Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Mindful consciousness is rising to the reality of climate change and all associated community connections , here is a link to a you tube vid from Montreal Canada to add some awareness to the reality of those Waving Rag Dolls of Global Storming.

Mean while whilst the UK experiences heat waves NSW Australia is experiencing the coldest winter for over 20 years, a balance in the making and readjustment of the seasons.

Then Australia's Prime Minister has decided he needs to buy some votes in the upcoming election and we thank him for actually deciding to accept that his manic attitude to economic policy was way off target just as was his aim at the Bush Inn, Iraq war and the Stolen generation of Aborigines who cry hard and long waiting for his simply apology so that reconciliation may begin with open hearts. The possessive lost world of egotistical illusion.

That's all Folks.

Love and Blessings as always Counsellor phDuck back to the Pond.

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