Thursday, 6 September 2007


Sustaining our drive for community mindfulness to the organic needs for our inner children, our selves, our families, our earth and society generally is certainly foremost in to days APEC world of events. Here we would like to bring to attention these recent articles from a BBC health site which follow on very well from earlier posts telling of the effect of abuse and trauma on our society and how these habits and cultural behaviours are transferred across and over generations of unwitting traumatised souls.

In general, we all have at some time have disregard and unintentionally ignored these stimuli seeking attention for some ungratified need. If continually ignored, left indefinitely denied, we will eventually become totally desensitised to their call for attention.Effectively cutting ourselves off emotionally. This proceeds to further unintentional,unconscious disregard and with time we develop "socially" performed diversionary tactics such as binge drinking alcohol, spitting, scratching, squinting, gambling, smoking, drugging, shopping, sexing, working, golfing, meeting, coffee chatting, all hanging out behaviours with our mates and associates to avoid the discomfort or sense of loneliness which becomes apparent to consciousness when one is left alone with one self in some state of inactivity and the awareness begins to raise its attention seeking tentacles into consciousness. We may become agitated, fidgety, bored is the most common expression we hear in our Counselling work.

Relationships often link people together this way where two individuals believe they just have so much in common with each other they become amazed with each others common reality "I've found my soul mate" we often hear when in fact both parties have learned similar or common ways to manage their individual discomforts, so this "common bond" belief seems to pull them further into commitment until for some bizarre reason the train of events becomes bumpy. The Magnetic attraction now senses moments of repulsion the "going in the relationship gets tough" and they come to us ready to look at just why it is that they feel so hurt by the other persons actions or in actions.
Why things were just so good, "she was my rock and I was her rock, we were just so good together, now this........"

Thats all Folks Back to the Pond
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