Thursday, 29 November 2007




The following article By Charles Miranda is published todays in the Daily Telegraph

THE war in Iraq was based on a lie pushed by politicians manipulating the grief of the 9/11 terror attacks and a more discerning public had punished outgoing-Prime Minister John Howard.

That's the view of screen legend Dustin Hoffman who said yesterday he was still incensed when he read about the war and how it was justified to a trusting audience by governments and spin doctors.
And he was also critical of screenwriters and film studios for romanticising war and numbing the public to its consequences.
In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Hoffman conceded he knew little about Australian politics and even less about Mr Howard but understood he had been the last member of George Bush and the Iraq War's "coalition of the willing" still standing.
"He suffered the same fate as the dude in Great Britain," Hoffman said of Mr Howard's defeat in the polls, likening him to an unpopular Tony Blair, who stood down as PM earlier this year.
The 70-year-old Oscar-winner said he was no political activist like George Clooney but in the past two years he had had more time to become more broadly aware of world events.
He recalled speaking about the war in Iraq at a film festival, where he declared he was not anti-American but anti the current US administration's point of view.
"I said I would speak because I had a strong feeling," he said.
"I am an American, I was born and raised as an American and I've been on the planet for 70 years but I've never had such strong feelings about my country as I do now - ever - even in Vietnam, where that war was a fraud.
"We were lied to in Vietnam, we know that now and the weapons of mass destruction (in Iraq), they didn't exist, we were lied to, it was a lie."
He said with technology, war had become more perversely an abstraction.
"Please fellow actors, please fellow directors, please studios, please writers, please people who make video games, stop because you are romanticising violence, you are making it more and more acceptable," he said.
"They won't. But, yes, I have strong views."
Hoffman is in London promoting his children's movie Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.


From this Ducks point of view I see this call by Dustin as further evidence and vindication to the progressive invasion of our senses by multiple levels of abusive indoctrination which must now bring to conscious awareness our horror towards the rise of violence in our homes, schools, pubs, suburbs, communities, businesses, corporations states, nation governments, preemptive war aggressors and ultimately life on earth.

That old Fabian expression about the inevitability of gradualism has taken Earth and all life forms to the brink.


In this state of chaos we will see swirling energy in many forces jockeying and regrouping as life takes on its dance to freedom from the constriction of political physical, and psychological suffocation in the hands of irrational economic predatory growth for growth sake whilst services, quality and sincerity was placed by the quick buck as the corporate take overs "SHARK" up at each other and the bean counters make their numbers look 'smarter' by doing away with another 4000 or 10,000 menial jobs and declare their business to be efficient, amidst the PAST pm's belief that we had full employment as workers scavenged at piece work, hours here, hours there, at 3 and 4 "little jobs" to pay their rent. Yes "Little jobs" like number 2s.
So the nation voted and so too will the world veto this move to open waters as the world changes tack and "GOES ABOUT".


Let the Earth breath. Let the earth breathe. Let the earth breathe.
COME FLOAT AT THE POND take some wise Counsel to help do your work and find the still waters within your soul
That's all Folks
Love and Blessings as always phd

Wednesday, 28 November 2007


I was asked by a former work colleague to report on a scale of 1 to 10 how I really felt about the Australian Federal election result. Well, for one, he of all people should have known better than to ask me for a numeric answer. So I responded by saying.

How many tens are there in DELIGHTED?

De- lighted because the national electorate rejected the right winged jack booted assault inflicted over the national psyche by the delinquency of imbalanced power, power based in economic rationalistic numbers, numbers of “Acey Ducy”” over living nature, nurture, humanity and earth.
Such deranged dehumanized economic based belief was rising to a point of seriously threatening the entire ecosystem of all life on the planet.
Unfortunately the Wesley Mission Gambling Counselling Service replica which we had studied and she is still part of was/is identical to the major ‘system of the National governance. The smaller cellular models of management replicated from the head “Chirring” right wing, fundamental Christian, delinquency being duplicated in blind faith by the following committees and former structures of management under his throne and kingdom right down the line.

As welfare workers we were disgusted and shocked when the head man mailed us seeking our prayers for George Bush to be elected. Then his support for the war which was totally incomprehensible grand lunacy from one leading a welfare organ “I”- sation.
By his systemic self promoted graduation this deranged man moved up the power chain to State politics where he joined a crew of like mentality. Regardless of political persuasion politicians of recent past generation have in general all been ‘schooled’ in thought control, for some over a period of 33 years.

Here most participants were under the influence and rackets playing the “team” game of political tennis under the faithfully blinded eyes of a federal umpire supposedly supervising play from his grand standing Canberra throne from where he personally refused to be challenged on any decision as his mind and attention was completely absorbed employing “Tail of a dog” tactics all about an American political mind distorting movie where the world is taken to war from a TV studio as a modern day electioneering technique.
All simply too true, see the movie please, if they are still on the shelves. So this fundamental trance grew to encompassed our overall society which osmotically began to act and play the game accordingly, trance fixed as they ignored humanity and went for economic growth.

