Saturday, 12 May 2007

Float Talk Testimonial

Welcome In or Welcome Back

Today we write about promoting
Benefits for our Clients
Knowing what people want when they come to us
And knowing people want to be assured that they will receive
With our guarantee from 16 years of listening, appreciating,
Hearing and understanding clients requirements of us.

We built our business by refining our services to provide and meet those needs.

Royal Arcade Spring Street view looking thru towards the Oxford Mall,
Bondi Junction, Sydney
Our address 175-181 Oxford St Bondi Junction Sydney
The Royal Arcade links Oxford St Mall to Spring Street.
Parking at East Gate Shopping Centre
Public Transport Bus and Rail 3 minutes walk.

We are quiet observers to A Float Tank Operator's and enthusiast group based in the United States, recent discussion has been about the virtues of naming a Float Centre and the founder of the group Frank Rodriguez offered the following advised to the intending Las Vegas operator in the post below.Franks views concur precisely with our sentiments. We agree with, support and have practiced this method of promotion for the Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre consistently and are certain it is in naming, explaining and delivering client benefits available from our services to which we owe much of our success. In consistently reassuring existing clients and attracting new clients to our available services where we actually deliver the goods for our client to receive, and actually experientially feel these personal benefits. Here below is Frank's post to the Float Group which we offer here as a form of testamonial.
"I wonder if you are putting too much focus on the name and the theme of your business before focusing strongly on what the purpose of your float center will be. How will your float center serve your community?
You'll be the only float center in Las Vegas. I think that is a terrific opportunity for you, but if you don't have a clear message about what the purpose of your float center is, people who are new to floating will get confused about what floating is. The possibility for confusion will be even greater if you are putting the emphasis on the theme of the float center and not on what floating offers. Las Vegas is a good example for comparison.
Most people visit LasVegas because it's like Disney world for adults. It's a fantasy world where people can escape their dull lives for a little while. Las Vegas serves a valuable purpose for many people by providing that escape.You have to be able to tell people clearly what floating provides because they won't be able to figure it out by your Egyptian theme. If you had an Egyptian themed float center in Nebraska, that would probably be news worthy and you could get some media attention, but in Las Vegas, it's possible that an Egyptian themed float center would be considered just another business by the local TV and newspaper.
I encourage you to emphasize the things that floating is best at -providing very fast stress relief, providing a quiet and peaceful environment, providing relief from many aches and pains, etc. If you don't clearly communicate the strong benefits of floating, your business will be misunderstood and/or ignored. "

Frank then continues to say how this method of promotion also assists in the Massage are of business promotion which we at Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre also well understand. See benefits of Massage

Frank writes:"I'm currently helping a massage therapist with a similar issue. Their brochure is their only promotional piece, and even though there are pictures of people getting massaged and there are fancy terms for the types of massage they offer, there is no mention of the benefits of massage. Not surprisingly, they're greatly struggling for lack of customers.Don't just say that floating is very relaxing. Relaxing is a feature. The benefit of relaxation (for example) is you'll get along with your family better. Everyone wants that benefit, even if they're a workaholic and don't schedule enough relaxation time for themselves.
Too many businesses focus on the features of their produce or service but ignore the benefits. If you focus on the benefits of floating and diligently collect testimonials from your customers to prove those benefits are real, you will stand out from the crowd! Frank."

When you enter the Royal Arcade in Bondi Junction from Spring Street you will see the below sign at the foot of the stairs to reassure you that your benefits are now near at hand. If stairs are not your way there is a lift for disabled access to take you to the first floor where we will be very pleased to greet you.
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Love and Blessings as always
That's all Folks the Duck shall return shortly.


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