Sunday, 15 April 2007


Dr. John Clarke works as a consultant to corporations experiencing problems with a suspected workplace psychopath: individuals who, for whatever reason, lack any kind of human empathy, who take pleasure in destroying the lives of the co-workers and employees, just because they can.Now he's released a book "Working with Monsters: How to identify and protect yourself from the workplace psychopath" How do you recognise these people, and what can you do to protect yourself from them?
To begin with try this checklist;·
They are manipulative, · They Bully co-workers, · Scheming, shallow parasitic- They steal other people's ideas, · Never go to meetings so they can blame others, · Have a grandiose sense of their own worth, · Lack remorse and guilt for their actions,· and have no conscience.What can you do about it? Listen to John Clarke and Richard Fidler to find out.
Listen here( Listen in RealMedia format ) Requires RealPlayer
Read a review of Working with Monsters.


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