Friday, 27 April 2007

Judge anger at Ritalin kids


A NSW judge has slammed doctors for creating a generation of Ritalin kids now committing violent crimes and coming before the courts.
By Janet Fife-Yeomans
April 26, 2007 12:00
More Slammed: Judge condemns ADHD explosion

As a Hakomi psychotherapist I am constantly working with young psychologically branded adult neglected and under developed as children of generation 'X' identified by Judge Conlon.
We see the diagnosis parallel with a distinct shift from the general hands on healing of medical practitioner of the 'black bag' vintage to the modern emotionally detached neo cortical intelligence package functioning as readers of technology and pharmacology, virtually disassociated from any personal awareness of the essential limbic connection necessary to radiate connection from body to the neocortical brain.

This limbic cellular film of consciousness must be delicately exposed to the light and intensity of radiated emotion from conception and at least until the child reaches seven years of age to avoid overexposure, flaring, and scarring of that emotionally sensitive film.
So true, transference of this generational scarring is readily identified across the socio economic sector where parents may already be of the 2nd or 3rd mal functioning generation.

Child hood trauma, emotional neglect, separation and exposure to violence lie beneath this genuine wildness of children, limbic awareness, love, care and sincere nurture and patience is the preferred and primary missing ingredient for healing and recovery and herein lies the work of Hakomi psychotherapy.
Consequentially we witness mental (stress) illness presenting as anxiety, depression, anger, and relationship conflict with emotional break down, gambling, alcoholism, compulsive consumption, fraud, general violence, abuse, petty crime.
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