg of greenhouse gases in a year, says Brian Sherman, director of the animal rights organisation, Voiceless. That's about a quarter of the annual emissions saved by switching from a normal sedan car to a hybrid, he points out.
But I've already shrunk my dairy consumption for another reason. Raised on images of green pastures and contented cows, I'd been clueless about the real cost of producing dairy food - the welfare of calves.To keep us all in milk, cheese and yoghurt, dairy cows have to give birth to a calf every year. 'Bobby' calves is the name given to the unwanted male offspring born to dairy cows. Like the male chicks destroyed at birth because they can't lay eggs, thousands of newborn male calves, useless for milking, are separated from their mothers and at four or five days old transported for up to 12 hours by truck to an abattoir. According to Fiona Hunt, Animal Welfare Policy Officer of the RSPCA Victoria, these calves sometimes remain unfed for up to 48 hours before slaughter. more

I just love the way the Universe delivers the information to tell this story about our need for mindfulness in a sustainable society.

I'm taking a duck a Dive,
Not just a trip before the fall, more a dive into the murky waters beneath de' feet.
Back on the Pond soon, look in here for a lovely safe float, you wont get hurt, promise, and you just cannot sink.
Like water off a Ducks Back eh?

Love and Blessings as always phDuck

Sunday, 22 July 2007


"All the children who are held and loved will know how to love others...
Spread these virtues in the world. Nothing more need be done." --Ming Li
"Love all Serve all" Sathya Sai Baba.

A General Theory of Love a book written by by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, and Richard LannonVintage Books, 2001 is a fascinating and wonderful expose of the possible reasons behind our disassociated and severely divided society of today.
Reviewed by Lynn E. O’Connor, The Wright Institute, Berkeley, California, USA.

A General Theory of Love, by three long-time collaborating psychiatrists, Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, and Richard Lannon, is a compelling and timely discussion not only of love between lovers, but love between parents and children, therapists and patients. It contains the heart of what therapists are doing in psychotherapy, regardless of what we think we are doing. Therapists from contemporary, “relational” persuasions concern themselves with the patient’s unconscious interacting with the therapist’s unconscious. In A General Theory of Love, Lewis et al. demystify this phenomenon; they describe the patient's limbic system connecting to the therapist’s limbic system, its that part of the unconscious mind interacting. The authors, in their discussion of the limbic system, the center of the emotions, and the unconscious mind make clear that they are not referring to the Freudian unconscious, that maladaptive “cauldron” of aggressive and sexual impulses. Nor do they give credence to the Freudian theory of personality development, psychopathology or psychotherapy. Instead they are speaking of the highly adaptive and prosocial cognitive unconscious, including both the cortex and limbic system, both of which are interacting in therapy and all other intense human relationships, and most centrally in mothers and children. Read More?

Amidst all the who ha and hullabaloo that is going on in Australia today one is very easily 'sucked in' by the spin doctors and political game players who are stirring up the psyche of the nation in readiness for what is beginning to feel like some some witch doctors convention, ink and digital film has a really bothersome smell of clandestined evil being perpetrated. Whilst hanging back from disclosure the radiation from these robed and masks lechers is sending forth a foul stench and smacks of evil intention.

Many years ago I was growing rice, legume and other cereal crops at Griffith in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area of NSW. Occasionally a struggling patch of rice crop would attract the attention of ducks. We know they are clever, I have great respect for their intelligence, sense of community and creativity.

Let me explain this last statement so you understand what I am about, that could help.

Some times a weak patch of rice may have been caused by lower germination, or even an invasion of snails or blood worm which would thin out the plants sufficient for the ducks to map out a landing area and they would arrive like clock work on the evening flight just before dusk, they would suddenly appear out of the lowering daylight travelling very fast and rather low, immediately over the landing patch they would perform a sudden bank with a full out broadsiding stall, dropping air speed and then with a deft roll they would ski in over the last 3 to 4 metres, without any sign of a collision with the hundreds of family relations who were already in the vicinity. The dexterity of these birds certainly could teach a great deal to the aero industry VIRGIN and QANTAS included.

