Thursday, 19 July 2007

Making Space Cosmically the Short sighted Way

Mindful to natures' needs for those people docked in the long term cosmic community of the space station or those astronauts on long journeys weightless journeys often evokes ones curiosity about their need and ease for relief of bodily waste.

All is now revealed in the Cosmic Porta Loo a $22m US Dunny in the sky orbiting earth daily. Rather than wait for an electoral discounted rain water tank from our federal minister for camels, dry rivers and uranium sales NASA has forked out this $22 m for a model recycling sewerage pant which will reprocess the urine for drinking water in a him and hers fashion. One lot waits for a "Kenny" truck to turn up and they reckin they sprays the side of track on their way back to earth. Well the real Aussie Kenny displayed much more restraint, love, compassion, inderstanding, humour and care than to be so loose with his waste.
Other material will be jettisoned towards earth with an unknown destination, all rather symbolic in this Australian election year as the Blow Dolls of Global warming raise our consciousness to more sustainable, honest, authentic forms of management to be expected from our leaders rather than this disposable approach which continues to be modelled by the galloping greedy who have absolutely no regard for polluting any ones space with their rubbishing comments, arrests or trite gestures. Just like old times we see these politicians and space explorers continuing to throw their garbage out the window for tomorrows generation to clean up their mess.

When one is a Duck and can fly over these short sighted views you just wish some times that we could lock these chooks in parliament house and see how long they could sustain themselves before they began to tear each other to pieces.

The terrible situation of the abuse in the Northern Territory and across Australia is a simple emulation of the modelled behaviour from Canberra.

That's all Folks the phDuck is back to his Counselling Pond for some Love and safety with his own kind. Love and Blessings to all

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