Fortunately the organ of this “I” sense sation of systemic ill logic consciousness has naturally run aground as it must in parallel with the Liberal party and the former National psychic and the institutional delusion they had created with the symbolic “golden calf” of personal, community, state and federal economic imprisonment by extending the pacifying dummy of credit, disguise in the trance as a fun-der-mental called wealth as against HEALTH.

Here I say fortunately because some of the survivors will recover to sail again, had we not seen the rocks approaching, which could have well occurred if the tide of credit and electoral hand outs continued to rise.
In such a case we may have passed over that electoral rock of the day and been compulsorily “SUCKED IN” and swallowed up by a cavernous whirlpool of suffocating suppression, and toxic denial as was the indicator with the drive for nuclear sales and the “Muckaty Station” waste dump in the hands of Halliburton KBR and their 50 year lease back on the Darwin to Alice springs freight line. See blog

Fortunately in this latest scenario as was modeled many many years ago by Pharaoh soldiers and tax collectors when perusing Moses and his people through the Red sea of consciousness after Moses raised the serpent in the wilderness to remind the people that they may have an everlasting balanced renewable life in their children.
Fortunately Kevin Rudd took the challenge with his new Leader ship led the people across that same ‘see sea rider’ of consciousness whilst Pharaoh’s soldiers were swallowed up defeated and left to lie dormant for 2500 years or more, not quite sure of these dates. The model is quite consistent however. The Liberal party might understand this story given time to recover their breath, men and children overboard and rebuild their Ark for the covenant.

AGRESSIVE, PREDATOR mentality faithfully Lauded (Lorded) over the lambs as they were led to their slaughter.


Those of use who have a mind of our own and use it, were most fortunate to be given the opportunity to “I-land hop” into our own precious life raft before the Mother vessel was swallowed up and shattered in the turbulence of the rising tide. On so many occasions our calls in response to the Clarion’s Global warning and erratic management were not welcome, or received, rather they were diminished in disregard subsequently we were further abused for a lack of discipline and respect to authority, abused, with attempted humiliation, denigrated, dispensed as waste.

Actually as I write I realise just how hurt I was and how disappointed and life threatening the entire scenario became, now, in reflection over the journey hind sight exposes possible reasons of the collapse actually exposing, in the personal sense of my sheer relief, relief to just how traumatised and desensitized by my holding on which had become numbing along with the greater society.
In reflection we see how negatively driven and totally influenced we have been over the past 2000 years as we faithfully were encouraged to hold onto the crucifixion imagine by dreaming and hungering for connection and touch to be gained in a spiritual resurrection, a resurrection of lost self confidence due to the confusion social leadership had deliberately engaged in and manipulated to over rule our natural sense of balance.
Repeatedly we loose our way and allow ourselves to be led astray, hood winked to be slaughtered and wounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Worse still in need of sustenance we actually were denied the right to free speech a fundamental tenant of democracy. The APEC lock out was the final straw and was sent up brilliantly by the Chasers TV comics.
Those dark droning helicopter skies of the APEC lock down for george Bush and co was laughable and in the extreme of democratic abuse where the civilians of a free society were to be so threatened, unwelcome, denied vittles, free pass and then to be silenced and completely restrained FOR OUR safety. Oh Yeah! Symbolically and factually we were locked out of our the body of our own society.

The lesson has been written and recorded for many generations to read and understand. However to our peril we continue to make the carnal mistake of surrendering to our really basic human desires to maintain the seeds of life, populate or perish, comes the Catholic cry. Consequently sincer "the pill" liberated sexuality and us being an organic living species with a natural fertile desire we now shag, drug and binge, shop endlessly and spend our selves stupid, time after time, without the necessary discipline or committment to support families, so women are beginning to take on more deliberate single Mothering responsibilities, now we need to reconsider our values as human beings, parents, partners so that future generation will avoid the pit fall of the past generations after civilization after civilization right back to Adam and Eve’s apple tree where in older times they wrote, as it was in beginning so shall it be in the end.

So a new era of the apple has begun in this water conscious age of Aquarius as we follow the mythical astrological era of Pisces the Fish, interestingly our blog features this time as being when the fish discovers water as the last thing as we do just as it has been in this opportune time of drought when we do take greater interest in water the essential component for a healthy hydrated being, society and earth.

Fortunately as I recorded in yesterdays blog our belief has been nationally vindicated on a grand scale for now and as the sins of the fathers are passed down for many generations Kevin and Therese Rudd with their sophisticated Asian Taoist cultural understanding of humanity know that we might begin by opening the minds of the nation’s children, by providing computer access to a boarder band of cultures at their school desk and also take immediate care for those older children who had previously “fallen through the cracks” of that leaking ship before it slammed into the rocky shore.

Caring for unemployed was Therese’ intuitive created private business foundation and personal success which she brings to the national marriage of our people with new leadership and expanding harmonious international relationships.
Those disenfranchised wounded children of humanity seeking refuge and time out, those people who John Howard and the poker machine robbing corporate identities of face less businesses and tax collectors have repeatedly refused to acknowledge by insisting they should work harder and longer and make more bricks without straw are the first people the Prime Minister is embracing to bring them back into the loving fold and care of the nations alms.

