Thursday, 24 May 2007


Healing Relationships.
Floating a new story about oil

To my old friends and country mates and any one who cares for man kind and children.
I have been ferreting for Johnny Howard’s hats and rabbits in case he produces some of that election trickery from up his sleeve. We really do need a change of attitude if we are going to have any hope of a healing relationship for individuals, society and earth.
Other wise this lame form of social management will lead us to real deep of despair whilst all the big end of town cash down. What next, rats and mice deserting a sinking ship I suppose?
What was that little media squirt about with three faces on the front bench being around for too long story, urm. Reckon that might have been a dummy?
Tactical play or a fore warning for a call up of the new leader?

Is Graeme Murray a foot ball coach or a politician arranging moves and teaching pollies to double pump passes and set up second man plays maybe, where was Lockyer and Thurston when you need them?

Then maybe the foot coaches have learnt all the tricky moves from politics subsidised by the Wheat Board with funds left over from the hands they held with Saddam in the Iraq war.
Been a bit of rain lately so “Malcolm Drought” has been rather busy looking for a new tree to Frog Up in. We did hear “Old Drought” declare “that other states had conducted themselves in a business like manner apparently he is hopeful of some agreement” so he was taking the Frog and Camel train south hoping he could get a drink from Victoria but seems he has run into some “Brackish” waters. Just listen to this “tuggers” sleazy language… conducted themselves……. Augh for want of a big German shepherd when you need one.
Do we need the rivers locked up for private Babylon enterprise?
So we can direct all the National waters into the Macquarie system. That’s the play, big, big money for private enterprise in water, QANTAS nearly gone now along with the Australian cotton industry down the Macquarie shute, cling.
For the moment air is still free but if they can get the pollution bad enough we will all be carrying bottled air, now tell that to your Dad when you think of him next or if he should enquire of you why all the people are buying bottled water instead of drinking out of the tap.

What pompous deceitful arrogance from the plumed mouth gentleman scholar. Wide Mouth Tree Frog him. Not so, clever by half me thinks, I’d like him to try him crutching fly blown lambs at Wilcannia or cattle trading with Sir Sidney Kidman.
If you are coming to Sydney see if you can stuff a few more Rabbits in your bag, a couple for Russell Crowe and two for John and Malcolm. Try anything these shysters, and quite possibly get away with it too. Now that Blair’s gone and Bush is burning out I think little Johnnie’s rocket will fizzle off the scene too, until he and his associates are subpoenaed to the international Court of Justice to answer for their war crimes. Former President Jimmy Carter was condemned as a peanut by these gun toting’ cowboys, but now he returns to PASTE them as the war criminals they are and have been. Well that is my view and supported by many civil minded person.

With Howard gone Abbott and Costello can return to their old comedy routine, and Shirley Temple Downer, well he was always destined for greater things with his SA supremacy, how he has managed to hang around with this pack of bag men without loosing his virginity must have been really difficult.
Maybe he can retire gracefully to the Boards of the Reserve and Macquarie Banks. You know years ago Al Grasby had it right when he used to call about on the “Banks of the Murrumbidgee”, way before his time that man of “Salvation Jane” fame he was just a couple of rivers away from Babylon himself.
How about “Cyclone Mike” moving into cloud the electorate, upgraded too, from a depression to move onto land and play Hockey what a change in the wither and dither. This Weather Man moving in with a storm, spins me out, measuring “X” on the “rector” scale or what, need more than Colonel Peter Crossgrove to manage this fall out.
On the blog I mention OD and EVIL, and then the theatre connection started to form.
You can’t tell me that we have not got a cast here for the Wizard of Oz and today in the telegraph they even referred to Sydney as the Emerald city.
From the Ducks view it has turned into a really sad real live drama.
What with the Miners playing “tin man”, Johnnie the crying Lion with a splinter in his foot. Dorothy and the Scare Crow all “Following the yellow brick road”. To the APEAC conference in their Ned Kelly jackets (according to an idea in Fitz's files) as we shut down Sydney for their dance through the city to see the Wizards of Oz. The wonderful wizard of Oz, maybe the PM is considering he could need a new home loan, well that would make some sense of a trip to Wizard.
Laughable, but real, that makes it even more frightening.

