Friday, 20 July 2007


Sustaining the military disguised attack on community disruption as acts of moral integrity in the aboriginal community we now see the closing hours of deceit beginning to be exposed in todays leak from the NEW CLEAR reactors who refuse to see future generations left with the putrid toxicity of Halliburton minded gluttonous corporate social predators and the wickedness and absolute corrupt moral intention of vested interests driving forward their ill conceived spermatic thinking of single minded fusion.
These primally ejaculated thoughts deserve to loose their political life as have many of their predecessors whos primal intention was initially fertile but failed to reach a safe a fertile passage due to manly premature interference.
Similarly when URANIUM is ripe and man has developed the technology and sufficient parenthood to responsibly engage in such magnificent activity as to generate life then and only then should we consider such intimate engagement with the forces of nature.
Mean time we have a choice of the pill, condoms, withdrawal, denial, or surgical intervention to avoid generating birth of unwanted unloved neglected children such as the toxic waste from the illegitimate nuclear reactors.
Maybe we should practice what we preach.

Off to Fly over the Pond to check the waters and look out for other leaks. Your very welcome to click in and have a look around our Centre with a heart and CLEAR happy souls.

Love and blessings to all phDuck

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