Thursday, 26 April 2007

Gather Snow Flakes


Welcome in or

Welcome Back, 'tis good to know your here.

Here is a note I wrote to a great young man who is just arriving into man hood in his 37 year just coming into manhood.

‘Twas good having that nice yarn with you the other days and to hear your hospital story and known that the Duck and the Rabbit of illusion are coming to an easier mind for you as you are exposed to the disassociated medicos of the medical world. This is just great for you, once on this journey you will never look back as you become more confident and able to recognise the dysfunctional, systems and habits in your self and in the world’s present day events and mindless trances.
I continue on with my Blogging in the hope that it will become active soon and begin to pick up some self perpetuating energy as our network expands and visitors begin to pick up the site and hopefully refer others to have a read.

I imagine this process symbolically as molecules of steam condensing to water then forming crystals of ice to become a snow flake and then the flake joining with millions of other crystallised flakes to cover a handkerchief and then the font lawn and then the Neighbourhood and eventually right over the city and from the surrounding mountains and down along the plains.
It’s a good dream for me, and like the water molecule I had no idea that it was eventually to become a snow flake as it rose as steam from the sea water some months before it gathered in the same way as it is now to form a cloud.
Milk comes in cartons and plastic bottles , but we think it comes from cows, crisps from potatoes, and love from the heart which is equivalent to the barcode reader to report to our brain and body the necessary condition the body needs to be prepared for the experienced sensation.
Unfortunately our present prime minister is lame, breaking down with age, he walks with a distinct limp and needs his hearing supported which is evident from his mono tonal voice, characteristic of people with hearing defects.
He has done a very good job for a man so lame and now he should rest in peace.
Here is a link to my blog site, you are invited to post coments in fact I am asking you to do so, and distribute the site with your fellows if you so choose.

I look forward to your and their comments too on these and future posts. You or they may not necessarily agree with the views or expressions on the blog and that is fine, whilst my intention is to 1. Seek new clients for ourMassage and Flotation Centre. 2. Attract clients for our Counselling Service 3. Link the Centre generally for Gift services for people overseas who have friends in Sydney they would like to treat to a inexpensive and memorable gift.
Love and Blessings as always
Pondering Duck

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