Sunday, 22 July 2007


Sustaining a mindful attitude to ones body is symbolically identical to maintaining the entire environment of earth with all natural influences remaining proportionally balanced. We need good food, good air, good water, safety, a non threatening neighbourhood with loving under standing acceptance from the entire community. We need to be well GROUNDED and have an opportunity to express or creativity as established by Abraham Maslow and his Heirarchy of needs. To become self actualised to walk we begin with the sense of balance as we learn to stand on our own two feet.
Beginning with our feet is a really great FOUNDATION to start the journey of self discovery.
Reflexology is a science that maps out the key energy zones of the whole body on the feet. By pressing these specific areas of the feet, every organ, gland, muscle and body part is affected. These techniques are unique to traditional reflexology and are different from the motions used in other types of massage.
In addition to traditional reflexology which relies on reflex points, modern reflexologists also consider the feet in and of themselves. The health of one's feet is a big concern; feet that are healthy and pain free are very important for one's overall well being and are an important consideration in reflexology.
What Reflexology Does
Reflexology allows the body to self-correct, cleanse itself, and purge itself of toxins. This is accomplished by applying a precise pressure upon specific reflex zones in the feet to achieve a highly specialized relaxation in the corresponding area of the body. This improves the nerve, blood, and lymphatic supply. By working on a certain area, the corresponding part of the body receives improved nerve, blood and lymphatic supply.

MAYBE WE COULD LOOK AT POLITICAL REFLEXOLOGY as a road map to international health instead of the present disillusioned and dysfunctional system which has become so disassociated with the body of man that they have lost their way.

Here is a message from former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Fraser giving his view on some "knee Jerk" reactions about Australia being involved in the Iraq war and here is an opportunity for you to join Get Up and express your views to the Australian Government.

Please let there be peace and sanity in this body of mankind before these deranged footless Uranium gunslingers take us and all of our children of the future off at the hips.

That's it I'm off to the Pond to help care for the children of this planet and try to keep them safe from the monsters and psychopathic "heels" those old mental cripples who simply cannot see their de feat or even think about STANDING down.
Pretty ordinary that one.
I'll be back soon to have a mindful look at 100% impersonalised banking s'pose that's all about sustaining profit too.
Love and Blessings to all as always phDuck

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