Friday, 31 August 2007


Earlier this year and at the time another 1st grade footballer was in strife for erratic behaviour I wrote to David Gallop at the NRL and I also wrote to Paul Vautin and Footy show asking them to recognise that they were promoting drugs especially alcohol to the rugby world.
Needless to say there was no comment or acknowledgement of my mail from either party.
It is an unfortunate reality that these "super performers" who become stars are not supported by the industry and society to be able to be accepted, loved and understood. Eventually nothing is enough to stimulate them until they fall to ruin with wicked witches and heroin.
In many ways we are just observing the same dysfunctional behaviour as that which has seen the Prime Minister send in the Army to the aboriginal communities of Central Australia where society has neglected an enormous socila problem for 200 years.

Here now is the very disturbing news of the ">greatest Rugby footballer the world has known admitting he has been struggling with massive mood swings and depression for over 10 years and whilst we have admired his mesmerising and brilliant talents we are also guilty as a selfish society for neglecting the pressure we have placed on him to maintain and serve our entertainment and self enriching needs.
In addition to contacting the NRL and the footy show I have also written to several clubs offering professional support to these "super performers" before they fell from being star.
Systemic risk taking for self gratifying physiological nourishment by any form of gambling, 'running the gauntlet' with 'dummy passes’, wit, cheek, speed, dare devil acts, alcohol, and drugs follows a natural progression and is what makes these people the outstanding performers they eventually become. Unfortunately we set these men and women up to become addicted to these adrenaline stimulating rushes when they are little children and once that behaviour pattern is scored into the child’s mind the adult is left seeking to achieve the "rush".

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