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Average daily solar exposure

Average daily solar exposure

Global solar exposure is the total amount of solar energy falling on a horizontal surface. These maps show the average daily solar exposure across Australia for each month and the year. Typical values for daily global solar exposure range from 1 to 35 MJ/m2 (megajoules per square metre). For mid-latitudes, the values are usually highest in clear sun conditions during the summer, and lowest during winter or very cloudy days.

Get maps of annual and monthly solar exposure for Australia.

Need for change

Quote of the Day
Progress in every age results only from the fact that there are some men and women who refuse to believe that what they know to be right cannot be done. --Russell W. Davenport

Good News of the Day
There are millions of citizens who refuse to succumb to what their more cynical neighbors call "reality," who insist with their lives that there has to be a better way -- and who day by day go about bringing it into being. What makes them tick? What enables them to see beneath the surface and work for the common good rather than simply for their own private welfare? What inspires people to act from their own sense of a larger integrity even when it means going contrary to the status quo? And how can these circles of compassion widen? Interviews with dozens of entrepreneurs, homemakers, youth workers, artists, community leaders, religious leaders, and others reveal some surprising patterns.
Be The Change
Deepen your capacity in one of the dimensions outlined in the article above.
Introducing Carol Stuart and Rod McClure JP. Sydney Graduates of Hakomi Integrative Psychology and earlier Diplomats of Australian Institute of Professional Counselling

We are both registered Counselling Supervisors with the Australian Counselling Association
Our Sydney practice is at The Bondi Junction Counselling Service incorporated within the Bondi Junction Massage and Float Centre

In commencing this Australian blog we are interested to share and expand the wonderful Hakomi psychotherapy teachings established by Ron Kurtz
the founder of the Hakomi method of Body Centred Psychotherapy
For further details There is an Australian Hakomi Institute site at
The word Hakomi is trade marked for the method of therapy instructed.The word's origin lie deep within North American Hopi Indian culture and asked "Who are you"?
Hakomi may be studied in Australia, a series of nine intensive, nine day block sessions over three year, of theory and practical experential training to begin discovering "who we are" opposed to who we thought we were. The therapist have intensive self and group therapy and we know there is no teaching better absorbed into the total consciousness than by the process of mindful self experience.
This is an amazing turn around to the normal undersyanding of education where we have been cognitively trained to take on new knowledge.
For us the process has been a truly amazing kyak like adventure over some of the most treacherous, scarry, dangerous edges and places our psyche has ever been guided, to be delivered now to much calmer sun filled waters where our beings have begun a magnificent new journey of mindful self discovery setting "our beings" to a welcome new, safe place from where we now wish and prefer to share and live.
Hakomi is based in five organic principles, mindfulness, non-violence, unity, organicity and mind-body holism.

"Hakomi is the absolute cutting edge of modern psychotherapy".- John Bradshaw, author of "Bradshaw on the Family". "Creating Love" "Home Coming"

Duck or Rabbit


Duck or Rabbit

Rabbit or Duck
"Work lots little happens.
Work little lots happen" CRM.

We are all only human and when we are not being appreciated or respected whilst doing our best we become psychologically, physically and spiritually drained. Toxic environments do this to us, I felt that happening to me and no doubt that would have been reasonably obvious to others around me. World politics, work place or domestic situations have exactly the same effect on the populous. Self explanatory with hospitals, jails, over full and mental health queues through out the world as children starve whilst billions are spent dominating the oil market with bombs and big guns.

Having spent many years now delving into my own systemically generated belief system with all its benefits and failings I have better understanding of what makes me tick and what ticks me off and how I unconsciously learned and adopted such a belief system to help survive in life as an unsupported or ‘self isolated’ in dividual. (Divided within, separated from self)

My auto nervous system simply absorbed and implemented its own method of survival from “its” immediate environment and in doing so I (unconscious beneath all cognitive awareness) “took in“ all available examples and the self moderated my system with degrees of perceived pleasure and effort in repetitive attempts to avoid sensations of discomfort and pain in their many fold forms of trance like delirium.

