Saturday, 8 September 2007


If only we could impart the wonderful teachings of the great free thinkers into our sustainable community so that expressions and actions of truth, love and justice became sincere for all living creatures as Albert nominated. the world would be in the safer state of mindful consciousness.

Expanding resistance builds in a balloon as we force more air inside its skin until the balloon becomes over inflated and explodes, rupturing its container. In a similar display of resistance the kites fly high during Bondi's Festival of the winds.
These kites climb the sky sheering the wind with the resistance held by the tether to be grounded back at the kite flyer.
As the flyer plays his wires the kite performs mid air aerobatics darting, diving swirling left and right in such a similar model to humanity being played by political forces pulling and pushing with law, commercialism, taxes, regulations and social control. Mean time Mothers' do the child nurturing and rearing,washing ironing, home cleaning, cooking and when they are lucky take nostalgic trips to the beach at Bondi for coffee. This universal patriarchal model is challenged within the emotional, spiritual, living element of all life forms and the earth itself, but not by the political mafia.
In the greater scale earth is only tethered by inter cosmic relationship of atomic oscillation on a scale of a super large kite with cosmic tethers.
Albert Einstein reminds us we are not separate but are part of the whole and we are all interrelated. All that is accept those counter political forces who choose to ignore the screams of their already over inflated cultures who are pleading with these men who are "Shooting the Global Breeze" to listen to the "children" inheriting their egotistical narrow minded folly of ignorance..
Kites in Ancient China

Kites have made their appearance over three thousand years ago, in China. All the right materials were found there, for it's making: Bamboo for the frame, and silk for the sail and bridle. It had a mythical and religious dimension. Later it was experimented as a science instrument for various researches. From China, the kite was reproduced throughout Asia, then later, in Europe, and now, in the modern age, in America, Australia and other countries.

Other forms of kites have developed over time and Australian cartoonist and Rubber Figures producer Peter Nicholson asked us to share this link to his latest APEC comedy kite.
This all starts to become rather laughable when we want to make some fun about "Shooting the Breeze", that great old expression for "hanging out or just having a chat" which really is a pretty good low key way to explain the Australian APEC sojourn where the big boys have flown big nuclear powered kites, economic kites, and Global warming kites whilst their partners, the women are separated from the men's Club 'Smoking Room' as if they were habitually sent out to do the dishes talk about good hair, fashion and shoes whilst they will get to see Bondi kites if they get their work done in time.
Thats all Folks back to the Pond
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