Thursday, 6 September 2007


Sustaining pressure on the community of man raises the intensity of defence as we have stated previously,the pressure cooker is a classic example for community members who do not yet understand the collective psychology of the nation there is lots for them to yet understand that the sustained promotion of any product gives rise to increased social awareness in the market place. The coming election is a classic, and all things being equal, which isn't the normal way the Prime Minister likes to bowl, we could reasonably expect his uranium sales to be contested along with the nuclear waste dump he has snuck into the Northern Territory with the help of Haliburton KBR that other major friend a Us vice president Dick Cheney's military toy.
So this long running promotional campaign by the "supposed Coalition of the Willing" also generates an increase in the intensity of defences of the denied party for a gratification of its needs.

So the Chaser helps the Police by bringing their horse to school children's rally yesterday for a good old laugh and today Wednesday they set up a 'b;lack Maria convoy with police escorts to bring their Osama Bin Laden to see the American President on this blog from anABC report the response from a broad cross section across NSW absolutely loved what the Chaser war on Everything has done to put the "cat amongst the pigeons"

Love and Blessings to all for a clearing of consciousness in the age of Aquarius.

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