So now I believe I have gained sufficient self awareness to have a very basic understanding towards how our mind, body, spirit and universe may interrelate. Now I believe I can comfortably sit with clients and support and help guide them into their emotional experience and wait with them forv as long as they need they come to their self realisation of what ever maybe necessary for them connect or reconnect their own neural pathways.

Our autonomic nervous system behaviour and “LEARNED” expectations with unconscious, intuitive perception, teaches and learns, without any help or awareness from us, neural snoballs roll through our system, predicting energy flow, so doing, tracing, activating , preparing, stimulating and or directing neural stimulus and response, instantaneously activating all of our predetermined defensive alerts along the precut neural channel established from prior sensual experiences, observation or example. To test this example bring to your mind the words flea, dog, bone, walk, tree, cat, car and you have immediately stimulated and alerted entire blocks of consciousness.

By studying evoked sensation in the state of mindful awareness the experience sensed from this store place “in themselves” generate an opportunity for us to recognise the energy within the observer or real self and by actually experiencing the sensation of this place of “where we are now” we become able to realise “the real self” and appreciate our observer self simultaneously.

This normally unimaginable shift of emotional consciousness virtually switches the energy to flow organically as if from monocotyledon to dicotyledonous brain flow, the energy then comes to life in the body.
This then enables a completely different balancing perspective to the previous perception and as we now know if we change the way we look at things then the things we look at change.
We then are able to see both sides of a situation. We are better able to understand why we become so influenced by the view which disturbs us. When we are able to safely lay down our defences we become able to see situations from another angle, another perspective and generally these have been the issues which kept us feeling sad, hurt, neglected, unloved, unwanted or angry or what ever emotion we care to name the discomfort to be.

“If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change”

The poet Charles Baudelaire once wrote that
“The devil’s finest trick is convincing the world he doesn’t exist”.
Our Implicit memory has done the same.

Ref; A General Theory of Love By Lewis, Amini, and Lannon.

Principle of Mindfulness

One of the principals of Hakomi Therapy is the mental state of Mindfulness, a place of expanded consciousness where one goes "within one's self" in the attempt to be completely aware of all of us and from this place of consciousness we also recognise the "observer" part of our self.

Inspiration of the Day
In 1979, a biologist at the University of Massachusetts named Jon Kabat-Zinn had an idea. He had a hunch that pared-down meditation techniques could help patients at the university's medical center deal with pain. The idea of mind-body health wasn't well explored at the time, so Kabat-Zinn approached physicians and pain specialists at the university, asking them to refer their patients to his new clinic. The course he started is now offered in dozens of hospitals and medical centers around the country, and studies suggest it does help people cope with the psychological distress of diseases, such as arthritis, psoriasis and cancer. Take for example, a small research study with 63 rheumatoid arthritis patients. After two months of mindfulness training, the patients' physical symptoms did not disappear, but they reported feeling better, with scores of psychological distress dropping 30 percent.
Be The Change
Read this thought-provoking passage on changing our relationship with pain, by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

"What is consciousness"?

Consciousness .

An inscription on an Egyptian temple reads,

“The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.”
What is consciousness?
“For every man who has ever walked the earth, the most important problem is to know what consciousness is, for when you know what consciousness is,
you know what you are.”

The quotations that appear here place the question of consciousness before us in our daily work.

" On the street of tomorrow, one arrives at the house of never."

"The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness."
Max Eastman

"Divine art is a product of consciousness.
Because it is nonfunctional, it is designed to induce higher states within the viewer."
"The arts take us right to the shores of the third state of consciousness.
They arrange our thinking.
If they are done well and we are eager to receive them, they can catapult us from the highest part of the second state into the third state."
"We must study obstacles to consciousness. We must study them and remove them".
Peter Ouspensky
"As consciousness grows, self-importance dies."
Rodney Collin.

"Real 'I' can only be in the state of self-consciousness, and every moment in the work of creating self-consciousness means effort. Nothing can 'happen' by itself. If we change our being, things will be different, but in this state nothing can be different."
Peter Ouspensky.

"There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth:
Not going all the way, and not starting."

