Sunday, 9 September 2007


Sustaining loving international relations has always left room for the cynical artisans to play their wares and wit and such a big event as APEC which does not mean Australian Police Eat Curry even though they would have been given the warm end of the rifle by their infuriated Commissioner who pretty well lost self control as he wrote comedian Dave Hughes next script "I'M ANGRY"

whilst telling the world he was angry at the larrikin Chasers for bruising his highly sensitive ego when they ran a "make do" Canadian envoy with motor bike escorts to deliver Bin Laden to George Dubbya at the Sydney Inter Continental.
Hey folks not only did the good commissioner get mad because his bully boys missed the Chaser they also missed the highly unarmed motorcyclists who headed the envoy. Now is it any wonder that we cannot find Bil Laden.
So Bin if you are out there or any one reading this reading this blog please call the angry Commissioner and tell him just where you hid the motor bikes and their riders, this is a matter of state and national commissioners INsecurity and must be addressed with the greatest urrrrrgengy. But we think we know who you are so come forward and avoid the Chasers exposing you too.
Last night whilst the Aussies were converting tries at the World Cup I decided to write a bit of a parody on APEC so here we go.


Gidday, my fellow Australians
Johnnies got a Driza bone
He's given Georgie one too, (maybe three or more,)
But this cheesy little Christian dick won’t be tellin’ truth that’s for sure.

Not too sure about Janet I think I saw her Pandering with Shirleys Dooner
She paraded her possum with the ladies and did some dancing tricks, t’was fun
Other protesters of the day wrote it on their bum
New commissioner "Scar Face" well, he just had no fun.
Whilst thousands of coppers lost their dough on equine diseased ponies
The wicked team of Chaser filled in by offering phonies.

Can’t forget that bull turned Malcolm sitting in his shade
We never saw his head at all, through out the who charade
Seems he’s more than worried about keeping his federal seat
With our popular mayor of Waverley turning up the heat.
Being blood related to more of the local kind the Mayor is doing all he can
To topple this liberal pony who sells his soul for uranium or any banking man.
As he hides behind the fence waiting to succeed
Liberal leader he will be, John, when your head falls off George’s lead.

Nothing would be better than to see this self appointed socialite
A would be “toff” of banks and social upper class,
Fall right off his own slimy face and land upon his uranium lovers’ arse.
Lawyer, banker, politician, Queen Counsel possibly by graft
Fools us not with his double tongued plum, or his witless snobbery class
He pretends he’s all so clever and environmentally wise,
Of course to him being prime minister is right within his eyes.
I wonder, Oh I wonder does Johnnie give you shivers.
As he give a job to Malcolm to nationalising our rivers.

With BHP and Rio Tinto busy signing big deals,
The Northern Territory Kooris’ are living with out meals.
Johnnie sent the army there to care for kids who need a hand
Never did he tell the truth this lying little man
It’s all about uranium, and a waste dump upon the freedom of their land
This calculating little flip has done the deals and signed them off
To Russia, India and now Iran.
Believe me folks he’s a conniving low life man.

Just because he’s lame and deaf is no reason to persist
The Kooris are not “whities”, they deserve to be heard, we insist.
Before he pushes them from their land so Yanks can fly their flag
What of land rights, justice, or some better reason why not to be shagged.

Should this unrepentant minister priming corporation’s greed
Ever in his wildest dream believe he will succeed.
Why these wise Kooris have held the land for 40,000 years
Do you ever think they won’t be heard before your time is done?
You better watch for “that dri aza bone“for you your time has truly come.

To close the deals and sell his lode he’s pushed APEC over the top.
And The Chaser did their very best to bust his top notch cop.
“I’m angry, very angry came the roar from “Scar Face” head
Whilst the world busted it’s gizzards, laughing so hard they pissed their bed.

href=",25199,32,00.html">Happy Global warming kiddies Russia has the Uranium
Whilst Indonesia has Russia's guns
Is it any wonder Aussie’s show Bush disgust just with their bums.

Thats all Folks
Love and Blessings to all and we give thanks that no one was severely wounded and we humbly acknowledge the commissioners discomfort.
Counsellor phDuck

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