The Ducks taught me a great lesson too because I did not want to shoot kill and mame them, so I set up an automatic gas powered scare gun to get the ducks off my crop. Simultaneously I painted a huge black eagle with a huge wing span onto some orange builders plastic and tethered the corners of the monster by the weak spot.

I worked a treat, the rice stooled out and grew brilliantly, the Ducks moved on and we all were left with this story to relate.

So whilst there was a situation that required attention I believe we addressed the matter in a conscientious, loving and sustainable manner without unduly without traumatising anyone.

Likewise I cannot help but believe that this Giddy Up Whoo Haa with Georg W and the rest of the world credit entourage is a pre arranged beat up from which john Howard is hoping to make the International work of the future with Uranium energy exchanges and waste dump facilities prepared in the Northern Territory. All running before the storming of the Federal Election.

That's it for now, Back to the Pond for some more quiet thinking, as always you are most welcome to leave comments or fill in the email info sheet and we will attend to you health needs.

Love and Blessings to all as always phDuck


Alfonso forever mindful of sustaining balance in his life and nourishing his family and community was a well known village fisherman who was resting on the beach in the shade of his boat after processing his successful early morning catch.

"What no fishing today Alfonse?" the local Mayor said as he passed on his way to his council chambers. "Alfonse, I thought you were supposed to be a fisherman. !"

"I am and I have been and done my work for the day", replied Alfonso.

"But it is yet 10.00 of the morning" exclaimed the Mayor. "You have hours to work before the tide changes and many fish you could catch".

" Don't you see I have caught "suf fish ent" for my needs today, any more would be spoilt and wasted"

"Alfonse surely you know that you could sell the extra catch and make your life easier" he was told dismissively as the shade moved to protect his body from the heat of the rising sun.

"Why would I need to sell the fish that I do not need to eat"?, he enquired.
"Why man when you sell enough fish and earn enough money you could by a motor for your boat and that would make it easier for you to get further out from shore and catch even more fish and make more money"..................

........."then Alfonse you could buy a trawler, and employ helpers to catch more fish and you could make even more money buy more trawlers, employ more people and take it easy, have a real rest, not ever having to work so hard."

"Well" responded Alfonso.
"Just what do you think I am doing right now?

So you see this earthly existence has many simple practical examples of sustainability and an equally ridiculous examples of outright abuse and neglect as the dis alluded expectations of the Mayor and his associates who have lost touch with the soul (and the brim, mackerel, flat head, tailor, cods, hearts, wails and whales of mankind) and lead us to war and suffering through sheer blindness of fear driven consciousness.

If we mindfully relate this story to ourselves and our greater social interconnection at this time surely we can see the parallel of systemic expectations overloading the community cycle to the point of BURNOUT .

This is the original photo which led to tampering with truth about the "TAMPA" all in the media now days.

So now lets go to the banking system and read this article where we are being told a teller looses 39% of their time waiting for clients to be human and make their way to the window, so now the teller is about to become 39% more efficient and loose their job all together, see the similarity of the fisherman story. We are all capable of making some contribution to daily life, however Orwells 1984 surely reports the truth of this march towards a robotic existence.

Knee jerk politicians expect Earth, and every human and machine system to cope when 200% over loaded, similar experience for westerner to travelling on a Indian interstate train. Keeping these boffins bouncing around whilst they are being charged in their machines. Corporate structureshich the imagine to be their vehicle of take over.

All pretty and painted up, loaded over the hungry boards and some, on flimsy rafts of credit with no down time permitted for clouds, waves, wind of compassion or seasons of review, for fish or humans to shelter, or just be still and rest from the endless labour of lifes paddling exchanges of share scripts and make believe credit funded wealth.

