Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Community Growth

I found a Green peace Canada http://www.greenpeace.org/canada/en/campaigns/ge
article about GM corn being dumped at the Liberal Parties Office in Montreal this immediately prompted fond memories of protests driven from Canowindra many years ago when a load of wheat was dropped on our Prime Ministers door step in Canberra.
I looked to the net for Canowindra and found your article by Gillian Lord and the sad reality of children being led astray because our society has lost contact with our systemic limbic development. This reality actually happened many, many years ago, unfortunately systemically left unattended as the model of protest with grain dumping is intended to parallel.
Through your community news letter may I follow the ADHD article and with sincere loving intention offer here a constructive recommendation to one of the most advanced modern books of human development titled A General Theory of Love, researched and written by a trio of Psychiatrists Lewis, Amini, and Lannon, who are leading the way back across the great chasm necessary for healing, created when the medical world lost human touch with their patients and began to rely solely on technology and pharmacology to regenerate health.
Expanding this erroneous practice into totally emotionless mass corporate health absolutely disconnects from human reality. There driven by chill, material heartless colonisers sacrifice all for their adopted belief in self righteous plunder.
Brought to light here by Gillian Ford, it is ruly wonderful to see community news carrying such inflammatory and stimulating articles for attention.
Unfortunately politics cannot see, hear or react compassionately, as the grain dumps continue to demonstrate.
This proves politicians do remain fearfully gripped, "sucked in" by and attached to disconnected unconscious corporate reptilian minded power.
I leave you thinking this may be all rather “Corney” or asking what has “Wheat” got to do with our daily bread?
Hopefully you do have the “ears to hear and the eyes to see” to become sufficiently curious and encouraged to read the book “A General Theory of Love", it is so refreshing and revealing.
Blessings and health to all
Rod McClure JP
Bondi Sydney.

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