"Awake. Be the witness of your thoughts.
You are what observes, not what you observe. "

"Man's head and feet are rarely in the same place at the same time".
Elisabeth I.
"We are always getting ready to live, but never living."

To live a life of virtue, you have to become consistent,
Even when it isn't convenient, comfortable, or easy. "

"Because men do not value, do not know how to liven up the present,
they yearn so for a better future and are flirting with the past."

"I cannot and will not think beyond the present moment.

Creativity Beyond the Myth
Friedrich August von Kekule had a dream of whirling snakes, of the structure of benzene - the organic chemical compound made up of a ring of carbon atoms. He reported the dream in the following words many years after it took place, in a speech at a dinner commemorating his discovery.

"I turned my chair to the fire [after having worked on the problem for some time] and dozed. Again the atoms were gamboling before my eyes. This time the smaller groups kept modestly to the background. My mental eye, rendered more acute by repeated vision of this kind, could not distinguish larger structures, of manifold conformation; long rows, sometimes more closely fitted together; all twining and twisting in snakelike motion. But look! What was that? One of the snakes had seized hold of its own tail, and the form whirled mockingly before my eyes. As if by a flash of lighting I awoke... Let us learn to dream, gentlemen.
Arthur Koestler (in "The Act of Creation") called this incident "probably the most important dream in history since Joseph's seven fat and seven lean cows.
The story is interesting to students of creativity for two reasons, first, because of the nonconscious state in which it is alleged to have occurred; second, because of the "remote" analogy that Kekule used.
From "Creativity, Beyond the Myth of Genius" by Robert Weisberg published by W. H. Freeman 1992 Last updated: 2nd October 1996

Anti -Acid Quickeze

You may remember a couple of years back I wrote a story about the little black ants
who had come to live upstairs with us in Bondi, they were very welcome to be with us as I believe if the ants are around then we should be safe because they are much more sensitive then we are to chemicals and poisons. What is more if we leave a crumb of cake or icing on our supper saucer, within the hour these brilliant little fellers can sniff it out and with some form of amazing telepathy they communicate to the rest of the mob that "cakes up" so like I said if they are living around us and decided to eat our food then I feel much safer.
Mind you when they got into my (ant-acid) Quickeze I had to wait for a while to get an answer because these little fellers are only tiny and it took me a while to tune into their super sensitive high frequency which is light years and many octaves above the roar of man’s voice. That’s probably why they normally live under ground to dampen the noise.
Any way they eventually let me know in the tiniest of very early morning mental whispers that the food scraps of the Bondi Back packers were mostly greasy old pizza, sugary left over burgers and other indigestion brewing junk food. That story was before the war and Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, children overboard and Tampa, the big Indian ocean/Asian tsunami, Pakistan’s earth quake or the cyclones through the Mexican Gulf, New Orleans and Broken Hill. Seemingly prophetic times across the world.

Then when we went for our holiday to F-N Qld we visited the butterfly farm at Kuranda and there the butterflies began speaking to me in the most beautiful way, again I felt that perfumed wave of air on my right cheek and a whisper about the colours on the Aboriginal flag, Black, Red and Yellow colours used by nature to identify and protect herself.
These magnificent creatures have a total transformation of DNA between the pupating larva to switch to a new creation with new DNA as butterflies and then the call She sets on the wind for her mate travels 10 or more kilometres through the forest and across the land to which He immediately responds.
Did you know that when they begin their sharing of divine intimacy they become so deeply connected that any sudden withdrawal would disembowel them both?
So in her divine brilliance she actually paralyses him so he will not do a bolter if a big bird appears to take them for lunch.
What does she do. She has the bigger wings and flies at speeds up to 60ks per hour with him trailing behind going backwards like some sort of BMW behind a tow truck.
Now how good is this for a message from our universal God of insects and animals?