So how happy am I in a scale of 10.
Well 1 is a beginning and 0 is the end so I would say 1 because we have just got so much loving to do and as I awoke this morning the word “I am longing for your touch “ were singing in my mind.
Blessings to all, I trust these view encourage you to continue doing the wonderful work you do, in writing this I certainly recognise the discretion and restraint those of you have shown over the years to remain on board that vessel amidst the filth and stench of the toxic disillusioned, consciously struggling victimized strata of management.
I was too impatient, not so wise, humble or sufficiently tolerant. I saw them as being party of the obstructive self interested merchants in my Fathers House and I really do feel justified and ok about tipping a few tables over and routing some of those money changers and striking the rest, we had to start somewhere, they had gone too far and in the blindness of their trance they were attacking their own, as do distempered and rabies effected dogs.

Maybe one day when Kevin, Therese and Senator X need a hand to clean out the pokies and support the gamblers who have fallen victim to their destructive influential powers you and I could be of some assistance, as with our experience we really do know what needs doing and have the courage to implement the the remedy.

For me it’s all about love, even tough love sometimes, but nothing more than love through compassion and understanding, of course we might have to engage a few Duck Mobiles and other tricks to help us generate enough safety for them to let us into the waters of their soul.
However friends we do know what ever we did was really good for some people, for those who were not too badly wounded or destroyed by social neglect, abandonment and misunderstanding and thrown onto the streets to rot and scavenge whilst man flies to the moon or build more casinos whilst our hospitals prisons over flow .

All so wonderfully exhibited by the Choir of Hard Knocks.

When we get knocked around one becomes more sensitive and humbled and that choir touches everyone’s heart, yes we are touched by the emotional recognition of our own pain.
One of my greatest teachers Sathya Sai Baba told me that to reveal the full luster a diamond must be cut on many faces so there is hope for John Howard, George Bush one day and me too I pray.
Have a wonder filled life there is no end and according to His Holiness the Dalai Lama the trick is to stay happy, laugh often and laugh loud and be "juiced up" on your own endorphins.
That's all Folks back on the Pond for this Duck
Love and Blessings to all phd

Monday, 26 November 2007

Tao is simply the way and order of the Universe.

PRIME MINISTER KEVIN 07, 07, 07,07,07,07,07, 707's air crafted specialist.

Lao Tsu taught that the wisest approach was a way of ‘non-action’ ("Wuwei"or "wu wei") – not inaction but rather a harmonisation of one’s personal will with the natural harmony and justice of Nature.

‘The World is ruled by letting things take their natural course. It cannot be ruled by going against nature or arrogance.’ (Tao Te Ching; Verse 48).
It also means that the individual should do things natural to tao and appropriate to do in his circumstances, thus serving as an instrument of the Law rather than doing the things as individuals.

That is why no one should take any credit for things done.
Nature is stabilized by order, and humans along with all other natural phenomena exist within nature.
Attempting to force one's own path is arrogant, futile and self-destructive.

It should be noted that in Taoism the complemental part of "non-action" ("Wu wei") is "non-left-undone" ("Wu bu wei"). Taoism should be viewed as advocating the harmonization of "passivity" and "activity/creativity" instead of just being passive. In other words through stillness and receptivity natural intuition guides us in knowing when to act and when not to act.

Welcome to new open waters of Tao politics as we cleanse the National psyche of the toxic pollution retained from the past 12 years or more of delinquent neglect, drought, pestilence and erosion in the psychic winds of Australia's political history which has run amok during an irrational period and crazy relaxation of international credit extension lost in disguise within a contrived resources boom as China opens once more its doors to consume all resources available internationally.
Yes, there has been a boom and for ever boom there is a bust. The right mind of liberal politics sure knows what that feels like as their ship has been run aground by a "psychically blind" captain to now become a scuttled abandoned relic, in need of a complete re built to then be re floated in opposition.
All will balance again, in time, that is when the barnacles of arrogance's, bad habits, pirates and egotistical gangsters are removed from its crew.
Fortunately we have returned to sustainable balanced mentality out of the threatening storms and into the hands of balanced grace, learned through old wise counsel from ancient social wisdom to now join the world in genteel love and sustainable unity with the vitality, brilliance, fearless creativity and enthusiasm of a modern expressive youth, along with the support of national unity.

It is really great to be Back on the Pond now after a necessary sabbatical in dedicated prayerful silence whilst nature took its course and rebalanced Australian consciousness from the irrational single minded perception and illusion for national health force fed through economic success by the former self appointed lame bodied and lame minded dictator and now demised, admonished and destroyed leader of the national parliament right wing.
Our symbolic Duck is a WONDER FILLED reference for sustainability and balance of all life, the Duck's survival over time is self evident of the essential need for two wings of consciousness for safe and sustained survival.
So, if one becomes lame in wing, foot or ear it is very easy to get out of step, not hear or misunderstand the voice of the flock and soon the lame fall in easy prey, some even get "out foxed".
Within this mythic symbolism there is great value to be had for our national psyche and natural cultural inheritance in the long term so future generations may avoid revisiting the pain, discomfort and gloom from past methods which have failed dismally to become legends in history's inquisition. We shall not be allowed to forget and the records will hold as evidence to such dangerous precedent at the law of natural balance.
In time nature will always survive, because It Is The Law of Nature.


