Sunday, 12 August 2007

Jury of Materialism & ECHO-nomic Domination

By gentle voice, soft feet and shy eyed manners the spirit of Australia aboriginals will in its time reveal to us all the depth of the heinous perpetration of human rights deceptively orchestrated behind the guise of protecting beautiful children.

Please see and read this urgent post and please take some time to alert yourself to the vindictiveness of this Parliament of derangement as they set you up as the world nuclear waste dump handed to the care of Haliburton KBR's 50 year lease on the Darwin to Alice Springs rail line right by Muckaty Station.
Attempting to sustaining community by preemptive mandation of rule, forced domination with threats of starvation, denial and Taser Guns is the ultimate abuse of power. Repercussions of this sinister force has galvanised Australians to call a halt to this march on democratic and personal freedom by the 'soulless corporate ghouls' the "power elite" who have previously laid claims behind a disguise of welfare masking their guns abuse and government's fiat currencies .
Here is the spin:
Right now we are hearing of massive USA and Australian stock market losses, equity market crashes, falling housing sales, collapsing prices, foreclosures at record levels and now rising interest rates, as the winds of change begin to stir the blades of the mill of reality with screeching squeals from the soulless vacuum of credit merchants who had formerly assisted to drive property prices off the charts, in many instances, by 300% over the past 10 years.
  • Whilst the government blatantly lies that inflation is under control families battle to make ends meet.
  • Interest rates may have risen recently by another 0.25% and are now the highest for 10 years.
  • But look all mortgage and property values have been inflated dramatically so the institutions balance title deeds to match extended credit and the banking system rewrites its asset base to further imprisons nations with their debt, reinforced by stand over threats and then the gun for any country who may appear to be freeing themselves from this material bondage of credit.
So we pay to build concrete walls and have a Sydney Lock Down for the APEC confernece.

What is this all about?
"The information that we have is that the use of a taser in that situation can actually infuriate a situation. More

Though out 40 years of political observation I have never witnessed such wickedness played on the community than this present coven of seemingly evil international perpetrators deliberately threatening our freedom whilst abusing the authority vested in democratic politics. Amazingly the populous in general just lets this play of corporate insanity seem to be legally tolerable.
If this organisation and all its representatives are all so wonderful and perfect and innocent why do they need to have such protection?
Protection from who. Who are the citizens and what are these people trying to say?
Could they possibly have a valid message, has any one bothered to ask what they may be saying?
If there is a good explanation then we need the matter discussed in a reasonable, intelligent, and civil manner.
Phantoms of the political opera:
We see daily displays of grand stand performances, performances of self righteous verbosity, flatulence and abuse in the parliamentary system with pathetic, insincere, manipulative twists of truth whilst deliberately conspiring with spin and jargon to dis-allude the public with blatant lies as our democratic system is converted to a US "material shunting yard" for "ECHO nomic" plunder in the hands of lame wisdom by a half deaf, one eyed, lame, single minded society who has lost its soul to the jury of materialism.

Intentional and deliberately premeditated abuse of any child or person is evil.

Never has a parent, or government by comparable token, been given permission to deliberately manipulate and abuse its children or the populous. When a child or society is deliberately starved, or knowingly left under nourished and unprotected and unloved their self esteem collapses to the point of becoming materially vulnerable, ripe then for manipulation with the collapse of emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Governments, pimps, prostitutes, slavery & hit men:

Through the sycophantic and prostituted practice the pimp uses an army of violence and bullying tactics, he intimidates his subject with deliberate intention to force dependence, then, by supposedly refunding the people/prostitute their own money as tax "Cuts" and "Hand outs". Such a depraved culture must ultimately fall into decline.
A high incidence of child mortality is the first sign of a society in decline. Ultimately the entire society will collapse taking the bully with it. Easter Islands is a classic example, or the Incas and our own Australian aboriginal communities are at immediate risk as they are treated in this bullying manner by the pimps of Canberra and their entourage of mindless helpers who have "taken the dummy" of children being protected whilst the social planners simultaneously write international uranium sale contracts and take away land titles.

We are actually experiencing this state of collapse today as Canberra plays "Humpty Dumpty". Time will bring truth and the inevitable fall will ensure this conceited mentality will not be put back together again, for many generations. Mean time the collateral damage and nuclear contracted commitments will require new strength and commitment to reverse the treachery played to avoid Australia become the corporate toxic waste dump of the world.
Let the the litigators line the courts for compensation, they are no threat but the toxic waste certainly will be for multi generations. Would you sopport a business house that abuses its children, then say good buy to our tourist dollar today.
A continuing list of dishonest political "Tampa-ing" with multiple occurrences of unethical practice, war, lies, invasion, cheating, and electoral 'baby kissing' is extensive and sure to self correct as we well know with the ultimate realisation to "Sins of the Father being carried down for many generations". Remember the myth of how Nero fiddled whilst Rome burnt such was his supposed egotistical craze with power.

I have been quiet lately but the insanity of this "Sydney lock down" for the visit of the " Tin Men" from their well of Fiat requiring concrete walls, Black Hawke helicopters, and Taser guns to keep them safe. Safe from what and why?

Do we not live in a democracy, the form of society we are supposedly providing to Iraq after we invaded a soverign country?

Are we to supply these brave APEC men and women this protection or are we intending to stop them from escaping into the freedom of our world, this is all rather bizarre, rather funny to me when we can look at the calm, serenity, and love of Mahatma_Gandhi or the Dalai Lama.

That's all folks, back to the Pond for some gentle Counsel

Love Peace and Blessings to all phDuck

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