The obvious contradiction is seen on every highway and bi-way at the Stop Revive Survive sites dotted along our highways now found to be essential to prevent road crashes from those natural drowsey moments.
Don't be too self critical if you feel disturbed and concerned by the way the world is heading, we were too and now we have lots of supporters and friends who know things must change for us to survive in a healthy sustainable mindful community.

We know there are and we have families of our own struggling to provide basic shelter and sustenance on part time jobs with children to rear who are being placed into day car centres to make way for working income. Our welfare systems are totally overloaded and under staffed, this leads on to larger class sizes in school where some children become lost, disappearing into withdrawal, disconnecting from themselves as they see their peers and society disconnected. Generally mis-under stood individuals, so any attempt they make to seek some human contact and affection has them classified with some DSMIV mental health label of attention deficit or starving for love and limbic connection such essential fundamental nourishment lost into the make believe science of pharmacology and quick fix uppers and downers all artificial instead of the genuine caring Mammas and Pappas who make their business out of caring for children and making the world more comfortable for parents.

That's all Folks Back to the Pond to see how the little fish are sustaining the cleanliness of the waters of my soul, you always welcome to visit, leave a comment on this Blog or send to us for more information and set up appointments or seek more private information.


Sustaining a mindful attitude to ones body is symbolically identical to maintaining the entire environment of earth with all natural influences remaining proportionally balanced. We need good food, good air, good water, safety, a non threatening neighbourhood with loving under standing acceptance from the entire community. We need to be well GROUNDED and have an opportunity to express or creativity as established by Abraham Maslow and his Heirarchy of needs. To become self actualised to walk we begin with the sense of balance as we learn to stand on our own two feet.
Beginning with our feet is a really great FOUNDATION to start the journey of self discovery.
Reflexology is a science that maps out the key energy zones of the whole body on the feet. By pressing these specific areas of the feet, every organ, gland, muscle and body part is affected. These techniques are unique to traditional reflexology and are different from the motions used in other types of massage.
In addition to traditional reflexology which relies on reflex points, modern reflexologists also consider the feet in and of themselves. The health of one's feet is a big concern; feet that are healthy and pain free are very important for one's overall well being and are an important consideration in reflexology.
What Reflexology Does
Reflexology allows the body to self-correct, cleanse itself, and purge itself of toxins. This is accomplished by applying a precise pressure upon specific reflex zones in the feet to achieve a highly specialized relaxation in the corresponding area of the body. This improves the nerve, blood, and lymphatic supply. By working on a certain area, the corresponding part of the body receives improved nerve, blood and lymphatic supply.

MAYBE WE COULD LOOK AT POLITICAL REFLEXOLOGY as a road map to international health instead of the present disillusioned and dysfunctional system which has become so disassociated with the body of man that they have lost their way.

Here is a message from former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Fraser giving his view on some "knee Jerk" reactions about Australia being involved in the Iraq war and here is an opportunity for you to join Get Up and express your views to the Australian Government.

Please let there be peace and sanity in this body of mankind before these deranged footless Uranium gunslingers take us and all of our children of the future off at the hips.

That's it I'm off to the Pond to help care for the children of this planet and try to keep them safe from the monsters and psychopathic "heels" those old mental cripples who simply cannot see their de feat or even think about STANDING down.
Pretty ordinary that one.
I'll be back soon to have a mindful look at 100% impersonalised banking s'pose that's all about sustaining profit too.
Love and Blessings to all as always phDuck

Friday, 20 July 2007

Heart DIS -EASE and Stress

Italians are mindful of sustaining the health of their community and treasure their land, water, Pope and air. There are fewer heart attacks in Italy where the people are known to be rather "short fused" and loose armed, flat fore headed and short necked, when compared to the really rigid craggy old Scots people who tends to bury all their anger deep into their prodigious ancestry with stiff upper lips, solid backs and stomachs of steel from eating "the Haggis".
Cranky uptight restrained people are at higher risk of experiencing clogged arteries, well so they say, as they supposedly lock in all of their frustrations and The Scots interestingly enough do have a much higher incidence of heart disease. More
So do we need lots of garlic, colour, red wine, pizza, spaghetti, salami and olive oil to let our emotions loose for good health and good eating?
Sound like a pretty good reason for a daily party and better reason not to eat "The Haggis".