By overseeing these issues any Pondering Ducks could see critical issues repeatedly denied and dismissed so they just had to go:

1. Refused to accept the findings of the stolen generation and the invasion of Australia, there was no sign of remorse or focused intent for reconciliation.
2. Refused to accept and ignored the world’s recognition of Global overheating or to enter into the Kyoto agreement action for climate change..
3. Sent our troops to Iraq against the peoples wish.
4. Attacked the individuals rights in the work place .
5. Gunns paper Mill in Tasmania also showed us how big corporate business and corrupt politics can influence a nation.
6. He seriously threatened or at least attempted to pollute the consciousness and National psyche with fear and terror. Fear and terror. Fear and terror from behind a distorted screen of USA Christianity.

There were numerous other issues such as the disgusting business practices and attempts to cover up the Australian Wheat board scandal with the board now fallen prey to the greater powers of "corporate gunsters" whilst drought ridden Australian wheat growers and primary producers continued to be misled and powdered further into the stubble and dust of their unsustainable, chemical driven agricultural practices.
The Telstra give away and with super extra ordinary hand shake payments to "Doctor Ziggy Zaggy" who the was commissioned to write a another bulk payment for himself in favour of replacing coal mining with nuclear reactors and the waste dump in the Northern Territory whilst Mal Brough got lopped for interfering with sacred sites and aboriginal matters that this Duck does not even fly over.

Our new national leader Kevin Rudd is a wiser, diplomatic, naturally balanced man who has reignited consciousness of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and also in the overall national psyche in no uncertain terms to admonish and annihilated the factious and disassociated rationalists who egotistically and arrogantly held a right minded tack. and ran aground by ignoring all the warning bells “TO GO ABOUT”:


As with the ancient symbolic significance in the FLOATING lotus flower we are now experiencing the wonderful fragrance to clear the senses providing relief as also open in consciousness to experience a more holistic, emotionally balanced, caring and sustainable attitude to our wonderful society and the earth in which we all share our lives as the vessel Australia is steered in a new direction by Kevin Rudd at the helm.
Kevin 07 sure must also represent the ph balance of being neutral when it comes to the chemical scale between acidity and alkalinity, more good signs of his fertile mind and nature.

That's all Folks I'm out of here gotta Duck off and do my bit to look after a couple of Rats who are paddling their kayak Across the Ditch to New Zealand to deliver the good news to Helen Clarke.

Saturday, 22 September 2007


Sustaining a mindful watch on issues of National community significance sees national benefactor and trigger of consciousness Dick Smith stepping up to the mark once again as he locks into the deal to protect Tasmania's ancient exploration site into the Southern Antarctic by a French expedition in 1790.

At the same time Dick Smith and his son in law were intending to develop an Eco tourism lodge at Crescent Bay near Port Arthur and in some peculiar quirk of fate the development has been scuttled by powers that be bringing into doubt and generating conflict which may see this opportunity for a very sensible sustainable development lost to the region even though there was substantial initial support for the project.
So society become divided and very confused as they wonder just how in the name of sustainability could the encumbered Federal Minister for water and the environment even consider approving the monstrous destructive polluting mill in which this former merchant banker who seems influenced by a highly suspicious State Government its premier and the minister's banking friends are prepared to finance the mill for the glory of this totally insensitive logging company Gunns which holds its people in a hypnotic short narrow sighted "trance of employment" for the immediate fix of a "jack pot snort" because that is the easiest way to strip the people, keep them under control, "remember divide and rule." and tax them till they have spent their wages.
Adoption of power to rule:
Divide and rule:
This is the crux and pin point at the very lack of morality and ethics which continue to be eroded daily, tolerated for misdirection by the deliberate manipulation of "immature boy power" by the unfaced heads, those accountable financial dominating powers behind and propelling this corporate ignorance where so many incredibly important matters are being over ridden simultaneously as the electorate are being deliberately divided in a sinister attempt to hold power by these urchin faced gentlemen fools of commerce, smirking in their suits. "Suits" who believe their achievement of wealth makes them worthy of their self appointed right to rule all men by the hand of finance, guns,and licenced bombs of alcohol, drugs and gambling. Let these dark room practices be bought into the light to wash off these stains of debilitating laziness which society has become unwittingly dependent upon in a false belief that they were escaping from burdens of accumulated social trauma.
Dinkum Aussies like Dick Smith Paul Harrigan and their kind who know and unashamedly show that it does not make them worthy or grant them rights to ignore the overall sensitivity of mankind just because they can make their fortunes without consciousness, in total disregard to organic, natural, social sustainability from the luck of ill gotten gains by them playing tricky steps, dummies, shoves and passes of banking, uranium, gold, mining, alcohol, poker machines, lotto, or trading in agriculture commodities at the expense of the land, the nations children, its people and its elders.

Here is a model for sustainable being presented by Peter Holmes a Court and Russell Crowe in their drive to expose one of the most wicked and destructive tools of social demise in poker machine, the support for these scientific gadgets of human emotional illusion are as evil and short sighted as those who support such self benefiting rewards as uranium sales and wood chips or ignore global warming.

