Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Sustaining the pressure to maintain a liberal community at the centre of Australian politics sure has brought forward the "struggling" latent environmental talents of a species when threatened, in the primitive unconscious oragnicity of events the impulse perceives threats to some ancient recollection of survival a potential danger of being "shut out" abandoned to perishing dismissal as human waste.
Could this be hells birth place?
Striving for life and paralised for individual creativity by obscessive material excellence the fearfilled so believe they must remain competitive by locking out and defeating any opposition with what ever tactics they have at their immediate disposal to avoid death in this round of their life.
Just as the spermatozoa swims single mindedly to the wanton cell egg these clamouring bucks head out along that rifles tube to be jettisoned into open space of this foreign unexplored universal dark cylindrical tube, unfamiliar territory to negotiate whilst maintaining that near geotrophic inclination to proceed swimming, swimming for life in the event that conception at race completion will supersede death.

Similarly imagine if you can the start of a major City to surf race where thousands of would be competitors are set off simultaneously. The jockeying, pushing, holding back, scratching punching, tripping, stalking, intimidating, blocking, jumping over, knotting up,Summer saulting, twisting , disguised, piking, and doubling flipping with twists would all be boiling in this mass of energetic jockeying as the competitors gained space to step out to full unimpeded strokes for even gait.
In summary, the vast majority of ejaculated sperm are lost at various points between the cervix and oviduct.

A few exhausted semifinalists make it to the site of fertilization. Of those, of course, there can be only one "winner" for each egg. Without meaning to, John Wayne provided a good synopsis of the life a sperm. "Life is tough and then you die".

So now in these days of Requiem we watch as the exhausted begin to fall by the way side and the young buck begin to make their primal spurt at the line after travelling comfortable in the broken waters of the leader who soon will be seen to peel away from the lead and take his relegated position on the wings.
as birds fly in a V to help conserve their energy during migrations. With the exception of the individual leading the group, each bird trailing behind the other benefits from a reduction in wind resistance. The birds are deliberating tailgating each other; it's the concept of “drafting,” best known to those gutsy people who drive close behind semis on the freeway to stay out of the wind and boost their fuel efficiency.

This formation has been well and truly played by the leading birds of Australian politics during the past 11 years and now as the migration approaches the end of its journey we are observing the final moments as the "young cocks" attempt to strike their final blow and rupture that "egg of the ballot box" as they break free in Jonathan Livingston seagull fashion.

So what do we see happening when these 'birds' have been grounded for life and replaced their feathers and quills for suits and computers the same old same old circular pattern. Except this group of Jonathan's who are making a run for the line are carrying nuclear batons.
That's is alarming and we should be sending out a red alert.

"My goodness me of course I don't want to take the lead or push myself forward"
"John Howard was definitely the best man to lead us here" (watch our mouth!)
That's all Folks back to the Pond
Love and Blessings to all phDuck

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