Thursday, 26 April 2007

Poisoned or Run Over then" ?


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Today we tell about

  • Selling holes.

    Last evening I attended a meeting where the lecture said we needed to be much smarter about the way we think these days. For example he asked.

"If a customer comes into your store and wants to buy a drill what does he really want?

I was amazed when a rather hunched over, contracted shouldered, older man of some distinction sitting opposite me replied with one of those confident scoffs, "A hole".
The speed of his resoonse astonished me as earlier I had some what dismissed HIS intelligence whilst he professed virtues for uranium, suggesting that nothing in the world is ever safe. "Why you can walk out on Bondi Road and get hit by a Bondi bus" he said.

And that part of me that campaigns for a sustainable world replied. "Yes but you don't deliberately stand in front of a bus knowing it will run over you do you?"

So when selling holes came from his knowledge bank I wondered if our earlier conversation had in some way connected to his limbic self and he may have grave thoughts for his future about the holes in the earth that his generation of people are prepared to drill to store the sewerage from wealth gleaned from this era of mindless consumption and apathy to fumigate and threaten future generations for eons.

When one ponders the curiosity of "selling holes" we recognise the similarity to sinking thoughts I reckon. My ancestors we dam sinkers, and we sink a bore too.

However sinking feelings is all I get when I hear people who cannot see the Duck when they are blinded by the rabbit of their illusionary thinking.

If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.

However if man chooses to work lots little will happen

If we decide to work little lots will hppen

But us Ducks well we can

Fly, Float, Dive.

Come Float like a Duck

Check the Duck to read about the medical, physiological and psychological benefits of floating.

Thar's it for another story folks, come back soon and see what Ponders next from the duck.

Love and Blessings as always,

Back soon,

Pondering Duck

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