Wednesday, 25 July 2007

DISPOSABLE TO SUSTAINABLE Sacrificial Calves and Our Carbon Foot Print

Maintaining our mindful awareness, which is essential, to the overall sustainability of our community and associated creatures by this gentle reminders of our own daily consumption and relating this consumption back to our own carbon foot print from such simple inconsidered pleasures as a coffee, an ice cream or milk shake. Sure we may not need or intend to do away with our daily coffee but never the less the following story twigged some sense of responsibility in me as I read about the Sacrificial calves - the real cost of eating dairy food and then that led into the whole story about cruelty to man and life generally.

The Picean Age gave rise to a spiritual world of the Dove, the Fish and Vesica Piscis, lying as seemingly idle fissures within the waters of life, then consciousness was given the drought and Global warming to let the the symbolic fish discover itself in the drying contracting pool of man kinds existence.

Remembering here Einstein's words "the last thing the fish discovers is water."

We can no longer deny this genuine violence at any level of society, in this moment, our inner waters of consciousness are awakening in this age of Aquarius with the many "Blow Dolls" wailing wales and neglected living creatures rising to a new consciousness new tides of self awareness, flooding tides measured and rising for contemplation on our internal thermal processing our thoughts and our fluid emotions and our tears.

Thoughts therapeutically opened now, brought forward from former suppression, occasionally intense, unwelcome, stress inducing self deceiving lies of denial and personal neglect.

Now these thoughts have been granted permission, they are acceptable thoughts, acceptable along with Global warmings' political adherence, former denial has flipped to now foster concentrated awareness for change and international action. All after generations of Blow Doll waving facts flying high and loose in the winds of change to turn the political tide with the waters of Aquarius. Global markets are moving from disposable to sustainable

"By changing the way we look at things the things we look at change."

ELLE MacPherson Internationally recognised model of joyful unrestricted living, confident and passionate, dedication to her career and her fully womanhood sustaining life with her family, as her life and all life should be free from domination, and manipulation of weary minds and fear driven religiously encrusted patriarchal rule.

Now lets look within our waters of consciousness.
With its image of wholesome goodness, you'd think milk was something you could drink with a clear conscience. But maybe not. When it comes to measuring the size of your carbon footprint, I bet you'd never thought of the impact of drinking a few lattes each week - yet reducing your weekly milk intake by two cups saves around 250kg of greenhouse gases in a year, says Brian Sherman, director of the animal rights organisation, Voiceless. That's about a quarter of the annual emissions saved by switching from a normal sedan car to a hybrid, he points out.
But I've already shrunk my dairy consumption for another reason. Raised on images of green pastures and contented cows, I'd been clueless about the real cost of producing dairy food - the welfare of calves.To keep us all in milk, cheese and yoghurt, dairy cows have to give birth to a calf every year. 'Bobby' calves is the name given to the unwanted male offspring born to dairy cows. Like the male chicks destroyed at birth because they can't lay eggs, thousands of newborn male calves, useless for milking, are separated from their mothers and at four or five days old transported for up to 12 hours by truck to an abattoir. According to Fiona Hunt, Animal Welfare Policy Officer of the RSPCA Victoria, these calves sometimes remain unfed for up to 48 hours before slaughter. more

I just love the way the Universe delivers the information to tell this story about our need for mindfulness in a sustainable society.

I'm taking a duck a Dive,
Not just a trip before the fall, more a dive into the murky waters beneath de' feet.
Back on the Pond soon, look in here for a lovely safe float, you wont get hurt, promise, and you just cannot sink.
Like water off a Ducks Back eh?

Love and Blessings as always phDuck

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