Saturday, 26 May 2007


Interesting developments with manufacturers beginning to accept responsibility for "market dumping" of obsolete and superseded equipment by beginning to offer return or recyclable options.

Corportaions have previously avoided this obligation and never calculated the cost or impact of their waste to our overall society, this change of attitude is changing the numbers in board room thinking and manner of corporate production now that they can identify their advantage of recycling quality materials for re-manufacture and also design ways to gain advantage of carbon credits.

Then further from the Geenpeace May news letter we link to a simple visual showing what 2 degrees C looks like.

We all need to do our bit to reduce our own consumption as we can see every little piece counts and we need to show the world that we can survive with out the need to have Nuclear energy forced upon us by their manipulation of the facts.
I recommend you Look here
If its not you it maybe one of your Grand Children in 2027 or 2720

Clandestine negotiations conducted by this faith filled, psychologically disassociated political society, of modern day rationalists has now sent in a bishop robed as a caring intelligent female Bishop, Minister of Science and Technology to seductively prostitute and administer her new new missionary portfolio over the 2241 square kilometer "Muckaty Station" and the owners of that Northern Lands Council.
Same disconnected Clayton Utz trained legal snoop here she is exposed to the 'light' for her working of OD for Evil.
Dear People please look at this SMH report of this truly incredible attempt to sneak through one of the filthiest pieces of legislation ever perpetrated upon us and the aboriginal people and all of the world's people. Only 70 members of this aboriginal community from all of their people. This effects all of us and they try to steal a march, not a very friendly national invasion. Not unlike Mr Howards move into Iraq as Deputy Sherrif to GW Bush chasing make believe WMD's.

The Minister for Aborigines Affairs out of one side of his mouth is telling these aboriginal people they cannot speak English and the other side of the mouth has the Bishop telling them that the world government will pay $12m for 2241 square kilometers of our nations land. Now one sq kilometer is 10,000 square metres so the offer comes back to 0.0535 of one cent per metre for a 200 year lease to use 1.5 kilometer area for the "Dump".

That's All Folks.

This is to be good news and I trust you will see the need to be active and step up to your conscience. No society has the right to leave such incredible toxicity exposed for 1000s of future generations. Even us Ducks keep our nest clean, we might leave a patch on the grass but the grass grows better there tomorrow for the kangaroo, wombat and animals to graze and thrive.

Love and Blessings to all phDuck

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