Wednesday, 28 November 2007


I was asked by a former work colleague to report on a scale of 1 to 10 how I really felt about the Australian Federal election result. Well, for one, he of all people should have known better than to ask me for a numeric answer. So I responded by saying.

How many tens are there in DELIGHTED?

De- lighted because the national electorate rejected the right winged jack booted assault inflicted over the national psyche by the delinquency of imbalanced power, power based in economic rationalistic numbers, numbers of “Acey Ducy”” over living nature, nurture, humanity and earth.
Such deranged dehumanized economic based belief was rising to a point of seriously threatening the entire ecosystem of all life on the planet.
Unfortunately the Wesley Mission Gambling Counselling Service replica which we had studied and she is still part of was/is identical to the major ‘system of the National governance. The smaller cellular models of management replicated from the head “Chirring” right wing, fundamental Christian, delinquency being duplicated in blind faith by the following committees and former structures of management under his throne and kingdom right down the line.

As welfare workers we were disgusted and shocked when the head man mailed us seeking our prayers for George Bush to be elected. Then his support for the war which was totally incomprehensible grand lunacy from one leading a welfare organ “I”- sation.
By his systemic self promoted graduation this deranged man moved up the power chain to State politics where he joined a crew of like mentality. Regardless of political persuasion politicians of recent past generation have in general all been ‘schooled’ in thought control, for some over a period of 33 years.

Here most participants were under the influence and rackets playing the “team” game of political tennis under the faithfully blinded eyes of a federal umpire supposedly supervising play from his grand standing Canberra throne from where he personally refused to be challenged on any decision as his mind and attention was completely absorbed employing “Tail of a dog” tactics all about an American political mind distorting movie where the world is taken to war from a TV studio as a modern day electioneering technique.
All simply too true, see the movie please, if they are still on the shelves. So this fundamental trance grew to encompassed our overall society which osmotically began to act and play the game accordingly, trance fixed as they ignored humanity and went for economic growth.

Fortunately the organ of this “I” sense sation of systemic ill logic consciousness has naturally run aground as it must in parallel with the Liberal party and the former National psychic and the institutional delusion they had created with the symbolic “golden calf” of personal, community, state and federal economic imprisonment by extending the pacifying dummy of credit, disguise in the trance as a fun-der-mental called wealth as against HEALTH.

Here I say fortunately because some of the survivors will recover to sail again, had we not seen the rocks approaching, which could have well occurred if the tide of credit and electoral hand outs continued to rise.
In such a case we may have passed over that electoral rock of the day and been compulsorily “SUCKED IN” and swallowed up by a cavernous whirlpool of suffocating suppression, and toxic denial as was the indicator with the drive for nuclear sales and the “Muckaty Station” waste dump in the hands of Halliburton KBR and their 50 year lease back on the Darwin to Alice springs freight line. See blog

Fortunately in this latest scenario as was modeled many many years ago by Pharaoh soldiers and tax collectors when perusing Moses and his people through the Red sea of consciousness after Moses raised the serpent in the wilderness to remind the people that they may have an everlasting balanced renewable life in their children.
Fortunately Kevin Rudd took the challenge with his new Leader ship led the people across that same ‘see sea rider’ of consciousness whilst Pharaoh’s soldiers were swallowed up defeated and left to lie dormant for 2500 years or more, not quite sure of these dates. The model is quite consistent however. The Liberal party might understand this story given time to recover their breath, men and children overboard and rebuild their Ark for the covenant.

AGRESSIVE, PREDATOR mentality faithfully Lauded (Lorded) over the lambs as they were led to their slaughter.


Those of use who have a mind of our own and use it, were most fortunate to be given the opportunity to “I-land hop” into our own precious life raft before the Mother vessel was swallowed up and shattered in the turbulence of the rising tide. On so many occasions our calls in response to the Clarion’s Global warning and erratic management were not welcome, or received, rather they were diminished in disregard subsequently we were further abused for a lack of discipline and respect to authority, abused, with attempted humiliation, denigrated, dispensed as waste.

Actually as I write I realise just how hurt I was and how disappointed and life threatening the entire scenario became, now, in reflection over the journey hind sight exposes possible reasons of the collapse actually exposing, in the personal sense of my sheer relief, relief to just how traumatised and desensitized by my holding on which had become numbing along with the greater society.
In reflection we see how negatively driven and totally influenced we have been over the past 2000 years as we faithfully were encouraged to hold onto the crucifixion imagine by dreaming and hungering for connection and touch to be gained in a spiritual resurrection, a resurrection of lost self confidence due to the confusion social leadership had deliberately engaged in and manipulated to over rule our natural sense of balance.
Repeatedly we loose our way and allow ourselves to be led astray, hood winked to be slaughtered and wounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Worse still in need of sustenance we actually were denied the right to free speech a fundamental tenant of democracy. The APEC lock out was the final straw and was sent up brilliantly by the Chasers TV comics.
Those dark droning helicopter skies of the APEC lock down for george Bush and co was laughable and in the extreme of democratic abuse where the civilians of a free society were to be so threatened, unwelcome, denied vittles, free pass and then to be silenced and completely restrained FOR OUR safety. Oh Yeah! Symbolically and factually we were locked out of our the body of our own society.