When one looks into the story of Moses' Exodus to lead the Israelites, out of the body of Egypt away from Pharaoh’s oppression after he had asked on behalf of his people for time off to pray and Pharaoh told Moses to go back to his people and tell them if they had time to pray they therefore had time to make more brick so he demanded more bricks. Moses warned Pharaoh that pestilence would come upon the land and it did. The dying rivers turned red, plagues and grass hoppers and mites, floods invade his land etc etc. Synchronous yarn eh?
So eventually Moses who had lots of trouble convincing his children that praying to false Gods of booze, drugs and golden calves would not get them out of their misery he went "Up the Mountain " of consciousness and waited for the message from the universe and God whispered as he can, I have already mentioned the ants and butterflies have proved this don't worry, and Moses heard their higher voices saying “Make a bronze serpent and hang it before them and by seeing it they will be healed"

With that he marched on into the opened Red sea of consciousness and passed straight through as the sea closed back over and drowned and buried Pharaohs army for 10,000 years. Is that time up, “Coming ready or not”!

I pray you will come across this sea with Moses and be able to see that nothing changes in this world other than Pharaoh’s men disguised as the oppressive little shrub and the burning bush right in front of us today with new oppressive legislation which will guarantee to keep the people bound in the brick factories making clothes for the Chinese, when the humble Lion and the Dragon decides to roar again and turn the tide in our immediate future.

What is more if you speak out which was once a sacred right of democracy, so we thought, you may now be seen as person of unacceptable character and the guys watching over all will come in the night and you will disappear without a whisper to be rushed away, detained without trial.
Prophetically, nothing is more certain to occur, unless a modern Moses takes his rod with Aaron’s before Pharaoh and he sees it bud or casts it on the ground to turn into a snake, nothing is more certain than for the hearts of mankind to continue to darken and close down under “Vader’s” influence. Prisons and hospitals are full, Paris burns, HIV, Bird flu, tornadoes, floods and Tsunamis, starvation, global warming and industrial pollution of our air and water.
Exodus right.
Our hemispheres of consciousness are being transformed.
Then for 10,000 years we may live as transformed humans beneath the rule of Uranus.
When the sea closed over Moses wrote the story in deep mythological text so that when the time was right and enough people understood how we could be taken on a journey of delusion by false prophets we would look back into the old stories and realise that Moses left a can of stones beneath the sea to mark the place to cross and that can of stones is represented by the black rock between the two houses of the Australian parliament itself a sacred geometric symbolic model of the human brain along with the Gothic churches and other mile stones and foundation marker stones of remembrances. Re Membrane. Remember.
To be continued as it was in the beginning is now, and forever shall be world without end.

Cells within cells within cells within cells.
When Parliament has two Houses of Right consciousness balance becomes upset To returns to Pharaohs domination stifling the heart of the Nation

Take a moment traveller to study if you may the similarity of the human head modelled into our National Parliament House situated on Capital Hill just South of Lake Burley Griffin.
It can be seen by its flag raised upon 4 legs towering over the building, and is a recent extension of Burley Griffin's vision for Canberra. It was designed by Romaldo Gieurgola,
an Italian, and built in 1988 costing $1.1 billion. In order to preserve the shape of the hill, on which it is built, it was constructed into the top of the hill with the roof being grassed over.
Moses opened the Red Sea just as the builders opened and closed Capitol Hill.
Just a coincidence, maybe not?
You be the judge,

Thursday, 8 March 2007


Sustaining security ahead of global warming is the agenda of APEC community mindfulness in the mind of Prime Minister Howard.

This certainly seems to be the case with President Bush flying in with his very own Bush bullet proof limo prepared to run the gauntlet (as Andrew Johns so open admitted) to the chance of staying safe during his Australian plotting campaign to secure our Central Australian energy rich sources for American corporate plunder.
History repeats itself endlessly Portugese, Spanish, Roman, French and other civilisations have all risen and fallen like our daily bread, but never before have we in Australia been so wickedly sold out by lying eyes by half deaf half truths.
Such a shame that Sydney cannot host a convention of this nature in the open to listen to and enjoy reasonable discussions, and take a vote on issues of importance instead of these dictators of commerce locking themselves in fear behind this massive network built to support their IN SECURITY brought on by such irrational, arrogance initiating this toxic unhealthy violent domination of his fellow man.

Thats all folks Back to the Pond for me
Love and Blessings to all phDuck