Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Holding Heart to heart



Princess Mary & Child

"Although this may sound outlandish to some Americans (Australians too I add) ears exposure to parents can keep a sleeping baby alive. The steady piston of an adult heart and the regular tidal sweeps of breath coordinate the ebb and flow of young internal rhythms. Intuitive accordance with these ancient programs leads women , whether right or left handed, to cradle baby in the left arm- with his head close to her heart.

That laterality cannot be custom or cultural predilection, because gorillas and chimpanzee mothers show the same, innate, left-sided cradling.
From "A General Theory of Love" Lewis, Amini, Lannon. pg196

Interesting then to check the cradling photos of Princess Mary with her new baby I thought.

More praise to the study and organic understanding of our limbic system and Mothers essential relationship with her child's continuing birth, progressing beyond the womb for what should be normal, essential, organic infantile, mental enrichment when nature runs its course during the next 8 years.

There are previous post on this blog with information of the limbic system

Here we see the Vagus nerve, the wanderer (vagrant) which directly connects the limbic system to the heart.

With love we promote the opportunity to release burdens of the past by meeting with us in a genuine state of open healing relation , this may take one or two sessions before you really, really get to feel safe with us in our Centre and we understand that, we are human too, and we have also done and continue to take ourselves right to the edge of self understanding, which is the most rewarding life filling joyful experiences one could imagine.

When you bring your tired body to our Centre with a Heart we trust you will immediately sense the radiating limbic resonance of all our hands on people as a magnetic sense within.

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