Sunday, 20 May 2007


"You are welcome here"


Welcome Back Folks

phDuck is very pleased you have returned.



As our climate changes and technology moves to deeper depths and us to finer, more detailed understanding we are beginning to discover more at the depths of the ancient life bearing carbon munching, oxygen producing, thermal circulating regulators and natural regenerating systems of our healing, purifying and cleansing salty ocean waters.
Earth and man's bodily waters are identically proportional corresponding interconnected circulating systems, currents of life delivering energy to soul forces for sustaining and maintaining healthy life.

Oceans left to themselves would never die, however they could be killed by neglect.

We are now seeing the oceans Reveal 'new' life in these dark oceanic depths beneath the ice.

As an aside, one ponders if Isaac Newton saw the relationship with the weight of an apple and the proportion of water in the piece of fruit that 'bonked' on his head was he was having a mindful snooze in the shade, this mindful state that gave his theory and became Newtons Law where "every action has an equal and opposite reaction".

The ice over these lakes Floats like a Duck on a massive 30m swell, warming flowing waters beneath are contributing to the increased pace of the ice melt and consequent rise in sea levels as well as revealing all these "new" ancient creatures.

So you get to see now that this phDuck is very serious about the warming waters beneath his feet and surely you remember the yarns about the gentle boiling of yabbies and lobsters. We once thought it was OK to place the yabbies in the bucket by the fire and slowly bring them to the boil, well that is exactly what was happening to us here on earth. So how did we get into this bucket and how do we get out and away from the fire and the FIRE MEN stoking the blaze.
So now is the trick becoming able to get out of the POT
or should that read get out of the PLOT?

Today our people live in an imaginary world of make believe by being told, manipulated lied to, and so naievely believing:

If we hold that belief for long enough

We will receive and have delivered exactly what we imagine.

You, we, us were born perfect and have learned, modelled and imitated our own development to carry all our mistakes which were unconsciously and unwittingly transfered to us from our ancestors who also learned and absorbed their habits from the model of their parents,

The big people.
The adults.
We learn Osmotically, a child raised in Italy hears, and learns the language to speak Italian. A child raised in Australia, speaks English with and Australian accent, a child raised in England has a Pommy accent, New Zealand, America etc, etc. That's what we heard and learned, a child then carries that annunciation inflection as an accent over into subsequent languages.

We mimick, imitate and do what we see, hear, accept and expect.
We know violence breeds violence.

Dropping bombs, terrorising, killing and abusing innocent people is WRONG, evil and a war crime in any language.
Native cultures, tribes people of the world had to live survive and thrive by living with and observing a balance of life with their natural environment until the Good man arrived with all his missionary positional delusion and began to divide the world between Heaven and Hell.

Good and Evil,

Hence we opened to GOD and the DEVIL = see OD and EVIL.

So then, DO the OD oust the EVIL?

In some insane belief that they are DOING GOD or GOOD?

For another play at the COLD WAR of Capitalism and Communism for

Fear, Terror, Gun trading, war manufacturing and Profit?

To play this game you must have an enemy


Where or where is all this insanity, killing, pollution, destruction and senselessness leading us?

In the depths of universal human waters.
Searching first thought.

Must we get to very thirsty thoughts?

Must we begin to run out of drinking water first?

Remember Albert Einstein's statement also mentioned above in our banner,
"the fish will be the last thing to discovers water".

Seeing as Pisces was the time of the fish and NOW we have crossed into Aquarius this maybe the time to have a good look at our selves to see what we can discover in our human waters.

Like we say with humble respect to the wisdom and thanks to the Hopi Indians

"Or Who are You"?

That's all Folks.

Back Home to our Float Centre to keep my foot/web on the temperature.

Love and Blessings and Counselling for all phDuck

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