We all need to be mindful to the sensitivity of the earth and ourselves as mankind continues to expand in population and finding ways and means to sensitively live with and on this land in a complimentary manner, what appears to be cleared farm land could surely be converted back to a sensitive Eco tourist lodge with greater benefits than having the land constantly affected by questionable agricultural practices of its former use.
Relating Dick Smith's proposal to progress a sustainable development in this Port Arthur region to the social progression of a boy to manhood let us make an interesting analogical and comparable observation to sport and social behavioural development.
Now in this land of Australia and through out the world football, cricket and many sporting and entertaining events are promoted, funded and sponsored by big budget alcohol and finance promotion.

Mean time young sports champions, the "big gun star performing boys" fall prey under such erratically influenced social "break out" behaviour from the very stressful constraints of being heroes in the eye of the public because football or cricket is "what they do well" at that immature age before they become men.

Some boys simply never make manhood, at any age, even though they make their way into corporate heads and politics.

We leave you with Barry Humphries character of Sir Les Patterson as the perfect model closely followed by the magic of Matthew Johns' Reggie Reagan "bringing back the biff".

Simply because their sexuality is functional certainly does not serve as a right of passage to mature development and responsibility and the alter ego's of Sir Les and Reg sure do a great job of relating this grog dribbling scrotum rubbing character who is always ready for a bit of "slap and dribble"

Let this amazing Sir Les the repugnant and brilliant, character of Barry Humphries entertain you for a moment so we might link the champion to some cultural aspirations and personal inner contradiction with the sensitivities evoked by these artisans of theatre sports.

When all is said and done are we not all players in this game of life.
If we are able to see things from both sides then we are able to check if we are locked onto the mental image of a RABBIT OR A DUCK.

A Mat or a Reg or a Les or a Barry. Or a sustainable sensible development where we all may benefit from the challenge of change.
After all "if we change the way we look at things the things we look at change".

So lets all begin to "GO ABOUT" this change of attitude together with a sustainable and open mind attitude.
That's all Folks back to the pond.
Love and Blessings to all phDuck

Thursday, 20 September 2007


Peter Holmes A Court has most definitely sent out a challenge to the Clubs and Pubs. In an ABC radio interview with Len Ainsworth the 80+ year old major stake holder of Aristocrat poker machines he said "that he has never gambled because he is just too mean to waste his money".

Be prepared for the tired old arguments about not being able to support junior and community participation with those self serving, self flagellating statements from the braggarts and sprukers from the Red and Blue Corners of Clubs Pubs and AHA lobbyists.
Please remember we once had football and cricket without sponsorship at all, then we actually managed to wean our selves from cigarette and tobacco sponsorship, only to fall prey to alcohol and gambling. There are other sponsors eager to move into this highly lucrative community sporting and social collective area to promote their wares.

Now in the neutral corner we see Reverend Tim Costello, brother of the aspiring Prime Minister Peter Costello continuing to lend his experience, knowledge and community respect to the anti gambling argument.

Just as the clubs and pubs have their lobbyists so too do the political parties have a conflict of interest in accepting massive contributions from the pro gambling lobby, and

I find this article by Miranda Divine rather interesting as one of these double handed players of our modern world blindly plays his hand to grab power whilst Peter brother, Rev Tim Costello and Peter Holmes A Court and Russell Crowe and Kevin Rudd all agree that we need a better attitude to our community and the welfare of civilisation by beginning to offer the local community some alternative entertainment and a change of taxation dependency.
Mean time other big end players with their eye focused as they gamble on the jack pot of big money as tey juggle, jostle,slaughter, dismiss and manipulate the lives and well being of their fellows in the big poker machine of national and international politics. Once more we bring to attention the systemic identity of the macro and micro perspectives of gambling.

This really does make me wonder just what depth some of these pretensive manipulators will resort to to get their hands on power and money.
It's the God Father all over, but in real time down town Federal electorate of Wentworth.

Well I will not support such manipulative intent nor the devious clandestine, twisted mouth behaviour and I sincerely believe that honesty, decency, truth, and commitment will lead us out of the claw of these desperate power grabbing weaklings and onto to a sustainable and renewable future.
Glory to South Sydney, and many thanks to Peter HAC and Russell Crowe for bringing the truth about gambling out into the light of day.
That's it Folks back to the Pond for me
Love and Blessings to all phDuck.


Sustaining their mindful reformation Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court are certainly showing the way to community responsibility when it comes to gambling.

Now aspiring Prime Minister Peter Costello has lent his support to this audacious move and considering Mr Costello made the accusation of state governments being addicted to gambling income some time ago one can possibly see the reasons why the prime minister won't take his foot off Peter Costello's throat.
I have wondered for some time now how Peter could be so cold, calculating, contained and hard when his brother Tim was such an open generous compassionate man, generally members of one family, of one Mother who have had relatively ok lives have deep and similar limbic system development connecting them from their early fostering so maybe treasure Costello is beginning to be seen in a better light by the community as Peter Nicholson so beautifully illustrates with this latest rubbery figure.
Need less to say Peter Holmes a Court (HAC) to his South Sydney crew and Russell Crowe have certainly placed the cat amongst the pigeons and subsequently rattled the cages in Macquarie street and amongst other Rum running foot soldiers of the AHA and Clubs little fold of "hands in their pockets" pretense responsibility.
As Gambling Counsellors we have been trying to make our way through this mire of lies and deceit for many years, so now to see these modern day Gladiators moving the goal posts of society for the better of fellow men is a monumental achievement worthy of great recognition in this challenging time of big business domination and Global warming denial.
The story is one and the same.Abusive domination by politics of oil or abuse from the profiting of gambling and alcoholic profiteering. The scale from microscopic to macroscopic systems reveal identical patterns of influence, of control, of denial, and of suffering and abuse at the soiled and bloodied hands of cowardly ignorance, greed, and deceit. Taken in the might and right of profit and manipulative suggestion of community benefits and employment. Lets destroy all the forests of the world thay are saying, and we will plant pine trees min their place, but all the micro flora and fauna are dead and destroyed.

