Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Our emphasis on mindfulness for a sustainable universal community model has finally come to demonstrate the perilous importance of love and balanced in community values for envoronment survival of all creatures and all integrated systems of earth, fire, water, air and the spirit of mankind.
This article by well known Australian mentor Philip Adams pretty well says it all and maybe, just maybe in some way exposes the APEC meeting as a big boppers gig, their Last Hurrah for "Georgie Porgie to kiss the girls and make them cry".
Yes it really does seem like THEM and US, Georgie Porgie, Humpty Dumpty, Little Boy Blue, Tom Thumb, Hanson and Gretel, The Three Bears, Goldie Locks, Cinderella and other Masonic Dwarfs hiding behind Fortress Sydney built to protect these fairy tale woods men from mythological Witches, Step Mothers and Old Children cooking women in their Candy house theatre of terrorists to shelter in fear due to anticipated and warranted retribution of terror and guilt from those they have idiologically forced themselves upon.
Yes, forced themselves upon to so readily abuse and who are now find themselves "black holed" right into the gurgling social conscious vortex to oblivion from whence they came.
Where oh where can that Pied Piper have the children now? Surely not in the Northern Territory in safe protection of the Federal Army waiting for the old people to pay for their freedom with their land, surely not, that could not possibly be so. Maybe they will pay with nuclear grade uranium sales from sacred burial sites, dreaming grounds, or the nuclear waste dump.
No that just seems too impossible for words.
Thats all Folks back to the Pond for a think and a biscuit, not yellow cake though. I'm right off that yellow cake. In fact my digestive system is not evolved enough to process such toxic concentration and that makes me wonder how earth will stomach such a putrid meal also.
Love and Blesssings as always phDuck

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