Tuesday, 24 April 2007

For Love of Global Warming

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Have you ever seen a storm like this in NSW
"Trevallyn" Wilcannia NSW Jan 01. 07
Or the Darling River like this at "Trevallyn" Wilcannia Feb 07

I was born in Broken Hill in 1950 and spent the 40 years living from and working with the land most of those years were in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area around Griffith. This district of reclaimed station holdings was established for intensive irrigation farming by soldier settlers from what we once referred to as the First and Second world wars.
Many of our family and respective interrelated families served in those wars to supposedly defend this nation and her allies. As we approach ANZAC day once more I wonder if those men and women knew then what we see today if they would have risked their lives for the land and her people with the treatment their children are receiving from a federal government, leaving the settlers once more in capacious hands of bankers and corporates as fallen prey of the drought.
Our Great Grand parents are buried at Milparinka in the corner country of far western NSW. So there are many relatives still living across that long stretch of Darling River country and the adjoining plains and district communities.
Over the recorded history of the past 4 generations of our family covering all of the last century there have been very dry years, but no drought has ever been experienced by our family like this drought before us today.

So I was disgusted last night to hear the Australian Prime Minister claiming that the issue of climate change and global warming was of secondary importance to the state of the economy.

Good bye Mr Howard, your government is dissociated from your own limbic mind you have totally disconnected, totally desensitised, incapable of experiencing emotion, no longer capable of recognising your own thirst as you grapple at the mirage of your own reflection in the shimmering heat of this global reality.
It is now patently obvious that you prefer the reflected delusion of this shimmering reflection from the "Golden Calf" of commerce.
Hello Mr Howard, there are people involved here, we are human beings, we are people Mr Howard we are are people with emotionally connected feelings.

Mr Howard, before you leave take one last look at these photos from Wilcannia if you will and tell us these acts of nature are not significantly impacted by the suction of mans systemic greed and ignorance upon this earth.

Good Bye, good bye.
Love and Blessings to all
Pondering Duck
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