However if we are left exposed and continue to be fed toxic waste from polluted minds of Canberra we may all be threatened rather than sustained by the rising frustrations in the community towards the BIG issues threatening future generations. Yes lots of us need to take a stand on this one. This is no haggis story, this is real multi generational poison.

Let the Blow Dolls of Global Warming continue to attract attention to the dysfunctional and disturbed attitude being enacted over the liberties and laws which we have previously enjoyed, laws such as the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, as it was in our Courts and land until our modern day supposed leader began riding side gun to George W Bush with his now exposed nuclear intentions.
New clear intention.

Maybe he needed to shift Saddam and kept Peter at bay to remove competition, another stroke of a take over. Wonder if Macquarie Bank had a hand in that one too!

That's All Folks back to my Pond Love and Blessings to all phDuck


Continuing to maintain a mindful approach to honesty and authenticity for the essential sustenance of our community we hear today from the supposed leader of Australia that we will not be receiving toxic waste from other countries.
Now we known this is an election year and we also know that Australia will never have a GST Ho Hum please Australia, we deserve to be treated with more respect than be abused by these despicable megalomaniac toxic polluters of the planet. They have shown themselves to be the treal modern terrorists on the GRAND scale of international larceny.

A little reminder from the 1986 Chernoble melt down just in case we might forget. Here are some more photos to reassure us of the toxicity of this material.

That's all Folks I encourage you to check out Difference of Opinion

Back to the Pond for some safe company. Your comments and enthusiasm are invited.


Sustainable life of man kind and especially indigenous communities of the Northern Territory of Australia is definitely under sever threat owing to what is beginning to appear as some of the most most underhand sinister clandestine political arrangement of Canberra and the United States "chronism" con jobs since the "Tampa damper" according to information made public tonight by Dr Helen Caldicott when she announced on the Difference of Opinion Program on ABC TV that a consortium including Halliburton KBR had been involved in the construction of the Alice Springs to Darwin railway line. The Ghan is an abbreviation of Afghan relating to the camel driving traders who plyed the land in the sanctuary of last century . Trust Halliburton with their well known links to Afghanistan, Iraq and now Dubai to get their sticky little fingers in the Australian Governments coffers with the 50 year lease of the finished project included.See the transcript of the ABC program and vote to protect the next 1000+ generations of Australians from US toxic waste which is intended to make or should we say snake its way to Muckaty Station when these "Big Boys" with filthy habits cease their vile predatory invasions on the people of this land Australia. Talk about a Northern Territory clean up, let it begin in Canberra and the sooner the better before we are abused by any more of that pathetic YOU TUBE trash from their polluted thinking and corrupted morals. Here is the electorates reply.
Dr Helen Caldicott: is a world leading spokesperson for the antinuclear movement and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. A medical doctor, she has devoted the past thirty-five years to an international campaign to educate the public about the medical hazards of the nuclear age. Dr Caldicott is a bestselling author and divides her time between the central coast of New South Wales and Washington, DC, where she is President of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute.
That's all Folks phDuck seeks your considered attention to this debate which is the most dangerous and threatening issue before all Australians right NOW as these vested interests scramble to hold power to the pipe and railway lines of future slush funds from the uranium industry and their festered and vested interests.
Love, Blessings, and thanks to all who care and act today and are concerned about sustaining our community to the future corporate executives are very welcome at our Centre where we know that if we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.


