Monday, 16 July 2007

Global Warming Dolls of Mindful interest

Elle MacPherson, internationally recognised Australian model leaps to mindful attention with that instant vibrancy of an Inflatable Advertising Doll in similar fashion to other mental pictures evoked from the symbolic images and many blow up "Dolls of Global Warming."

Natural beauty, composed, ambitious, passionate, successful, seemingly loose and free always busy like the "Warning Warming Dolls".

Elle is a Mother of two boys too as we see here with her son Arpad Flynn Busson at his Christening at St Agustinos Church in Rome in 1999.

Sustainability to us is about being able to continue to enjoy many generations of interconnection with connected association across all societies where all men life and creatures benefit from the progress of our our times and technology whilst also enjoying the opportunity of privacy, dignity, honesty, respect, consideration. It has never been mentioned that we can't have a good time too or a need to get it right all the time. Sing , dance and play.

Sustainability is about personal consideration about and caring for future and past generations right NOW in the only time there is. We need to leave the earth in better health than when we arrived seems like a reasonable attitude to adopt.

Just do no harm. Love all and do no harm. Seems to be the SUSTAINABILITY call for Peace and Global Unity for continuing harmonious existence across all religious divides and secular divisions of Global power.
Did 9/11 mark the end of religious tolerance?
Globalisation has fuelled the fire of fundamentalism in all faiths. But is this the only response ... or the only one we're being told about? COMPASS: THE QUIET REVOLUTION: Episode 2 - Pioneering City Sunday 22 July at 22:05 More

In our work place at the Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre we make ever attempt to promote and maintain these basic levels of respect and service to all our clients and patients and with each other at all times. Our Centre is a community for all men and all women. A family is a community too, community in mindful relationship sustained by love, consideration, trust, honesty, compassion, empathy, acceptance, tolerance, respect, benevolence, loyalty, dignity, professionalism.
Our ritual alter and candle are symbols for our interconnected links to the community of all life. A candle flickers throughout the working day so we remain mindful of the life within us and our inter-connectedness with each other at Our own Centre
One Life

For all at our Centre with a Heart.

Thats All Folks
Back to the Pond for Some more private Counselling where you will find a you are very welcome to make contact and help us lift the confidence of those who need support to rise above their hard knocks, and world ignorance.
Love and Blessings to all PhDuck

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