Sunday, 27 May 2007



Earlier in the week former US President Jimmy Carter accused President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and amazingly left our Australian Prime Misister Howard out of his accusations of these men being guilty of a major transgression of international justice by invading Iraq, then there have been out landish suggestion and accusations of advanced knowledge of the attack on the World trade Centre and now the former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Tim Fisher has called for a time of truth with relation to the Israel attack on the "USS Liberty" which seems to have slipped under the radar like many other strange unexplained "accidents" and incidents in recent times. In the case of the "Liberty" 34 seamen were killed and 172 injured. Donald Rumsfield dismisses such matters as "stuff happens in war"

Then we have all the trite comments coming from many mouths and media spouts about Aborigines who cannot speak English or the declaration of a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory BUT not a word makes the press about the ACCESS Identification card being kept under the covers by Minister's Hockey and Bishop as they weave their way through "reeds' of media and serve their upper masters and financial benefactors locking in more control with out national discussion.
These people are invading our country from within our own parliamentary system, they play Judas in this drama of Australian wizardry referred to in previous posts as they represent vested interests of internation corporate investors.

Sammy Jungarayi Sambo (left) and Bindi Jakamarra Martin on the planned site for Australia's first national nuclear waste dump.
So neatly exposed by Graham Greenleaf of the University of New South Wales Faculty of Law in his article Australia's Proposed Id Card: Still Quacking Like a Duck
Well Folks, are we being deliberately misled by all these signals from Canberra's distant smoke stacks to deliberately take our eye off the ball as the ID card takes out the middle, leg and off stump.
Love and Blessings as always phDuck, only a human relation to Graham Greenleaf.
Back soon after I check out KPMG and Clayton Utz connection with the Access card and Hon Bishop.

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