Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Microwaveable Global Politics

Sustaining a mindful state of awareness to community needs and cooperation we cannot help but cast a curious mindset over the recent launch of political blurbs over the Internet with sensational vote collecting announcements which at their very least could raise community suspicion, and even the other half might just enjoy a good laugh and see the cynicism of this "Less than Two Minute Dip" into the GOBAL Politics necessary for the self sustaining success for all aspect of a harmonious and fulfilled social relationships across all levels of society.
Heinz do a good a good job here to display how much dissatisfaction there can be in a one sided self relieving quickie which seems to be a modern day form of unidentified stress relief.

The reality of all of this energy consumption is written in this article in the Sydney Morning Herald where we see just how much we really do need and have become dependent upon power and electricity for our warming in this cold winter. All in the design and about the way we live, nature equips itself for sustainable existence, maybe we could do ourselves a favour and have a look how nature manages the changing environment and sustains life in the ongoing relationship, rather than taking the shallow empty hearted quickie for short term relief and electoral advantage.

Then who really does care about sustaining our community and or environment when we see and read that real men don't apologise so maybe this is an explanation of why we have never heard the prime minister utter the words sorry.
Lets have fun, laugh and play too, there is room for all of us in this community of mankind, especially for those who find love and self companionship, their soul, their self, the real word of self discovery beneath the disguises and self protective covers of lifes' many faces.
"After all, life is a game so lets play it."
That's all Folks
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