Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Sustainability and economic cooperation for the family of all kind men and women seems to be a little distorted in these days of APEC summits and Equine flu. Why just last night a very good looking lady (she's happens to be a optometrist) suggested that the Equine flu may well have been an Arabian terrorist plot to ensure the Police horses were not available to stampede the Heads of those protesting their right to protest in what once was a democratic country, democratic that is, before our publicly elected parliamentary Heads sold Australia to the New World Order and the US Cavalry of corruption under the guise of Vice President Dick Cheney and his Halliburton KBR companies. Much has been already written and spoken about this man's corporate heists and dictatorial antics from his White House offices.

"Big Gun" Dick Cheney
"Second Gun" George Dubbya Bush When Australia's former Prime Minister Paul Keating decided to create the Collective of Asian Pacific countries and launch APEC some years ago the idea we were told was to accept that this Anglo establish nation of Australia was set in Asia and we needed to understand, support, assimilate and unite with our immediate trading partners and accept our geographic location in the world as well as move from the psychological confines of "The Old Dart". So a customary host country dress theme was invented so that everyone would feel equal and ridiculously naked in as in:

"Pop Gun" John W Howard in hisTricky knee jerk jacket.

For our Australian event it is just a real shame that the Equine flu has left all the horses in their stable, (about the only stable thing left when we seek justice and fair handed political sanity) because now the Cavalcade will have to use more fuel, energy, time, and petrol than the Salvation Army uses in 10 years just to go for a picnic at Bondi. And what's more the fuel consumption will be further extended due to the national out fit these disguised bandits from America and the Pacific rim have been fitted.

Whilst eemingly appropriate attire for such a collective of crooks it would be a real shame if Ned Kelly Armour plated jackets have been prepared for their safety during the IceBergs bonding 'knees up' down at good old Bondi Beach.

Its a real shame in as much as Ned Kelly was good bloke, and a gentlemen with it, so we are told, especially when considered in the light of these fear mongering gangsters from the White House and their entourage of lame minded, conceited, half deaf off siders.

Bondi, Sydney is none other than the head quarters for the very popular, capable and well considered local Council Mayor and aspiring federal member George Newhouse who has set up a very interesting challenging by standing against the federal minister for the environment who is now sensing environmental and electoral eruptions personally at the hand of a fair minded businessman in Geoff Cousins in regard and response to the ministers glib and rather slimy back room stance for his banker friends support for Gunns Pulp Mill which is being promoted to surface as a real election issue and is claiming and diverting all media attention away from Dick Cheney's and the same Environmental Ministers interest in his Nuclear Sales program whilst stealthfully flying beneath ths social radar in setting up the nuclear waste dump in Central Australia.

This dear bloggers and readers is too sad to be true, this is the very same style of governance which lied about the Tampa Children supposedly being thrown overboard, and sent our soldiers and military peace keepers to war in Iraq against the peoples will, yes the same filthy style.
This article will give some indication as to the depth and depravity of the present United States administrations damning political intervention which the Australian Prime Minister has complied with and to during this his last term of office before he falls on his own sword possibly with a gentle left shouldered shove from his trusted Keeper of the Silver "Peter my fellow".

Two Happy Little Vegemites you think?

Then Maxine McKew is always a very good chance to burst this lame man's bubble.

I plead with all my heart that nuclear reactors and waste dumps do not proceed and that man kind will come to the rising sense of consciousness to surrender fear driven greed driving this insatiable consuming behaviour and return society to focus on sustenance for all the community, to a nurturing peaceful state of consciousness, inner safety, and self completion.

That's it for today folks, back to the Pond for me now, really, really serious politics is upon us, we all need to 'sit down' take our time and not make any more silly mistakes about believing we can safely store nuclear waste for 20,000+or - years.
No more Lies, No more lies, slimy spin and poppy cock.

This is about us our children and generations infinite.

We are much better to be safe by getting rid of the rot, rather than sorry for not caring.
Love and Blessings phDuck


Anonymous said...

No more lies! I'm all in favour of that. Any chance of you correcting the record?

"Imagine if the American government agency responsible for temperature records had announced a fortnight ago that it had overestimated annual temperatures since the year 2000. Imagine if, at the time of correcting this error, the hottest year on record was mysteriously altered from 1998 to 1934. Imagine further that if you considered the 10 hottest years on record after these corrections, the hottest decade changed from the 1990s to the 1930s."

From Michael Duffy's column dated August 18, 2007.

Rod McClure JP said...

Hi Anon,
Thanks for your comment and I really doubt that I can change the records you have nominated.
However I do record that the Australian nation has voted their oponion as to the way the past federal government under John Howards misdirection.
I am pleased that we have "GONE ABOUT" changed tack and I believe we are now on track to move towards a new international era of sustained cooperation and understanding from a more compassionate moderate stable minded centre in line with Tao principles of natural balance.
Thanks for coming bye. Looking forward to a greater expansion of saFety and open consciousness.