Blessings to Russell and Peter and all who are ready to cross the floor, we are "GOING ABOUT" and there is no limit to the Glory of South Sydney or any individual who is prepared to live, breath and sleep with a clear conscious.
Wow! now this type of courage and leadership has me punching the air and we know deep within our heart and every tingling cells of our very being that this new direction will lead us into open safe waters and psychological release of imprisonment from the political cowards and perpetrators of vice, crime and organised domination.

Such grand behaviour is evidence of sustainability on the move. Fine, gentle, slow, quiet, yet itself earth shattering, organic driven fine strength, growth from the essence of life driving forth from the battery of the pavement just as we see that green movement of life as plant makes its way thought the jungles of concrete foot paths so too will South Sydney regain its former glory and show the way.
Who would have expected this from the humble old Rabbithos other than two wonderful leaders of society.
Bless them and Thank them, and remember Doctor Martin Luther Kings Dream or that Nelson Mandela was locked away for 27 years but never lost his spirit to liberate South African apartheid, Gandhi led India from the oppressive powers of British domination, and similarly Princess Diana will never die from the minds and hearts of mankind.
These people ask for nothing more than permission to try to seek acceptance and gain respect, love and appreciation and become great through love compassion and understanding.
That's all Folks
Back to the Pond for me
Love and Blessings phDuck

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Sustaining the pressure to maintain a liberal community at the centre of Australian politics sure has brought forward the "struggling" latent environmental talents of a species when threatened, in the primitive unconscious oragnicity of events the impulse perceives threats to some ancient recollection of survival a potential danger of being "shut out" abandoned to perishing dismissal as human waste.
Could this be hells birth place?
Striving for life and paralised for individual creativity by obscessive material excellence the fearfilled so believe they must remain competitive by locking out and defeating any opposition with what ever tactics they have at their immediate disposal to avoid death in this round of their life.
Just as the spermatozoa swims single mindedly to the wanton cell egg these clamouring bucks head out along that rifles tube to be jettisoned into open space of this foreign unexplored universal dark cylindrical tube, unfamiliar territory to negotiate whilst maintaining that near geotrophic inclination to proceed swimming, swimming for life in the event that conception at race completion will supersede death.

Similarly imagine if you can the start of a major City to surf race where thousands of would be competitors are set off simultaneously. The jockeying, pushing, holding back, scratching punching, tripping, stalking, intimidating, blocking, jumping over, knotting up,Summer saulting, twisting , disguised, piking, and doubling flipping with twists would all be boiling in this mass of energetic jockeying as the competitors gained space to step out to full unimpeded strokes for even gait.
In summary, the vast majority of ejaculated sperm are lost at various points between the cervix and oviduct.

A few exhausted semifinalists make it to the site of fertilization. Of those, of course, there can be only one "winner" for each egg. Without meaning to, John Wayne provided a good synopsis of the life a sperm. "Life is tough and then you die".

So now in these days of Requiem we watch as the exhausted begin to fall by the way side and the young buck begin to make their primal spurt at the line after travelling comfortable in the broken waters of the leader who soon will be seen to peel away from the lead and take his relegated position on the wings.
as birds fly in a V to help conserve their energy during migrations. With the exception of the individual leading the group, each bird trailing behind the other benefits from a reduction in wind resistance. The birds are deliberating tailgating each other; it's the concept of “drafting,” best known to those gutsy people who drive close behind semis on the freeway to stay out of the wind and boost their fuel efficiency.

This formation has been well and truly played by the leading birds of Australian politics during the past 11 years and now as the migration approaches the end of its journey we are observing the final moments as the "young cocks" attempt to strike their final blow and rupture that "egg of the ballot box" as they break free in Jonathan Livingston seagull fashion.

So what do we see happening when these 'birds' have been grounded for life and replaced their feathers and quills for suits and computers the same old same old circular pattern. Except this group of Jonathan's who are making a run for the line are carrying nuclear batons.
That's is alarming and we should be sending out a red alert.

