Thursday, 6 September 2007


Sustaining community awareness to the need of mindful attention is certainly not difficult when the APEC leaders now openly declare their determination to lead the world into a massive nuclear power surge to maintain their pressure and attack on earth's resources to fill the coffers of international numeracy whilst any fair minded woman, man or child who dares to lodge an objection is slandered and condemned as being against the "STATE". Courts of supposed Justice for democracy which, unfortunately themselves have over time been convinced and "sucked in by the spin" of Evil Step Mother mythology and have fallen as prey by the way side to her wicked systemic erosion of civil liberties as these obsessed wood cutters of international commerce believe in selfishly living by the sword insulated behind their multi layered barriers of fortified protection.
If we transpose this model into the health of an individual or in the instance of a child we presume a concerned parent naturally does the utmost to ease the child's discomfort be what it may. However when a parent deliberately and knowingly ignores a child's needs that parent becomes guilty and culpable of committing deliberate abusive.
Neglect of this nature traumatically scars that child for life until the scar is addressed, counselled and allowed to heal and for the whole body to become sensitive living, emotionally responsive integrated flesh alive once more.
Further more when such a scarred wounded individual becomes so insensitive to recognise his own discomfort or he has been raised without self awareness he may refuses to succumb, so insensitive is he, he is incapable to even recognise his own physical ailment. When generations of ancestors have been so unintentionally abused we see the development of cultural isolation, cultural beliefs and driving ideologies becoming transfixed as political belief systems. Hence the King Has No clothes became and remains a living mythological theme for politicians generally.
In such cases we, the observers, declare that individual to be "in denial" or in need of support, love, understanding and guidance to avoid the dangers of self medicating abuse and neglect, through excesses of self medication with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work, worry etc. Heart disease is a classic example of such reality where all the worries and pressures of maintaining pace with the worlds demands causes daily heart attacks for those who ignore the signs and symptoms of dis-ease.
By other example when we see fruit or bread beginning to decompose or mould in our fruit bowl or bread keeper we remove it to prevent the spreading of that particular disease, or we use fire to fight fire by back burning. The recent bout of Equine flu is classic example of addressing a problem to minimise infection.
However by adopting such tactics to minimise national resentment to war and the establishment of TOXIC nuclear waste dumps which will remain highly active for untold generations is beyond the the rights of these corporate "state heads" whose behaviour continues to be more akin to that of Wicked Step Mother of Grimm's Tales
So I really do have an issue with these world leaders of commerce raising the barriers of denial to legitimate intelligent discussion to assist progress the urgent changes necessary for sustaining balanced universal and humane relations in a world screaming for absolute and sensitive sustainable integration.
In relationship therapy this is the very model of the work we do. Those who cannot recognise their need for change leave the relationship and move off into the world to repeat the mistakes as their fore fathers did before them and so "the sins of the father are passed down from generation to generation. Father to son to son.

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