Thursday, 20 September 2007


Peter Holmes A Court has most definitely sent out a challenge to the Clubs and Pubs. In an ABC radio interview with Len Ainsworth the 80+ year old major stake holder of Aristocrat poker machines he said "that he has never gambled because he is just too mean to waste his money".

Be prepared for the tired old arguments about not being able to support junior and community participation with those self serving, self flagellating statements from the braggarts and sprukers from the Red and Blue Corners of Clubs Pubs and AHA lobbyists.
Please remember we once had football and cricket without sponsorship at all, then we actually managed to wean our selves from cigarette and tobacco sponsorship, only to fall prey to alcohol and gambling. There are other sponsors eager to move into this highly lucrative community sporting and social collective area to promote their wares.

Now in the neutral corner we see Reverend Tim Costello, brother of the aspiring Prime Minister Peter Costello continuing to lend his experience, knowledge and community respect to the anti gambling argument.

Just as the clubs and pubs have their lobbyists so too do the political parties have a conflict of interest in accepting massive contributions from the pro gambling lobby, and

I find this article by Miranda Divine rather interesting as one of these double handed players of our modern world blindly plays his hand to grab power whilst Peter brother, Rev Tim Costello and Peter Holmes A Court and Russell Crowe and Kevin Rudd all agree that we need a better attitude to our community and the welfare of civilisation by beginning to offer the local community some alternative entertainment and a change of taxation dependency.
Mean time other big end players with their eye focused as they gamble on the jack pot of big money as tey juggle, jostle,slaughter, dismiss and manipulate the lives and well being of their fellows in the big poker machine of national and international politics. Once more we bring to attention the systemic identity of the macro and micro perspectives of gambling.

This really does make me wonder just what depth some of these pretensive manipulators will resort to to get their hands on power and money.
It's the God Father all over, but in real time down town Federal electorate of Wentworth.

Well I will not support such manipulative intent nor the devious clandestine, twisted mouth behaviour and I sincerely believe that honesty, decency, truth, and commitment will lead us out of the claw of these desperate power grabbing weaklings and onto to a sustainable and renewable future.
Glory to South Sydney, and many thanks to Peter HAC and Russell Crowe for bringing the truth about gambling out into the light of day.
That's it Folks back to the Pond for me
Love and Blessings to all phDuck.

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