Thursday, 26 April 2007

Childrens Peace Poem


Inspiration of the Day
from Daily Good

Ten years ago every school around the world was invited to submit two lines of poetry about peace to the United Nations. Once collected, the lines were collated together into one long Peace Poem. Poems came in from 38 countries around the world.
Says Kofi Annan in his preface, "In their wisdom, the children whose intermingled voices gave birth to the Peace Poem know that peace is far more than the absence of war.
Children know that peace comes from the heart; it lives in the way we see others; it survives in the respect we show our neighbors every day.
" In today's world as we struggle collectively to bring an end to violence and suffering, that understanding of peace is as crucial as ever.
Check out the Peace Poem by the children of the world.
When we hear, see and listen to the children and brilliant sensitive younger generations I am encouraged knowing that they have the capacity to break through to new levels of previously unimaginable dimensions of conscious to former generations, I sense we are in a period of intense international evolutionary transformation as a species.
A evolutionary awakening is dawning.
Love and Blessings all

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