The lesson has been written and recorded for many generations to read and understand. However to our peril we continue to make the carnal mistake of surrendering to our really basic human desires to maintain the seeds of life, populate or perish, comes the Catholic cry. Consequently sincer "the pill" liberated sexuality and us being an organic living species with a natural fertile desire we now shag, drug and binge, shop endlessly and spend our selves stupid, time after time, without the necessary discipline or committment to support families, so women are beginning to take on more deliberate single Mothering responsibilities, now we need to reconsider our values as human beings, parents, partners so that future generation will avoid the pit fall of the past generations after civilization after civilization right back to Adam and Eve’s apple tree where in older times they wrote, as it was in beginning so shall it be in the end.

So a new era of the apple has begun in this water conscious age of Aquarius as we follow the mythical astrological era of Pisces the Fish, interestingly our blog features this time as being when the fish discovers water as the last thing as we do just as it has been in this opportune time of drought when we do take greater interest in water the essential component for a healthy hydrated being, society and earth.

Fortunately as I recorded in yesterdays blog our belief has been nationally vindicated on a grand scale for now and as the sins of the fathers are passed down for many generations Kevin and Therese Rudd with their sophisticated Asian Taoist cultural understanding of humanity know that we might begin by opening the minds of the nation’s children, by providing computer access to a boarder band of cultures at their school desk and also take immediate care for those older children who had previously “fallen through the cracks” of that leaking ship before it slammed into the rocky shore.

Caring for unemployed was Therese’ intuitive created private business foundation and personal success which she brings to the national marriage of our people with new leadership and expanding harmonious international relationships.
Those disenfranchised wounded children of humanity seeking refuge and time out, those people who John Howard and the poker machine robbing corporate identities of face less businesses and tax collectors have repeatedly refused to acknowledge by insisting they should work harder and longer and make more bricks without straw are the first people the Prime Minister is embracing to bring them back into the loving fold and care of the nations alms.

So how happy am I in a scale of 10.
Well 1 is a beginning and 0 is the end so I would say 1 because we have just got so much loving to do and as I awoke this morning the word “I am longing for your touch “ were singing in my mind.
Blessings to all, I trust these view encourage you to continue doing the wonderful work you do, in writing this I certainly recognise the discretion and restraint those of you have shown over the years to remain on board that vessel amidst the filth and stench of the toxic disillusioned, consciously struggling victimized strata of management.
I was too impatient, not so wise, humble or sufficiently tolerant. I saw them as being party of the obstructive self interested merchants in my Fathers House and I really do feel justified and ok about tipping a few tables over and routing some of those money changers and striking the rest, we had to start somewhere, they had gone too far and in the blindness of their trance they were attacking their own, as do distempered and rabies effected dogs.

Maybe one day when Kevin, Therese and Senator X need a hand to clean out the pokies and support the gamblers who have fallen victim to their destructive influential powers you and I could be of some assistance, as with our experience we really do know what needs doing and have the courage to implement the the remedy.

For me it’s all about love, even tough love sometimes, but nothing more than love through compassion and understanding, of course we might have to engage a few Duck Mobiles and other tricks to help us generate enough safety for them to let us into the waters of their soul.
However friends we do know what ever we did was really good for some people, for those who were not too badly wounded or destroyed by social neglect, abandonment and misunderstanding and thrown onto the streets to rot and scavenge whilst man flies to the moon or build more casinos whilst our hospitals prisons over flow .

All so wonderfully exhibited by the Choir of Hard Knocks.

When we get knocked around one becomes more sensitive and humbled and that choir touches everyone’s heart, yes we are touched by the emotional recognition of our own pain.
One of my greatest teachers Sathya Sai Baba told me that to reveal the full luster a diamond must be cut on many faces so there is hope for John Howard, George Bush one day and me too I pray.
Have a wonder filled life there is no end and according to His Holiness the Dalai Lama the trick is to stay happy, laugh often and laugh loud and be "juiced up" on your own endorphins.
That's all Folks back on the Pond for this Duck
Love and Blessings to all phd

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