Sustaining the military disguised attack on community disruption as acts of moral integrity in the aboriginal community we now see the closing hours of deceit beginning to be exposed in todays leak from the NEW CLEAR reactors who refuse to see future generations left with the putrid toxicity of Halliburton minded gluttonous corporate social predators and the wickedness and absolute corrupt moral intention of vested interests driving forward their ill conceived spermatic thinking of single minded fusion.
These primally ejaculated thoughts deserve to loose their political life as have many of their predecessors whos primal intention was initially fertile but failed to reach a safe a fertile passage due to manly premature interference.
Similarly when URANIUM is ripe and man has developed the technology and sufficient parenthood to responsibly engage in such magnificent activity as to generate life then and only then should we consider such intimate engagement with the forces of nature.
Mean time we have a choice of the pill, condoms, withdrawal, denial, or surgical intervention to avoid generating birth of unwanted unloved neglected children such as the toxic waste from the illegitimate nuclear reactors.
Maybe we should practice what we preach.

Off to Fly over the Pond to check the waters and look out for other leaks. Your very welcome to click in and have a look around our Centre with a heart and CLEAR happy souls.

Love and blessings to all phDuck

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Making Space Cosmically the Short sighted Way

Mindful to natures' needs for those people docked in the long term cosmic community of the space station or those astronauts on long journeys weightless journeys often evokes ones curiosity about their need and ease for relief of bodily waste.

All is now revealed in the Cosmic Porta Loo a $22m US Dunny in the sky orbiting earth daily. Rather than wait for an electoral discounted rain water tank from our federal minister for camels, dry rivers and uranium sales NASA has forked out this $22 m for a model recycling sewerage pant which will reprocess the urine for drinking water in a him and hers fashion. One lot waits for a "Kenny" truck to turn up and they reckin they sprays the side of track on their way back to earth. Well the real Aussie Kenny displayed much more restraint, love, compassion, inderstanding, humour and care than to be so loose with his waste.
Other material will be jettisoned towards earth with an unknown destination, all rather symbolic in this Australian election year as the Blow Dolls of Global warming raise our consciousness to more sustainable, honest, authentic forms of management to be expected from our leaders rather than this disposable approach which continues to be modelled by the galloping greedy who have absolutely no regard for polluting any ones space with their rubbishing comments, arrests or trite gestures. Just like old times we see these politicians and space explorers continuing to throw their garbage out the window for tomorrows generation to clean up their mess.

When one is a Duck and can fly over these short sighted views you just wish some times that we could lock these chooks in parliament house and see how long they could sustain themselves before they began to tear each other to pieces.

The terrible situation of the abuse in the Northern Territory and across Australia is a simple emulation of the modelled behaviour from Canberra.

That's all Folks the phDuck is back to his Counselling Pond for some Love and safety with his own kind. Love and Blessings to all

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Microwaveable Global Politics

Sustaining a mindful state of awareness to community needs and cooperation we cannot help but cast a curious mindset over the recent launch of political blurbs over the Internet with sensational vote collecting announcements which at their very least could raise community suspicion, and even the other half might just enjoy a good laugh and see the cynicism of this "Less than Two Minute Dip" into the GOBAL Politics necessary for the self sustaining success for all aspect of a harmonious and fulfilled social relationships across all levels of society.
Heinz do a good a good job here to display how much dissatisfaction there can be in a one sided self relieving quickie which seems to be a modern day form of unidentified stress relief.

The reality of all of this energy consumption is written in this article in the Sydney Morning Herald where we see just how much we really do need and have become dependent upon power and electricity for our warming in this cold winter. All in the design and about the way we live, nature equips itself for sustainable existence, maybe we could do ourselves a favour and have a look how nature manages the changing environment and sustains life in the ongoing relationship, rather than taking the shallow empty hearted quickie for short term relief and electoral advantage.

Then who really does care about sustaining our community and or environment when we see and read that real men don't apologise so maybe this is an explanation of why we have never heard the prime minister utter the words sorry.
Lets have fun, laugh and play too, there is room for all of us in this community of mankind, especially for those who find love and self companionship, their soul, their self, the real word of self discovery beneath the disguises and self protective covers of lifes' many faces.
"After all, life is a game so lets play it."
That's all Folks
Love and Blessings to all phDuck back to Counselling at the Pond you are very welcome to leave your comment or call to see us.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Mindful consciousness is rising to the reality of climate change and all associated community connections , here is a link to a you tube vid from Montreal Canada to add some awareness to the reality of those Waving Rag Dolls of Global Storming.