"My goodness me of course I don't want to take the lead or push myself forward"
"John Howard was definitely the best man to lead us here" (watch our mouth!)
That's all Folks back to the Pond
Love and Blessings to all phDuck

Sunday, 9 September 2007


Sustaining loving international relations has always left room for the cynical artisans to play their wares and wit and such a big event as APEC which does not mean Australian Police Eat Curry even though they would have been given the warm end of the rifle by their infuriated Commissioner who pretty well lost self control as he wrote comedian Dave Hughes next script "I'M ANGRY"

whilst telling the world he was angry at the larrikin Chasers for bruising his highly sensitive ego when they ran a "make do" Canadian envoy with motor bike escorts to deliver Bin Laden to George Dubbya at the Sydney Inter Continental.
Hey folks not only did the good commissioner get mad because his bully boys missed the Chaser they also missed the highly unarmed motorcyclists who headed the envoy. Now is it any wonder that we cannot find Bil Laden.
So Bin if you are out there or any one reading this reading this blog please call the angry Commissioner and tell him just where you hid the motor bikes and their riders, this is a matter of state and national commissioners INsecurity and must be addressed with the greatest urrrrrgengy. But we think we know who you are so come forward and avoid the Chasers exposing you too.
Last night whilst the Aussies were converting tries at the World Cup I decided to write a bit of a parody on APEC so here we go.


Gidday, my fellow Australians
Johnnies got a Driza bone
He's given Georgie one too, (maybe three or more,)
But this cheesy little Christian dick won’t be tellin’ truth that’s for sure.

Not too sure about Janet I think I saw her Pandering with Shirleys Dooner
She paraded her possum with the ladies and did some dancing tricks, t’was fun
Other protesters of the day wrote it on their bum
New commissioner "Scar Face" well, he just had no fun.
Whilst thousands of coppers lost their dough on equine diseased ponies
The wicked team of Chaser filled in by offering phonies.

Can’t forget that bull turned Malcolm sitting in his shade
We never saw his head at all, through out the who charade
Seems he’s more than worried about keeping his federal seat
With our popular mayor of Waverley turning up the heat.
Being blood related to more of the local kind the Mayor is doing all he can
To topple this liberal pony who sells his soul for uranium or any banking man.
As he hides behind the fence waiting to succeed
Liberal leader he will be, John, when your head falls off George’s lead.

Nothing would be better than to see this self appointed socialite
A would be “toff” of banks and social upper class,
Fall right off his own slimy face and land upon his uranium lovers’ arse.
Lawyer, banker, politician, Queen Counsel possibly by graft
Fools us not with his double tongued plum, or his witless snobbery class
He pretends he’s all so clever and environmentally wise,
Of course to him being prime minister is right within his eyes.
I wonder, Oh I wonder does Johnnie give you shivers.
As he give a job to Malcolm to nationalising our rivers.

With BHP and Rio Tinto busy signing big deals,
The Northern Territory Kooris’ are living with out meals.
Johnnie sent the army there to care for kids who need a hand
Never did he tell the truth this lying little man
It’s all about uranium, and a waste dump upon the freedom of their land
This calculating little flip has done the deals and signed them off
To Russia, India and now Iran.
Believe me folks he’s a conniving low life man.

Just because he’s lame and deaf is no reason to persist
The Kooris are not “whities”, they deserve to be heard, we insist.
Before he pushes them from their land so Yanks can fly their flag
What of land rights, justice, or some better reason why not to be shagged.

Should this unrepentant minister priming corporation’s greed
Ever in his wildest dream believe he will succeed.
Why these wise Kooris have held the land for 40,000 years
Do you ever think they won’t be heard before your time is done?
You better watch for “that dri aza bone“for you your time has truly come.

To close the deals and sell his lode he’s pushed APEC over the top.
And The Chaser did their very best to bust his top notch cop.
“I’m angry, very angry came the roar from “Scar Face” head
Whilst the world busted it’s gizzards, laughing so hard they pissed their bed.

href=",25199,32,00.html">Happy Global warming kiddies Russia has the Uranium
Whilst Indonesia has Russia's guns
Is it any wonder Aussie’s show Bush disgust just with their bums.

Thats all Folks
Love and Blessings to all and we give thanks that no one was severely wounded and we humbly acknowledge the commissioners discomfort.
Counsellor phDuck

Saturday, 8 September 2007


If only we could impart the wonderful teachings of the great free thinkers into our sustainable community so that expressions and actions of truth, love and justice became sincere for all living creatures as Albert nominated. the world would be in the safer state of mindful consciousness.

Expanding resistance builds in a balloon as we force more air inside its skin until the balloon becomes over inflated and explodes, rupturing its container. In a similar display of resistance the kites fly high during Bondi's Festival of the winds.
These kites climb the sky sheering the wind with the resistance held by the tether to be grounded back at the kite flyer.
As the flyer plays his wires the kite performs mid air aerobatics darting, diving swirling left and right in such a similar model to humanity being played by political forces pulling and pushing with law, commercialism, taxes, regulations and social control. Mean time Mothers' do the child nurturing and rearing,washing ironing, home cleaning, cooking and when they are lucky take nostalgic trips to the beach at Bondi for coffee. This universal patriarchal model is challenged within the emotional, spiritual, living element of all life forms and the earth itself, but not by the political mafia.
In the greater scale earth is only tethered by inter cosmic relationship of atomic oscillation on a scale of a super large kite with cosmic tethers.
Albert Einstein reminds us we are not separate but are part of the whole and we are all interrelated. All that is accept those counter political forces who choose to ignore the screams of their already over inflated cultures who are pleading with these men who are "Shooting the Global Breeze" to listen to the "children" inheriting their egotistical narrow minded folly of ignorance..
Kites in Ancient China

Kites have made their appearance over three thousand years ago, in China. All the right materials were found there, for it's making: Bamboo for the frame, and silk for the sail and bridle. It had a mythical and religious dimension. Later it was experimented as a science instrument for various researches. From China, the kite was reproduced throughout Asia, then later, in Europe, and now, in the modern age, in America, Australia and other countries.

