Monday, 27 August 2007


Sustaining the balance of all life energies of air, fire, water and earth requires a total community commitment and tolerant compassionate mindful understanding.

Our human body is a universe in microscopic scale to earth and the greater cosmos with totally interrelated circulatory systems of ebb and flow. Sophisticated systems comparable to the sustainable coexisting glandular organic compartments, organs, cells and pre ordained DNA aligned processes intended to preserve a healthy dwelling place for the cohabitation of life within the human body.
Similarly man's cohabitation on earth has its own dynamic interrelated living systems which must also be free of obstruction in any form including narrow or short sighted materialistic economic abuse and neglect.

Arterial rivers must be let run their course to bring water to support all inland life forms for mineral and moisture transfers for photosynthetic sustenance and allow lymphatic waste to drain to sea as fish feed in a cleansing cycle.

Any deliberate obstruction to nature will be countered by incredible natural forces such as those experienced in recent calamities of tsunamis, volcanoes, mud slides, cyclones and tornadoes and Violence breeds violence. Love knows no wrath.

One knows that life requires breath to intake essential energy from oxygen and expel waste gases and toxic fumes gleaned and transferred by the gaseous filtration of the lungs. Without breath and clean oxygen rich air we suffocate.
Suffocation is readily observed by a dramatic colour change to the face and also induces a violent struggle in the attempt to break free of the obstruction. In fact any obstruction to free passage within the open systems of the human body causes an equally painful discomfort, a serious state of dis-ease and ultimately if not corrected and healed will lead to permanent disfiguration severe scarring, tissue decay and in the worst instance life leaves the physical host our body.

Heart attacks, coronary obstructions, blood clots and strokes are prevalent in the human body.
Fortunately modern science has advanced on the stethoscope and microscope with sophisticated technical equipment to photograph internal organs, cat scans, ultra sound, MRI’s, ECG's and cam-scopes for key hole exploration and surgery.

On the surface patches of eczema, psoriasis or tinea are readily observed on the skin.
Taking a broader panoramic view to observe earth from space we can now study the massive patches of de afforested land (psoriasis of the earth) where trees once grew to perform as gentle filaments assisting to drain the rising sub soil moisture of ancient salts to slowly be dissolved and released back to the atmosphere through leaf transpiration and conversion to gas, just as arm pit hair assists the skin to drain lymphatic waste often noticed as body odor when in “too close” a range. Of course the pherenomes have a much better chance of being radiated from these "trees" of the arm pits and pubic region.

In writing this way I am attempting to simply relate and equate the essential sustainability and physiology of our living earth in its full complexity to human physiology and the life component that live within the body of identical systems.
Earth itself is a living body sensitive to man, the planets and the moon which we know influences tides of all water and the waxing and waning of reproductive systems each 28/29 days for humans especially recorded by females and full moon cycles.
Do we intend to disregard the living earth principal to the degree of man kind and fellow living creatures of earths own demise, or are we prepared to surrender our insatiable, irresistible, patriarchal, sexually drawn obsession into the suckling’s unconscious memory of nourishment from his Mothers' galactic breast for our immediate sustenance in its materially converted form.

A seemingly irrestible endless persuit of fiscal depravity. Totally immoral, loveless, insensitive, corporate economy of death after death after death as they plough their way over each other to the beat of the bear and the bull in the insanity of infertile destruction to dominate alone. He just wants to keep a breast for his insatiable appertite of credit a vacuum driven expansion of make believe money in negative value. Senseless, such insanely senseless make believe.
Seems that the baby "man child" needs to be weaned and introduced to some solids.
That's all Folks Back to the Pond for me.
Love and Blessings as always phDuck.

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