Mean while whilst the UK experiences heat waves NSW Australia is experiencing the coldest winter for over 20 years, a balance in the making and readjustment of the seasons.

Then Australia's Prime Minister has decided he needs to buy some votes in the upcoming election and we thank him for actually deciding to accept that his manic attitude to economic policy was way off target just as was his aim at the Bush Inn, Iraq war and the Stolen generation of Aborigines who cry hard and long waiting for his simply apology so that reconciliation may begin with open hearts. The possessive lost world of egotistical illusion.

That's all Folks.

Love and Blessings as always Counsellor phDuck back to the Pond.


Following mindfully along previous posts in this community report about sustainability of life I discovered this following article about the Coelacanth fish and post it here following todays report in the SMH that another fish has been removed from the ancient waters of our time as he tries to mimic a person breathing truth.

May all seem rather fishy however we invite you to check out the article, there could easily be some relationship for us to scale and maintain our connection with the ancient wisdom available withing the evolutionary gills of time.

In 1938, thirty two-year-old Marjorie Courtenay Latimer was the curator of a tiny museum in the port town of East London, northeast of Cape Town, South Africa. She had befriended a local seaman, Captain Hendrick Goosen, of the trawler Nerine, which fished the nearby coastal waters of the Indian Ocean. When he put into port the captain made a frequent practice of having the dockman call Miss Latimer to come look over the Nerine's catch. She was welcome to take any unusual specimens she might want for her museum.
That's all Folks Back to the Counselling Pond of our waters
Love and Blessings to all


Mindful Warnings from the depths of our oceanic waters as Zanzibar fishermen land a ancient fish thought to be extinct since the last sighting was in 1938.

We wonder then if new life is being released from the Great Southern Ocean freezer of time? Are we being offered these insights to encourage us to towards sustaining mindful awareness to the inter connected fragility of our world ?

That's all folks, just curious, "after all the last thing the fish discovers is water."

Reckon we should keep an eye out for other interesting observations with the gathering acceptance to the essential reality of sustaining life for all to enjoy this journey back to self awareness.
Well I'm off now and back to the Pond, Love and Blessings to all phDuck.

Life is a gift you know and we do live in the present.

Beautiful gift, sight.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Nuclear power should be last resort: Flannery

Climate change scientist and Australian of the Year Tim Flannery says nuclear power should only be a last resort for tackling global warming.

More of this story

That's all Folks

Love and Blessings for Sustainable common sense and good Counsel with us.

Warming waters to drive fish south: CSIRO

A CSIRO study of the waters off the south-east coast of Australia reveals that they are warming up faster than anywhere else in the southern hemisphere.


Then Claims climate change drying up China's major rivers

Oh just a few more shakey stories from our Blow Up Dancing Dolls of Global Warming then.

Thats all folks

Love and Blessings for a Sustainable Environment PhDuck

Global Warming Dolls of Mindful interest

Elle MacPherson, internationally recognised Australian model leaps to mindful attention with that instant vibrancy of an Inflatable Advertising Doll in similar fashion to other mental pictures evoked from the symbolic images and many blow up "Dolls of Global Warming."

Natural beauty, composed, ambitious, passionate, successful, seemingly loose and free always busy like the "Warning Warming Dolls".

Elle is a Mother of two boys too as we see here with her son Arpad Flynn Busson at his Christening at St Agustinos Church in Rome in 1999.

Sustainability to us is about being able to continue to enjoy many generations of interconnection with connected association across all societies where all men life and creatures benefit from the progress of our our times and technology whilst also enjoying the opportunity of privacy, dignity, honesty, respect, consideration. It has never been mentioned that we can't have a good time too or a need to get it right all the time. Sing , dance and play.