So war minded are they we are closing mobile phone systems down in a 1k perimeter for their safety, they must be terrified but not alarmed of course no, no nasty text messages or ugly phone calls. Why Johnnie goes out side his house all by himself each morning for a limp around the block and he never gets assaulted or hurt.

What decent civil person would hurt a lame half deaf man any way. Other than GW Bush.

Of course John Howard can and he continues to do such by his neglect with the Australian aboriginals and he neglect their children’s too as prime minister, because they in his mind do not contribute to his HOLY economy. Did you see that piece about Linda Burney being cast as flora and fauna for the first years of her life.
Wouldn’t be so funny if wasn’t true Folks.
As a civilization this predatory mentality of economic domination has been forever destined to collapse and consume itself and the opposition, of course the aggressor knows and expects to fight forever. The cold wars over and over.

Philosophically I imagine one could agree and say there is nothing wrong with constantly driving enthusiastic competition to bring forth new and progressive methods, ways, inventions and I do agree with this natural evolutionary process, however, in nature that happens by natural selection over time and there is a significant amount of rather conclusive evidence that man arrived here today from the fish and snake and the Christians are resisting the possibility of OD not having a major role in their intelligent cognitive filled belief which uses an external Divine intervention to fill their pain and emptiness.
Our Christian indoctrination is so heavy that we are terrified we will be immediately atomise and condemned to hell if we even consider that OD didn’t do the trick in 7 days. Man that is so bloody sad when innocent people are deliberately led to war by Pied Pipers like GW Bush and even worse when these otherwise decent but gullible fear filled souls actually believe lasting peace maybe achieved by killing, traumatising and wounding whole nations of men women and children.
However, the intrinsic values of our world are emotional. Some experience the binding cellular loving sense experienced within the being as pleasant or unpleasant, “warm fuzzies or prickles”. We feel these things most when we are with loved ones, or when loved or little ones are hurt or threatened in any way.

NO AMOUNT OF MONEY or material accumulation can suffice or interfere with this primal connection when body and mind remain connected in genuine humane limbic sensitive relationship.
However, when man becomes so obsessed with his ‘mental self’ the cognitive brain, that all his time is occupied there he just denies his emotions and as we have sped in the future for the past 50 years trying to keep up, supply, consume, repay and also impress those around and before us, our repetitive actions and behaviour became habitual and we forgot about the body of man, individually and collectively.

We have continueed to abused ourselves, others, the world and the universe by numbing our emotional senses with excessive consumption, alcohol, sex, drugs, and general cognitive arrogance of self, perpetrated under the predatorial guise of competition whilst fearfully collecting, jealously guarding to hold and bank material stashes for retirement.

With this endless chain of competition one ultimately ends up challenging his friends and then himself and so PM. Howard is a classic model of this reality. Accept he allowed his fear to dominat his judgement and he lost his way by believing the economy was more important than humanity. Humpty Dumpty, the King has no clothes…. He took our forces to war against the wishes of the people, that should never happened, and he claims he has no regret about that decision. Sorry John please turn off the lights as you leave.

Remember also, how he refused to say sorry to the stolen generation, how arrogant was that, to deny an apology to the people who had live on and from this land for they say 40,000 years and we have arrive at place of real international concern in just what, 10.000 years, bring that forward if you will to the 1850’s and the industrial revolution, or even to 1900 factories and agricultural machinery, steam engines, motor vehicles and tractors etc. So a litte over 100 years and whammo we gone, lost the farm.

There is absolutely no doubt that we as a community gave accepted the reality of our predicament and have actually “Gone About” during the past 6 months, the progressing changes, and developments are looking very positive as thousands of new businesses join in the wake of this new enterprise sailing to clear open uncharted waters, the adventure has us almost back in the Argonaut as we search once more for that golden fleece of sustainability.
Here is the evidence that we need to understand. Not unlike the tobacco, and asbestos industries who denied their culpability for years, here we see a rather balanced collection of programs showing the sun down of oil and givings us detailed opportunity to ressurect our way.

Now please get on the blog and have your say so we can help spread the word of the great opportunities on the loom and release us all from the shackles of the narrow mind of economic focus based on the paralising shackles and modern day slavery of credit.

Thanks all Folks.
Love and Blessings as always phduck

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