Thursday, 21 July 2011


I wanted to have a rant about Rupert Murdoch not stepping aside, what nation wants such a defector any way, if he was arriving by boat at Christmas Island these days he would have trouble gaining access I reckon. Well I suppose that's his business and a very unlikely story too. However I consider that as with Professor Zimbardo in his Standford prison experiment Rupert has become absorbed into another part of his own psychopathology. Absorbed into the experiment of his own creation and in this type of "forest of treason" he cannot imagine a world outside the one of his own creation and indoctrinated self image, similar in kind to the unrobed King whose nakedness was easily seen by children and common people living in the sweat of human reality. Some of us are still here Rupert as the Pie Thrower was suggesting, along with millions of forgotten neglected children who are carving their anger and pain into every bus and train window in the hope that some leader will step forward to ease their pain.

This dis-ease of the infected media digitally splashed its way across the world as Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard recently noted when asking the Australian media to be responsible for how they handle their CRAP.
In a similar yet philanthropic manner Bill Gates is attempting to do for the poor and turd trodden in Rwanda where he he has tipped in $40m in an attempt to set up a flush of consciousness to flush and catch the "flying crap" where folks pass waste into a plastic bag and then let it fly into the street to pollute and carry disease and with it death to thousands.

Instead of looking and gaining sympathy for the Foam Pie in the face Rupet would do us all a favour, step aside and take some time out to study and appreciate his self generated psychotic state witnessed by comparison to the beautiful nationally nourishing work of Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years incarcerated by the lies and meddling of Afrikaan's fear and yet he came away from those years as an enlightened man of insurmountable wisdom with precious and pious humility.
Humility and astounding dedication, genuine leadership, beautifully portrayed in the movie INVICTUS where Morgan Freeman played Mandela and Matt Damon led the Springboks to the 1995 world cup championship and a united and liberated South Africa.
So now we head back to the Pond to mind our own business and maybe we might meet there some day where you will find us should you be looking for Counselling.