Sustainability is about personal consideration about and caring for future and past generations right NOW in the only time there is. We need to leave the earth in better health than when we arrived seems like a reasonable attitude to adopt.

Just do no harm. Love all and do no harm. Seems to be the SUSTAINABILITY call for Peace and Global Unity for continuing harmonious existence across all religious divides and secular divisions of Global power.
Did 9/11 mark the end of religious tolerance?
Globalisation has fuelled the fire of fundamentalism in all faiths. But is this the only response ... or the only one we're being told about? COMPASS: THE QUIET REVOLUTION: Episode 2 - Pioneering City Sunday 22 July at 22:05 More

In our work place at the Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre we make ever attempt to promote and maintain these basic levels of respect and service to all our clients and patients and with each other at all times. Our Centre is a community for all men and all women. A family is a community too, community in mindful relationship sustained by love, consideration, trust, honesty, compassion, empathy, acceptance, tolerance, respect, benevolence, loyalty, dignity, professionalism.
Our ritual alter and candle are symbols for our interconnected links to the community of all life. A candle flickers throughout the working day so we remain mindful of the life within us and our inter-connectedness with each other at Our own Centre
One Life

For all at our Centre with a Heart.

Thats All Folks
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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Sustaining Mindful Attention to Global Warming Images

Mindful attention to sustainability has been elevated thanks to the Global Warming Images dangling from the Sky Dancing Blow Dolls of the great debate itself. Free Flowing vibrant Colours raising attention to many issues beneath the hot air of the Global Warming theatre.

Swinging, diving, dancing and dangling so well illustrated by the the Tooheys Street party advertisement these Blow Dolls carry the message and grab attention as they break through the surreal hollow environment of our lost disconnected deluded community of mankind. As they flop around seemingly as lost images of the present wilderness of social and political make believe, spasmotically real, social models , flaunting a feined reality, an all mesmerising empty futility, disjointed, arthritic gestures of imprisoned freedom and jerky spikes of locked in good will. Model dolls the be of man's self and his greater world pre 2007.

Mean while corporate spin doctors swoon in pinstripes to climb over each other with insatiable and impeccable gluttony, driven through exchanges of credit, phony forward dealing, trickery, out right lies, inflated fiscal paper, worthless scripts, unsupported share issues and disguises of smoke and mirrors as they glibly spray glitter and sky rockets into the air of international board rooms and super funds. The players accept their own monopoly funds. Park Lane and Trafalgar Square too. "Your roll Blue".
Whilst stoic loyal primary producer and farmer husband their land, crops and animals for petty reward to produce basic, yet essential food and vitals for all.
Whilst Woolworth's made record profits dealing produce.
Where is this sanity in economy over sustainability of life and earth. Rich people need to eat too, surely they cannot survive on their rarefied air alone.

The party goes on, grogs up, roads are closed, children are being abused, pre schools and schools are overloaded with prematurely abandoned infant children who's Mothers' have been driven to the mortgage bank, hospitals and prisons are over loaded. Never the less go dance in your bikini, let the good times roll get drunk and block off the truth, drown the pain, imprison the children for generations some more.

Fortunately there is some solid ground where these Blow up Dolls stand tethered, so lets give thanks to those who are able to remain grounded, mindful and concentrate on the myriad of environmental issues displayed around our feet and before our eyes as the tethers for Global Warming's Blow Dolls, let them make dizzy their dances with their wild gyrations and endless flutters of hot air to bring attention to real social issues for genuine sustainability through out the entire world.
Let there be tethers of Love, gentleness, compassion and understanding at the party too.

"When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change"

That's it for now Folks

Blessings as always come see the Duck should you need to Ponder a concern.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Miraculous Rising From the Sea

Compassion Love and Mindful Understanding see Pasha Bulker trans form itself and walk off Nobbys Beach