Saturday, 14 July 2007

Sustaining Mindful Attention to Global Warming Images

Mindful attention to sustainability has been elevated thanks to the Global Warming Images dangling from the Sky Dancing Blow Dolls of the great debate itself. Free Flowing vibrant Colours raising attention to many issues beneath the hot air of the Global Warming theatre.

Swinging, diving, dancing and dangling so well illustrated by the the Tooheys Street party advertisement these Blow Dolls carry the message and grab attention as they break through the surreal hollow environment of our lost disconnected deluded community of mankind. As they flop around seemingly as lost images of the present wilderness of social and political make believe, spasmotically real, social models , flaunting a feined reality, an all mesmerising empty futility, disjointed, arthritic gestures of imprisoned freedom and jerky spikes of locked in good will. Model dolls the be of man's self and his greater world pre 2007.

Mean while corporate spin doctors swoon in pinstripes to climb over each other with insatiable and impeccable gluttony, driven through exchanges of credit, phony forward dealing, trickery, out right lies, inflated fiscal paper, worthless scripts, unsupported share issues and disguises of smoke and mirrors as they glibly spray glitter and sky rockets into the air of international board rooms and super funds. The players accept their own monopoly funds. Park Lane and Trafalgar Square too. "Your roll Blue".
Whilst stoic loyal primary producer and farmer husband their land, crops and animals for petty reward to produce basic, yet essential food and vitals for all.
Whilst Woolworth's made record profits dealing produce.
Where is this sanity in economy over sustainability of life and earth. Rich people need to eat too, surely they cannot survive on their rarefied air alone.

The party goes on, grogs up, roads are closed, children are being abused, pre schools and schools are overloaded with prematurely abandoned infant children who's Mothers' have been driven to the mortgage bank, hospitals and prisons are over loaded. Never the less go dance in your bikini, let the good times roll get drunk and block off the truth, drown the pain, imprison the children for generations some more.

Fortunately there is some solid ground where these Blow up Dolls stand tethered, so lets give thanks to those who are able to remain grounded, mindful and concentrate on the myriad of environmental issues displayed around our feet and before our eyes as the tethers for Global Warming's Blow Dolls, let them make dizzy their dances with their wild gyrations and endless flutters of hot air to bring attention to real social issues for genuine sustainability through out the entire world.
Let there be tethers of Love, gentleness, compassion and understanding at the party too.

"When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change"

That's it for now Folks

Blessings as always come see the Duck should you need to Ponder a concern.

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