Saturday, 14 April 2007

"Now Here is your change"


Hakomi Founder Ron Kurtz

We invite some benevolent provider to come our way to allow us to give the benefits of Hakomi therapy to the universe. That may sound as if I am ungrateful because in so many ways my partner and life cycle co pilot is already that benevolent provider to whom I am very grateful. However for my own excited and hopefully insatiable obsessive nature is demanding I share this gospel. I know Love needs no quenching. I just cannot get enough hugging, sharing, spiritual connections and experiencing the absolute loving electrically stimulating cellular joy experienced as I also move, join and heal honouring the relationships we develop and the generosity of self in each client’s experience of self discovery.
Conditioned now to sit with the daily messages I hear, see or witness in some way or form, without the need to defend, protect or explain myself from perceived danger or attachments leaves me in such a humble, self empowering place to willingly give myself to this service.
Former apparitions and volumes of personal abuse and neglect neglect have taken new meaning. Damnation of nature, political “con-damnation” and abuse is now mindfully touching humanity, exposing the unconscious resistance to the old materialistic orders, formerly guilt binding adulterous and deceitful behaviors’ can be just what ever they are, a relief to see the resistance being experienced. Right now I feel is the opportunity we have ached and campaigned and slaved for through out our life, for me so many parts were over charged for too long, so now “now here is my change”.
Now exposed for exactly what it has been, unconsciously and systemically transmitted to the world as some gluttonous all devouring dis-ease, a compulsive disease driven of fearful, a global experience of some primal, insatiable, traumatised insecurity, manifesting as an unconscious withholding, temporarily lost human potential.
Every wound of our past over consumption is now before us, in some form of inconsideration, abuse of man and earth which has led the world to the fragile moments we are experiencing in this delicately balanced transition with diminishing resources, rising temperatures, expanding waters, drought, climate change, de-forestation, continued mining and now the latest politically inspired corporate muzzle to our temples threatening to expose humanity to 20,000+ years of concentrated toxic waste from the riches of the mines of the minds of the rich and the poor.
We have treated our earth in identical manner to the way we have treated ourselves, with neglect, before the Hakomi therapy experience, of course there is a need for further therapy, deepening self awareness, however I sense an initial limbic cellular awareness rising in humanity to the reality of sustainability of our collective universe consciousness along with the body of man and man the individual.
So this begs a closing question, must we die to be satisfied or would we prefer to forgive, understand, heal and play?
I recommend the latter for man to be kind to each other. Many many generations have rotely mumbled for our trespasses to be forgiven and for me, its happening right now.

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