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Community Youth Health Support Groups.

Picking up from your Good Therapy
newsletter I write to let you known that I did attend the Seminar presented by Dr. Ann Dadich from SPRC at NSW Uni and for mine, thoroughly enjoyed her fairly direct, well presented, honest, factual, accurate précis and delivery of her research into Youth Community Health Groups.
A rather unfortunate seem to be that the intention of this greater group of people is being stifled by the very system it is attempting to heal and provide emotional expansion.
I believe had lost our way, lost our path, lost who we are meant to be, what we as a humanity really about, what we really need, essentially.
It seem to me that our society has become unconsciously choked by it's own fear driven indoctrination of caution and materialistic protectors.
This symbolically is a systemic replication to the rise of 21st century health complications and emotional dis-ease expanding into the physical area of the world, nation, community, general and individual health system overload and collapse.
As if our auto immune systems have become so overloaded protecting, guarding, defending, blocking from multifaceted attacks on our natural organic sprocesses, we now have arrived at a time and place where auto immune systems are defending themselves against the best intentions of fellow auto immune protectors, so we give rise to even newer and more difficult health imbalances of chronic fatigue, HIV, cancer etc.
Rather than having the blind leading the blind, we have the “Deaf-enders talking to the Deaf-enders” about defence, where every one believes they are being busy but not actually listening or being heard, appreciated or getting any where for which they are compelled to provide Clinical outcomes to justify their funding about which ever party pretend to be listening.
So it becomes over apparent for organisations then to pay "lip service" whilst knowing it is actually impossible to engage the individual or the situation and really provide lasting curative health whilst the real focus remains to be re-elected or refunded.
I am very interested in your proposal to work with High Schools and the students, in fact we have done just that when I was a member of the Nowra Technology High School’s Welfare Committee as a voluntary P&C representative.
That was a wonderful experience for me to appreciate the School Counselling System which indirectly helped my daughters enormously because the teacher constantly reassured me that my daughters were good students and caring fellow, with this reassurance I was able to support, love and encourage even more.
At their fare well dinner of my eldest daughter’s year, Mr. Gibson the principal said that “the students of that particular year had such commitment and support within themselves that they had positively influenced the entire mood and behaviour of the school as they passed through”.
I believe adamantly that, that influence was established by their primary school teacher who was with this group for 4 years prior to them entering high school and was such a wonderful loving woman and teacher that she had awakened the limbic brain of this pod of students in such a way that they simply influenced those who came in contact with them for life. In fact so connected was this woman relationship with her students that she contacted each and every one of them by phone in the days leading to their Higer School certificate exams. That is love and dedication.
This history is written and proven endlessly, however the “system” chooses to ignore this reality and our duplicating factories of education are taking the mind of our children further away from appropriate individual development as the system unwittingly prepare them to be a new generation of slaves for the mill of credit.
This is not education but rather cloning, a hived off system of starvation feeding for new drones.Other really decent people are drawn to under paid Welfare and education employment, to be immediately inundated with impossible case loads, or class sizes of already “Off the rails” people, who they are supposed to show Clinical performance funding justification.
These people are in general young, academically “Qualified” but life inexperienced graduates who relish the opportunity of gaining experience making mistakes with souls who are already damaged, so it “does not matter too much” if we do make mistakes, and they do before venturing off to higher paid commercial business as experienced psychological assessors.I spent 5 years working with the Wesley system and whilst they promote themselves as doing reasonable amounts of humane work, the whole turn out is based on the insecurity within the echelons of management who simply refuse to accept responsibility for exploiting and totally destroying the emotional, mental and physical health of staff overexposed at the work face, who become burnt out and discarded as spent film.
These organisations have been sucked into the material system so they have become politically sensitive themselves over grown and fund DEPENDENT on government hand outs for manager salaries. Hence they remain overrated and over promote their image to maintain a partnership with the primary perpetrator.S
taff are further,demoralised, constricted, silenced by neglect, humiliation, avoidance and emotional abandonment, they collapse, beaten.I simplify this large scale model as one of continuing duplicates to that of family abuse. However in this case we show the Government is the parent and the principal example setting abuser.
Whilst I have named Wesley Mission all of the other major welfare heavies including the Catholic Church and the Salvation army and all of the other Missions are of the same modus operandi.I am very interested in this entire process, however I AM ALSO CAUTIOUS as to society’s own ability to understand just how lost we have become as a civilised race such is the power and influence of the dominators of credit and their political slaves and servants including prime ministers, popes, muftis, reverends and priests.
I look forward and invite your further comments, developments and approach to this critical process, for mine I like the way and manner the 14th Dali Lama has gently moved the world, with still a long way to go, hasten slowly.
C.R.M. April 2007

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