Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Planet Earth


Modelling our universe and earth, displaying the energy frequencies rising to higher consciousness from the
base RED with ACIDIC ph through YELLOW, ORANGE to
GREEN with a ph of 7 neutral, stilled water.
Displaying the 7 frequencies of refracted visible white sun light to states of higher consciousness of
INDIGO and VIOLET the refined sensitive frequencies.
Solar energy, sun light the charge of our being.

How can it possibly be that in the long term the economy of a nation could ever possibly be more important than the health of the planet and the life within and upon the alms of earth beneath our feet.
Found within our self, no external stimuli, is required to ignite our flame. The flame of life burns within us all and it is all the same one flame regardless. We are not separate from each other so now we are coming to- get- her.

The time of Divisive politics to rule over materialistic destruction and predatory competition must take a secondary position to the life of earth and its succours.

That's all folks
Off to the Pond with Love and Blessings for all phDuck
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