Sunday, 22 July 2007


Alfonso forever mindful of sustaining balance in his life and nourishing his family and community was a well known village fisherman who was resting on the beach in the shade of his boat after processing his successful early morning catch.

"What no fishing today Alfonse?" the local Mayor said as he passed on his way to his council chambers. "Alfonse, I thought you were supposed to be a fisherman. !"

"I am and I have been and done my work for the day", replied Alfonso.

"But it is yet 10.00 of the morning" exclaimed the Mayor. "You have hours to work before the tide changes and many fish you could catch".

" Don't you see I have caught "suf fish ent" for my needs today, any more would be spoilt and wasted"

"Alfonse surely you know that you could sell the extra catch and make your life easier" he was told dismissively as the shade moved to protect his body from the heat of the rising sun.

"Why would I need to sell the fish that I do not need to eat"?, he enquired.
"Why man when you sell enough fish and earn enough money you could by a motor for your boat and that would make it easier for you to get further out from shore and catch even more fish and make more money"..................

........."then Alfonse you could buy a trawler, and employ helpers to catch more fish and you could make even more money buy more trawlers, employ more people and take it easy, have a real rest, not ever having to work so hard."

"Well" responded Alfonso.
"Just what do you think I am doing right now?

So you see this earthly existence has many simple practical examples of sustainability and an equally ridiculous examples of outright abuse and neglect as the dis alluded expectations of the Mayor and his associates who have lost touch with the soul (and the brim, mackerel, flat head, tailor, cods, hearts, wails and whales of mankind) and lead us to war and suffering through sheer blindness of fear driven consciousness.

If we mindfully relate this story to ourselves and our greater social interconnection at this time surely we can see the parallel of systemic expectations overloading the community cycle to the point of BURNOUT .

This is the original photo which led to tampering with truth about the "TAMPA" all in the media now days.

So now lets go to the banking system and read this article where we are being told a teller looses 39% of their time waiting for clients to be human and make their way to the window, so now the teller is about to become 39% more efficient and loose their job all together, see the similarity of the fisherman story. We are all capable of making some contribution to daily life, however Orwells 1984 surely reports the truth of this march towards a robotic existence.

Knee jerk politicians expect Earth, and every human and machine system to cope when 200% over loaded, similar experience for westerner to travelling on a Indian interstate train. Keeping these boffins bouncing around whilst they are being charged in their machines. Corporate structureshich the imagine to be their vehicle of take over.

All pretty and painted up, loaded over the hungry boards and some, on flimsy rafts of credit with no down time permitted for clouds, waves, wind of compassion or seasons of review, for fish or humans to shelter, or just be still and rest from the endless labour of lifes paddling exchanges of share scripts and make believe credit funded wealth.

The obvious contradiction is seen on every highway and bi-way at the Stop Revive Survive sites dotted along our highways now found to be essential to prevent road crashes from those natural drowsey moments.
Don't be too self critical if you feel disturbed and concerned by the way the world is heading, we were too and now we have lots of supporters and friends who know things must change for us to survive in a healthy sustainable mindful community.

We know there are and we have families of our own struggling to provide basic shelter and sustenance on part time jobs with children to rear who are being placed into day car centres to make way for working income. Our welfare systems are totally overloaded and under staffed, this leads on to larger class sizes in school where some children become lost, disappearing into withdrawal, disconnecting from themselves as they see their peers and society disconnected. Generally mis-under stood individuals, so any attempt they make to seek some human contact and affection has them classified with some DSMIV mental health label of attention deficit or starving for love and limbic connection such essential fundamental nourishment lost into the make believe science of pharmacology and quick fix uppers and downers all artificial instead of the genuine caring Mammas and Pappas who make their business out of caring for children and making the world more comfortable for parents.

That's all Folks Back to the Pond to see how the little fish are sustaining the cleanliness of the waters of my soul, you always welcome to visit, leave a comment on this Blog or send to us for more information and set up appointments or seek more private information.

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