Thursday, 23 August 2007


Sustaining the well being of life for all creatures great small is certainly polarising the them and US in this insane stampede to feed the ravenous corporate multi national giants of modern imperialism. Spinning at increasing speed and in ever diminishing contracting corporate circles flying the path of the famous "Koo Foof la' bird this cyclonic system is most certainly heading towards its own fundamental orifice and as it does so flatulent and toxic derision is cast wide and far.

Daily we are seeing and are exposed to duplicate models in natural systems performing atmospheric correction and imbalances as seen in the devastating path of cyclone Dean, or Katrina or Tsunamis.
Once more phDuck reports observing comparable to near identical symbolic incidences in world financial markets as the vacuum generated through the over issues and subsequent and futuristic market traded volumes of CREDIT gain pace as the corporate jockeys whip the last drop of life's breath from the heart of our earth.

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