Friday, 13 April 2007

Psychopaths II

Google Earth gives us a wonderful "BIG PICTURE modelling opportunity to over view the damage of socio-psychopathic derangement at all levels, attitudes and altitudes.

As a micro organism of the macrocosm man disappears completely when observed from a distance. In identical but reversed manner man also disappears into the study of his intention as we narrow the focus through the lens of a specialist's microscope. Both observers whilst intently focused on their intention looses sight of overall connection of reality to their place and the now that is.

At this end of the spectrum we also discover the unconscious self absorbed abusers who have lost focus with their outer world, there in that place a bizarre belief deludes the mind to adopt some authoritarian attitude towards those, who the observer sees only through their intensely focused expert, perspective that they, the 'expert' are high and mighty are granted, worthy and deserving of some privilege of professional status with a right to abuse and neglect their immediate world and the people in that environment.

The classic example is to be heard in the dentists surgery's where bullet like, abrasive, barks at their nurse, with their sharp, process obsessed, cutting and direct jargon, to ram their package of amalgam into the vacated space of a decayed tooth. Let's not pass the doctors and other academic PhD's who treat nurses and staff in such manner, with a scorching torch manner unintentionally but never the less inducing endless burnout, staff turn over and moral decay until only the desensitised remain to mop the floors in numbed or desperate tollerance, totally disconnected from any emotional sensitivity, devoid of any sign or mention of healing, nourishing, or gentle nurturing, least of all positive supportive encouragement to promote caring sensitivity.

I see in 2007 that this dysfunctional 'expert' infection has permeated the international psyche through out. National health and welfare system have given way to systemic models of abuse by modern day cowboys with their boots on the table, willy nilly spraying around bombs of disconnected medication to be silenced or starved by band aids of federal funding, vote acquiring politics disguised as care and human welfare.

Mean time in their frenzy accumulating what ever they believe necessary in their insatiable personal pursuit to fill their emotional vacuum within their soul with flatters of ego's glitter and loads of worthless false gold and emblemed status.

Its time for us now to all give a hand and become mindful of those parts around our world who are holding us together as a civilisation, as communities, we are after all complex, composite, inter connected fragments of one cellular species integrally connected on this universal cycle briefly known to us as a life time of three score years and ten, not even a heart beat by the universal clock.

Rod Mc. April 13 2007

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