Other forms of kites have developed over time and Australian cartoonist and Rubber Figures producer Peter Nicholson asked us to share this link to his latest APEC comedy kite.
This all starts to become rather laughable when we want to make some fun about "Shooting the Breeze", that great old expression for "hanging out or just having a chat" which really is a pretty good low key way to explain the Australian APEC sojourn where the big boys have flown big nuclear powered kites, economic kites, and Global warming kites whilst their partners, the women are separated from the men's Club 'Smoking Room' as if they were habitually sent out to do the dishes talk about good hair, fashion and shoes whilst they will get to see Bondi kites if they get their work done in time.
Thats all Folks back to the Pond
Love and Blessings to all phDuck


Albert Einstein left us many 'pearls of his wisdom' through out his amazing career.

In November 1972 he was quoted in the New York Post suggesting that man could do well by changing the way we look at things so that the things we look at may change when he said:

"A humane being is part of the whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space."
"He sees himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest."

"A kind of optical delusion of his consciousness."

"This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affections for a few people nearest to us."
"Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.
Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security."

Now seeing as Albert was one of the men with Oppenheimer who were responsible for splitting the atom which lead to nuclear bombs we should take on board his advice today as wise Counsel one would imagine.

One really does wonder if the recently instated Commissioner of New South Wales police who said he gets angry at Australian larrikanism,(Chasers) whilst the world laughs is the right man to be heading up the security forces when we so desperately need love, tolerance, compassion, intelligence and understanding in to days society which is being forced into nuclear energy on a gross scale whilst such men as this good Christian Commissioner we are told throws "tanties." of anger. It is so easy to see why violence may erupt when one's ego causes such disassociation of the commissioner's mind so readily when peace, humour and levity are exercised to demonstrate the concentration of toxicity in the minds of men of force.
That's all folks once more we send out our love and blessings for the safety of all during these very volatile days of the Australian APEC conference in Sydney,
phDuck is back on the Pond

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Sustaining pressure on the community of man raises the intensity of defence as we have stated previously,the pressure cooker is a classic example for community members who do not yet understand the collective psychology of the nation there is lots for them to yet understand that the sustained promotion of any product gives rise to increased social awareness in the market place. The coming election is a classic, and all things being equal, which isn't the normal way the Prime Minister likes to bowl, we could reasonably expect his uranium sales to be contested along with the nuclear waste dump he has snuck into the Northern Territory with the help of Haliburton KBR that other major friend a Us vice president Dick Cheney's military toy.
So this long running promotional campaign by the "supposed Coalition of the Willing" also generates an increase in the intensity of defences of the denied party for a gratification of its needs.

So the Chaser helps the Police by bringing their horse to school children's rally yesterday for a good old laugh and today Wednesday they set up a 'b;lack Maria convoy with police escorts to bring their Osama Bin Laden to see the American President on this blog from anABC report the response from a broad cross section across NSW absolutely loved what the Chaser war on Everything has done to put the "cat amongst the pigeons"

Love and Blessings to all for a clearing of consciousness in the age of Aquarius.

Thats All for this post back to the
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Sustaining our drive for community mindfulness to the organic needs for our inner children, our selves, our families, our earth and society generally is certainly foremost in to days APEC world of events. Here we would like to bring to attention these recent articles from a BBC health site which follow on very well from earlier posts telling of the effect of abuse and trauma on our society and how these habits and cultural behaviours are transferred across and over generations of unwitting traumatised souls.

In general, we all have at some time have disregard and unintentionally ignored these stimuli seeking attention for some ungratified need. If continually ignored, left indefinitely denied, we will eventually become totally desensitised to their call for attention.Effectively cutting ourselves off emotionally. This proceeds to further unintentional,unconscious disregard and with time we develop "socially" performed diversionary tactics such as binge drinking alcohol, spitting, scratching, squinting, gambling, smoking, drugging, shopping, sexing, working, golfing, meeting, coffee chatting, all hanging out behaviours with our mates and associates to avoid the discomfort or sense of loneliness which becomes apparent to consciousness when one is left alone with one self in some state of inactivity and the awareness begins to raise its attention seeking tentacles into consciousness. We may become agitated, fidgety, bored is the most common expression we hear in our Counselling work.

Relationships often link people together this way where two individuals believe they just have so much in common with each other they become amazed with each others common reality "I've found my soul mate" we often hear when in fact both parties have learned similar or common ways to manage their individual discomforts, so this "common bond" belief seems to pull them further into commitment until for some bizarre reason the train of events becomes bumpy. The Magnetic attraction now senses moments of repulsion the "going in the relationship gets tough" and they come to us ready to look at just why it is that they feel so hurt by the other persons actions or in actions.
Why things were just so good, "she was my rock and I was her rock, we were just so good together, now this........"

Thats all Folks Back to the Pond
Love and Blessings to all phDuck