Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Sustaining community relations with the United States has been foremost in the minds of Australia's politicians for many years a former Prime Minister Bob Hawke made clear last night at the delivery of former diplomat Bob Woolcots book about political diplomacy.
With all the whoo haa about the arrival of President Bush we read that five leaders of APEC countries will come in on commercial flights, could it it be that these are real leaders who have not upset their constituents or their school children and due to intelligent diplomacy and equitable communication have not created enemies or alienated themselves to a point of needing to be contained behind this massive defencive wall of security.

Whilst Foreign minister Downer sets up double ended Uranium sales with Russia, and wants to hook into the rising power of India the lads of APEC are getting cocky and think their tidy little club can now 'stick it to Europe' to open up their markets for free trade agreements so that the Yanks will be able to dominate everybody with their commercial invasion back by the power of their international surveillance and 2.8 m grid lock to hold back the emotionally starved hordes who believe in living free democratic sustainable environment we once understood earth to be before we began treating it like dunny in the back yard.
There is a major difference in modern international politics and that is the disassociation that occurs between body and soul when "HEADS" of state loose contact with the spirit of their constituent bodies. Recognising this reality requires characteristics of love, compassion, empathy, generosity, non threatening, environmental organic connection. Once these essential human traits are lost into the delusion of power the organistic process which connects mind and body looses contact with itself. In effect the mind becomes deaf to emotional sensations and it is then that people begin to roar to be heard and they will be heard but will not be HERDED and yarded to be treated as baying dogs.
Let us pray hope that the universe reins down upon us all during this critical hour as lost ones struggle to maintain their depleting sources of power and domination of earth and all men.
Love One and Other as I have loved you these words have never been more pertinent in the world than they are today.

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